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To Hollywood we fly is a Song from Madeline in Hollywood. The Music is written by Andy Street, with the Lyrics written by Jeff Martin, George Meyer and Jon Vitti.


Girls: If you get the chance, you know you really should. Take a little trip, to visit Hollywood. Putting on our glasses in a shiny Car.

Madeline: Where the smallest girl can be the biggest star.

Miss Clavel: Fly away today to Hollywood we say. Through the Sky so high, to Hollywood we'll fly.

Girls: Here's that Boulevard, that very famous Street. It's the perfect to come and dip your feet. Palm Trees stand so high, they almost touch the Hills.

Madeline: The air is filled with summer and a million thrills

Miss Clavel: Flew away to Hollywood we'd say. Throught the Sky so Blue, to Hollywood we flew.

Mickey Rooney: Everyone who comes here, brings along the Dream.

Judy Garland: Where there's always warm enough for Cold Ice Cream.

Milton Berle: Costumes for the Streets, just like a big Parade.

Ethel Merman: Quiet on the Set, a Movie's being made.

Company: Flew away today to Hollywood we'd say, through the Sky so Blue, to Hollywood we flew.

The Marx Brothers: To Hollywood we flew.

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