To Catch a Cold is the sixteenth episode of Digimon Adventure.

The English version is written by John Ludin and Eric Goldberg



Palmon: That's what i thought! Oh, this is bad!

Mimi: What's bad, Palmon?

Palmon: Mimi, it's Guava Juice. (Sneezes; a Rabbit appears on her Shoulders) See? It's starting already!

T.K.: (Takes the Rabbit) Aw, he's cute.

Harpo: You know, he reminds me of you, Tokomon.

Tokomon: How did you guess?

Harpo: I never guess, i know.

The Mask: What's starting, Palmon?

Palmon: Oh, Guava Juice is the only thing that can give a Digimon a Cold. And when Digimons get Colds--- (Sneezes; a Balloon appears on her wrist and she begins to fly away) --- We can't control our Magic!

Palmon: Oh sure Mask, Digimon Colds don't last long. A Century or two tops. If we're lucky, it's one of those twenty-four year Bugs.

Company: WHAT??!! A CENTURY OR TWO?!!!!

Palmon: Wait, is twenty-four years a long time? Oy, i keep forgetting.

Genie: TAKE COVER!!!

Gomamon: This is going to hurt Palmon more than it's going to hurt Dr. Frankenstein.

Palmon: AACCTHOOOOO!!!!!!!

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