Mission 8: To Save a Comrade

I apologize for any bad spelling/grammar/language etc. this was written by numerous people and may seem confusing.

Part 1: To Save a Comrade

Emily was strapping on her belt which held her blade,grenades and phaser she knew what she had to do go to the anglaar planet and get her parents out simple job she thought she boarded the shuttleand found a seat occupied 

"didn't think I was going to let you go alone did you?" said Hansman as he pressed a few buttons and the shuttle began to lauch " I assumed you would seeing as the message said come alone" Emily replied as she sat down " yes but your a fighter not a medical officer and if your parents have been harmed then you need a skilled medical expert" "alright then lets go lay in course for the anglaar planet warp 5" "hey I outrank you" "yes but your at the helm" "ok course laid in and engaging warp engines"

(two hours later at the anglaar planet)

"Emily we're here" Hansman said " ok send out an open broadcast saying that we're here" "message away" "warbird off the starboard bow!" "raise sheilds power weapons" "its hailing us" "ok" The channel opened "This is captain Voreschian the Warbird Ka'etcher to whom am I speaking?" "LT COL Emily Sullivan of the USS Firebreather" " ah good to see you I was wondering if you were going o show up we have your parents why don't you beam aboard and collect them?" Emily had sensed his game "why don't you beam them over here?" he made no answer instead an explosion erupted on both warp engines easily disabling them "darn romulans" Hansman muttered then explosions could be heard all around them as the warbird made another firing pass this time taking out the sheilds. Emily looked across at hansman as he spoke "what now we're sitting ducks?" as if in answer before his eyes Emily was beamed off the shuttle to the Ka'etcher which then left the system at maximum warp.

{USS Firebreather bridge. two hours earlier.}

Alarms went off on the bridge when the shuttlecraft left the shuttlebay. "Captain" Lieutenant Junior Grade Saren yelled. "Unautorised shuttlecraft launch. It's Hansman and Sullivan. They've left the base and are going to warp. They're gone." She said. "They have masked their warp trail."

"Okay. Anyone any idea why they left without saying something?" Captain Rantonia said. He knew that Bertus, who had been his friend since the first day they served together, whould never just steal a craft without one damned good reason.

"Captain. Sullivan has been in your ready room from a few hours after reseaving an subspace message, together with Hansman. Maybe that has something todo with it." It was Saren again, A Romulan serving on the Firebreather.

"Computer play the most reasand message that has been send to Lieutenant Collonel Sullivan." Rantonia said.

"Unable to comply. That message is personal. Please give authorisation code." The computer replyed.

"Authorisation Rantonia Alpha 5 01"

"Unable to comply. Message is only playable for Lieutenant Colonell Sullivan."

"Okay. We need help. I heard that the USS Holland-A is in base. They have the best sensorsystems and coms systems. Maybe they can help. Open a channel." Rantonia said. The screen blinked and the face of Captain Geraldine Partere comes on. "Captain. I'm Captain Andre Rantonia of the USS Firebreather-A and I could use your assistence."

"Well captain. I'm Geraldine Partere. How can I help you?" Geraldine was a young woman, mid 30ties.

"Two of my command officers have taken a shuttlecraft after getting a subspace message. I can not eccess the message nor trak the craft's warp trail. The message is protected by a authoristion code and the warp trail is masked. I was hoping that the Holland could help us find our crewmembers."

"We would be happy to help. Let me beam aboard with my Executive Officer, my Coms officer and Science Officer to see what we can do. Holland out."

Commander Tobias James watched as Nicelson, Cowell and Partere left the bridge without speaking.

         The older  woman,  moved to the command  chair  but  did  not  take  possession  of it.  Instead she  watched as  the other  ship,  the  USS  Firebreather,  remained  drifted slightly  in  space.
         "Helm,  make sure  we  stay within  tranpsorter  range," she  said calmly.
         "Compensating for  drift  ma'am,"    the helmsman  said.
         The  Holland  moved  effortlessly,  moving  in  just  a bit.
         James  wanted for  proxmity  alarms  to sound, and  was  pleased  when they did  not.
         "Well  done,  helm,  well  done," the woman  complimented.
         "Piece of  cake  ma'am," the   man replied.
         James  was  suddenly  remained  of  Yundorlee.  That  would have  been  something the  young man would have  said.
         James  stepped  closer  to  the  man  at  the  helm  and patted  him  on the shoulder  in  recognition  of  his  good work and  steped  back.  She had to remember that these  people  did  not know  her as the  crew on the  George  W Bush had.  
         "Transporter  roon,  inform me when the  away team  has  finished  their  transfer,"  the  woman  said.
         "Aye," came the  male  voice.
         "When  Captain  Partere and  her  group have  beamed over,  move  us  off  a  short  distance," the  third  in command  remarked,  finally  sitting  in the command  chair.


Hanman sat in the chair looking forward into nothing. He didn't believe what just happend. He went with her to protect her and now, she was gone. He had to put himself together. He stood up and walked away from his council. "Computer. I'm going to repair the engines. I need you to help me."

"Unknown. Please restate your question"

"Give me a step by step audio manual on repairing the engines."


{Meanwhile. Firebreather Transporter room.}

Rantonia stepped into the TR right at the moment that Partere and her delegation materialized on the transporterpadd. "Welcome on board the USS Firebreather-A Captain." Andre said. The officers shook hands and went off to the bridge.

After a couple of minutes they arrived on the bridge. "Saren. Can you join us in the conference room?" Andre said, as they entered. They all said down. "Okay" Rantonia started. "First, we need to crack that message to find out what it ment. Second, we need to find that craft. Any idea's?"

Emily was lying face down on the floor of a rather big romulan cell she was just coming to she could hear voices "who is she?" one said "starfleet officer" one answered

Emily managed to stand up and immediately realised the romulans had taken her belt along with all her equipment one look at her uniform told her they had also taken her combadge she looked around what a mix of people she thought the three people nearest her were cardassians then there was a romulan and two humans the cardassians introduced themselves as Oben, Koil and Leity the romulan as Reui and then she turned to the humans she needed no introduction one look said it all to her but not to them. "who are you?" the man asked "LT COL Emily Sullivan marine Co and second officer on board the USS Firebreather" Emily replied This stunned them and they soon recognised their daughter there was a lot of catching up to do but she knew that could wait first she needed to know what she was dealing with she decided to ask Koil a few questions "how often are we fed?" "once a day and it is low quality food" " security numbers?" "more than enough to deal with us" "do they ever take us out of our cells?" "occasionally they take someone out and they come back very weak" "where will they have taken my equipment?" "to the armoury or a secure room" "how are we treated?" "how would you expect to be treated by an enemy?" "wheres the ship going?" "anywhere in romulan space most likely deep into it" "what sort of man is vorsechain?" "a bad one at heart" "why?" "he sees something he wants he takes it he does what he wants and so do the crew" "serious?" "deadly serious" "right thanks for the info lets get some rest I think we're going to need it before long"

(USS Holland-A) (Bridge)

 SC watched as the confident Lt. Commander James preformed

her new duties as Third Officer with admirable confidence. The woman possesed an air of great presence and determination and for that SC was in awe of her. He had read her career file when she had first come onboard and she had risen through the ranks with frightening quickness. In the short time he had known her, SC had come to like her to-the-point attitude and her quick wit, which was ensuring the woman was fairly popular among the crew. She stepped back from patting the officer on the shoulder and took the command chair. She looked comfortable with the chair as she sat down in it. He hoped one day that he would do the same- and he hoped that the woman currently occupying the seat would be around to see that glourious day. "Heh" he said under his breath, ("I sound like a dammed Klingon") a smile rose to his face. Ash Cowell, with whom he shared a station, looked at him,

 "What are you looking so happy about?" she said with a grin

dancing across her face.

 "Just thought Cmdr. James did a good job." he said quietly,

not wanting the woman commander to here him. He hated being embarrased. "That's all."

 "Thanks for the compliment Ensign." the woman responded.

"Lt Cowell?" the voice of Captain Partere called over Ash's comm badge. "Yes ma'am?" the Lt called. "Please make your way towards the transportor bay, your presense is requested over here upon the Firebreather." "Aye captain, on my way."

(Minutes later)

The science officer found her way to the bridge, and into the captains ready room. Already several officers were gathered. "Cowell, we need your computer skills to trace two things. First, a trace on the shuttle that two commanding officers of this ship took, and left without a word." Ash nodded. "Should be easy enough ma'am." "Good, and the second, I want you to trace and uncode a message that the Lt. Colonel Sulivan had recieved before she and the executive officer rushed off." She nodded. "Clearance?" The captain of the Firebreather's head shook. "I am unable to access it. They blocked out even me, so I am not sure how to help you." "I may have a way sir." The lt. said, thinking. "I have a very good friend in the admiralty, I might be able to pull a few strings to get that code for you." "I would appreciate it." "I am going to need access to your security logs, data files, and transmissions during the past week." "They are all yours."

Emily had been dragged out of the brig and was now in Voreschains presence he wasn't taking any chances there was a guard with a disruptor behind her and he himself had one close at hand. "what do you want from me?" Emily asked " need you ask?" "revenge?" "bang on" "for what?" "murdering many friends of romulans" "why me?" "because you were in command of the attack in question" " the friend your referring to was insane and he was fairly handed over" "fairly you handed him over to our enemys." "he had issues with them" Vorsechain had heard enough he signalled to the guard behind Emily who smacked her across the back of the neck with his disruptor she fell to the floor without a cry " take her back to the brig" Vorsechain ordered

Emily awoke to find Oben keeling over her looking at the wound she had taken "thats nasty" he said " tell me about it" it was Koil who spoke next " so what do we do now? "well first I'd like to know a bit about how you all ended up in this cell" " well me, Oben and Leity are cardassian covert operatives extremely skilled at asasination missions. your parents were picked up by us when the shuttle they were in ran out of power and we agreed to transport them to Earth. unfortunatley we were captured en route. Reui was an ensign on this ship until she spoke out against the plan to capture you apparently then she was thrown in here then a day later you arrived." " right so a good band of people. Reui what about the ship in general?" " well the ship is standard romulan design disruptors and photon torpedoes cloaking device running off the warp core fitted with experimental impulse drive to try and speed up a warbirds movement in battle this means constant regeneration so occasionally we have to drop out of warp to recharge it." "what position were you?" "scout ship captain" "right what about your crew?" "my crew would still be loyal to me as well as loyal to vorsechain but voreschain knows this and keeps a security guard on them at all times. Anyway lets not talk about our present predictament tell us about yourself and life on the firebreather" "alright" then Emily started to tell them

"Red Alert! Shields up!" the woman commanded calmly.

         Where  did the  woman  get her steel,  SC  wondered.  He would have to look  at her  files  again.  She  did  not seem to be a  battle  hardened  veteran.  But  he  had  learned  looks  could be decieving.
         The  image of the Firebreather  waivered and  then  disappeared.
         "Commander!"  he called.
         "Damnit!  I  see!  I should have realized when the  away team  was  gone so  long  something was  up! I want  a  sensor  sweep of the area!  Now!"  she  commanded  loudly.
         The  raised  voice  was all the bridge  crew  needed to  instill  the right away  of  hustle.
         The  Holland crew  bustled  at their  duties,  their  flagging energies  renewed.
         "I"ve  got it!  called  King  shouted from her  console.
         "Go ahead,"  James  said  calmly.
         "I  show a  warp  trail  leading off in  three  degrees to the port,"  the woman responded,  smiling  at  herself for her  quick work.
         "Well,  obviously  they  aren't  worried  about us  following,  but they  have a  good lead  on us," the woman commented.
         "Shall we follow?"  questioned  SC.
         "Yes,  warp  four for  now.  I want to see what they are  up to," James  said  taking the  command  chair.
         "Course,  plotted and  laid in.  Awaiting your   orders  Commander James,"  Sc  said.
         "Engage," she  said  throwing her hand  out  in front of herself  in the  accepted and time  honored  gesture  of  forward.
         "Here  we  go!" the man said  smiling inspite of the seriousness of   matter.

Emily sat having just finished the entire story of the firebreather then she turned to her parents "tell me how is it that your free from the collective?" she asked "ask Koil" "he freed you?" "yes" "I'll thank him when this is all over"

Emily stood up to the sound of the door opening behind her she turned and was suprised when it wasn't who she thought it was going to be "hey commander" Reui said "Reui" the other said "Guys this is Sardin my executive on my scout ship" "hi all" " what are you doing here?" "bringing you some decent food for once stupid" she said revealing a tray with food on it "enough for all seven of you" "thanks tell the crew that i still have hope Sardin" Reui called after her

(USS Holland-A) (Bridge)

 The ship began to move away from their position and SC bit

his lip, wondering what was going to happen. What had happened here and how come he had noticed this sooner. He berated himself. He was intelligence officer, he was trained to suspect everything. He hadn't suspected anything like this, and she should have. It was his duty not to trust anything or anyone. Maybe he was becoming to complacent in his duties. He saw Tobs get out of the command chair and cross over to him. He would have normally expected a reprimand, but while he was around her, he felt an odd sense of calm, he was in no danger of being reprimanded. Instead she smiled at him, and said "Don't beat yourself up over it." SC looked at her, "I've known my fair share of Intelligence Operatives over the years." she said, explaining. It was obvious that she was a good judge of facial expressions. "We'll find out what happened here." she added with a smile on her face. "You know you remind of a great friend of mine. Tom Hallet."

"Tom Hallet?" Sc asked a question in his eyes.

         "I haven't thought of him in ages!" the woman replied.
         "Someone you  formerly  served  with?  Did  you  love  him?"  the man asked.
         "Love  him!  Hardly!  But  yes,  we did  serve together  before.  On the  George  W  Bush.  He left  to  make an  advancement in his  career. He  brought a  good friends  heart when  he  left and didnt  take her with  him.  I  don't think I  will  forgive  him for that too  soon," the woman  said gravely.
         SC  watched the  woman  frown at the  memory and  hoped  he had  not stirred  up some long  forgotten  vendetta the commander  had with this man,  Hallet.
         Tobias  saw the  look of  concern and  smiled.
         "At  ease!  I  cannot  find  fault in the  man's  desire to  better  himself,  only  his  method.  I hear that  he  jumped around   Star Fleet  for a  while until  he  settled on a  ship called  the  Wayfarer.  He  married, and had  children, and  then,  his  wife, the Captain,  was  mysteriously  called  away.  From what I undertsand,  he  has never  gotten over it.  He  was a  good man,.  he  deserved  better."  she  commented.
         SC  nodded  his understanding.
         King  interuppted  them.
         "Commander, the  Firebreather is  hailing  us."
         "Let's have it on  the  viewscreen  Ms  King."

Emily was sitting still annoyed at her surroundings "when the firebreather arrives we'll all break for it" she said "you really think an akira class has a chance against this warbird?" Reui replied "the firebreathers a prometheus class" Emily said then she did a double take "how did you know the original firebreather was an akira class?" "I was ordered to analyse the firbreathers defensive and offensive capabilities a couple of months ago." "so you were that ship that flashed past on our scans for under a second?" "yep" "didn't read like a romulan ship" "I was testing out some new tehnology for the ship" "and the strategy that must have been devised was designed to combat an akira class right?" "yeah" "so Voreschains in for a surprise" "you bet he is"

a Guard walked into the cell and pointed his disruptor at Emily "Voreschain wants to see all of you" he said Emily swiftly got to her feet as did everyone else they were marched to a holodeck once they entered they found vorscehain standing there the program that was being run was a simple grassland and wood with what looked to be hostile monsters in it at vorsechains feet was all the equipment that each of the captives had had taken from them Voreschain spoke to them "This program is only endable by me and is encoded anyway the program has no safety parameters and cannot be ended from the interior of the holodeck you hae been provided with weapons and weapon charging packs as well as a limited supply of food and drink once that runs out your on your own as you see you have no shelter and once all the vegitation is gone you have only the monsters to help you out when you need something to eat. If you want food from us one of you must pay the price of a long and painful torture"

"Commander,  we are being hailed  by  the  FireBreather,"  the  ensign on  duty  at the comm  console  reported.
         "On  screen"  Tobias  James said  
         "Ah,  Commander  James.  Ever  vigilent, I  see.  Good,  good.  We  are preparing to  beam back to the Holland.  We have  all  the  information we  will  need  to need to continue.  Meet me in  my  ready room,  in  say  ten minutes?  Partere  out." the  woman said briefly.
         James turned from the viewscreen and  spoke to Sanderson.
         "You'll have the  bridge,"  James said  looking at the  helmsman.
         "Me?"  he questioned  standing to face the woman.
         "Why  not?  Afraid? "  she  teased.
         "No,  ma'am!  And....Commander,  thanks," the man  replied.
         "Well, it's  time you  got  your  feet  wet, so to speak,"  the woman  added.
         Sanderson  moved to the  commander chair  and eased  himself into it.
         James  nodded  and  stepped to the  ready  room  door,  she  palmed the  sensor and  waited.
         "Enter..."  came the muffled  voice of the female  commander of the  Holland.
         James stepped through the  door  and  saw  the  away team gathered   around the  Captain's  desk.  
         They  were all  very  serious, and  James wondered what  had  happened on the  FireBreather.
         "Ah,  Commander, come in,  come in.  You will  need to know about the  current turn of  events  as well."  Partere  sais  graciously

were all in the captain 's ready room going over the problem, when comander james walked in " whats the problem and whats are next move" she said looking cluesess at every one. the captain said with a serious voice" two people left their ship with out asking anyone and locked everything up so we can't get in or find them" . she stood up and paced around the room thinking " is their any way that we can find their warp singuture" " sir i got an idea" Nicleson said worried about the two missing people. " i'm listening go head" she said " and then everyone turned to me " captain each shuttle has a very unnick warp signature, i know i'm not good with eningineer , but is their a way we could put something over the the stars that would make the shuttle sig come up better "

Emily had been musing in this holographic prison for sometime now when she suddenly figured out an idea "Reui what would it take to knock out this program temporalily?" She asked "an EMP" Emily smiled this as just the answer she wanted she pulled an EMP grenade off her belt which voreschain had let her have back "your not thinking..." "yes I am i'm going to use this to short circuit the holodeck forcing the doors to open then i'll get out of the radius of the tranmission inhibiter and place my marine tracking device with any luck its signal will be received" "The firebreathers out of range" "I know but Hansman shouldn't be" "you'll be caught" "you know that has to happen" Reui nodded and Emily set about her work first she chucked the grenade and hit the deck it had the desired affect she grabbed the weapon hanging from her belt laughing to herself about how stupid voreschain had been to give her this back until she had to fire it at a romulan and it didn't work the clever idiot had discharged it so the power pack was out. annoyed Emily drew her melee weapon and struck the romulan down she ran down the corridor hard and found that she had gone far enough and the security alarm was now sounding she wedged open a wall panel and placed her tracker inside and switched on the active button and said "bertus get a trace on this signal" then she closed the panel and turned and slowly walked away and as she expected she hadn't gone round ficve corners before she was caught.

Hansman sat in the back end of the shuttle. Repair gear all over the floor. Parts all through the room. It looked like a mess in there. "Now, take part 467, the isodinemic engager out." Slowly Hansman took it out. Then there was a burst electric sparks.

"Ouch. God danmid!!!" Hansman yelled, grapping his hand. "Stupud pease of junk!!" It was the sixth time that that had happen't.

"Warning" the computer said. Warning bells ringing throughout the craft. "G-disruption handler has been removed. The warpenigines are nolonger oprative. Please reinput the G-disruption handler." The alarms stopped.

"What, in gods name, is the G-disruption handler." Hansman was getting pretty iritated now. He stood up and gave the pannel he was working on on hell of an kick. "OUCh. That hurts." He walked, as good and as bad as he could, back to the helm's councill. "Computer. Can you detect the USS Firebreather-A anywhere near us?"

"The USS Firebreather is 5.9 lightyears away. They are bearly in comunications range."

"Open a channel. Highest priorety. Starfleet Emergency Channel." Hansman ordered.

"Comunications systems working on 12%. Comunications qualety over this range is unther 10%. Suggest you send a distress call to the USS Holland-A."

"The USS Holland? Issn't that that new Intrepid Cass ship? They should be able to detect me"


"Record distress call."


"USS Holland. This is Commander Bertus Hansman, Executive Officer and Temorary Chief of Medical of the USS Firebreather-A. My warp engines are mallfunctioning and my comunications systems are operationg on just 12 %. Recresting a towout to the USS Firebreather-A or Starbase 12. I'm sending my position along with this message. Hansman out." He pressed a few buttons. "Computer. Add current coördinates to the distresscall and encrypt it with Standard Starfleet encryption codes and send it to the USS Holland-A."

"Distress call send."

{USS Holland-A Bridge}

The coms councill bleeped. Lieutenant Nicleson pressed some buttons. "Ma'am. Incomming distress call from shuttlecraft 057. That's a shuttle of the Firebreather."

"Okay, let us hear it." Partere said, walking onto the bridge, together with Vesak and James. "Sanderson. I'm taking over here if you don't mind." She said when Lieutenant Sanderson didn't stand up.

"Oh, right. Sorry Ma'am."

"Ma'am, this is the message." Nicleson said.

"USS Holland. This is Commander Bertus Hansman, Executive Officer and Temorary Chief of Medical of the USS Firebreather-A. My warp engines are mallfunctioning and my comunications systems are operationg on just 12 %. Recresting a towout to the USS Firebreather-A or Starbase 12. I'm sending my position along with this message. Hansman out." He pressed a few buttons. "Computer. Add current coördinates to the distresscall and encrypt it with Standard Starfleet encryption codes and send it to the USS Holland-A."

"Nicleson. Infrom the Firebreather about this message and forward it to them. Ask them to follow us. Helm, Warp 5. Engage." Partere sat back in her chair. She loved sitting there. It was great being in command of the Hollie. She had prommised Jean-Luc to take good care of her.

What was it saying? Six hours of long, tiring work, and only fragments to go on. Something about dark....barred....dangit it was difficult. This sort of technology seemed much more advanced than anything she had ever decoded. The Firebreather dutifully paddled along beside the USS Holland, searching for their comrades, wondering what on earth had happened to them. Cowell slammed her fist down on the table, in frustration, wincing only slightly when her clenched hand hit the corner, and blood began to trickle. "Crap" was all she said. Grabbing a towel, she mopped up the mess, and hunched herself back over the console she had been staring in for six, going on seven hours. Wait.....what was this? Ash was starting to see fruits of her laborious effort... Two weeks. Alone....hang on, she typed in a few more commands, and then...she saw the whole thing. "I have your parents. If you want to see them alive, then come to the Anglaar planet in two weeks. Alone." "Captain!" she called. "You need to see this!"

Emily was knocked out by the guards and when she awoke she was hanging by chains to the ceiling of a disused room infront of her was a shadow from the firebreathers past "come to laugh Dever?" she asked "no just to talk" "then talk" "how is your captain?" "A lot better than he was. how did you escape Qo'nos?" "I was found innocent" "I don't think you were for a minute" "I can see theres no fooling you..." "Don't try flattery its not going to get you anywhere" "alright I escaped by breaking out of prison when vorsechain attacked the camp" "then you persuaded him to come and capture me in revenge for capturing you" "yes and to get a chance of revenge at your captain" "and the way to get to me was to get my parents" "yes you catch on fast" "I'm a quick learner" "you have to be considering your past" "Don't even make me think about it those were dark days" "tell me i'm curious how many people did you assimilate?" "you're foolish Dever" "or how long you were assimilated for?" "13 years Dever 13 years I would like to forget" "I'm sure you would but I'll make sure that you don't" "yeah right" Dever stopped as he reached the door "I promise you Emily,yes I know your first name, that until your dead I will be at your heels constantly hounding you until they burn your body" "the day they burn my body will come long after your dead slimeball" "is that the best you've got to throw at me?" "no" "well then what is" " you treacherous,dishonourable deceitful poor excuse for a man" "I don't value honour highly" "I guessed as much"

Emily awoke and found herself hanging from the ceiling in a disused room by the looks of it. Vorschain was standing infront of her "comfortable?" he asked "more than you know idiot" "you poor misguided fool can't you see what your position is you are completely in my power now" "I hardly think so" "do you?" "yes" "well theres someone outside who i'm sure would like a word with you" "I'm sure he would" "right i'll send him in then" said voreschain as he exited and was replaced by someone who Emily really didn't want to see

"you" she said coldly "yes sullivan me" now he stepped forward and she knew now without a doubt who it was a shadow from the firebreathers past Dever "how did you escape Qo'nos?" Emily asked " I was found innocent" "I find that unlikely" "alright I can see theres no fooling you..." "Don't try flattery it won't get you anywhere just tell me" " the romulans raided the camp where I was being held and luckily a romulan friend of mine was leading the attack he recognised me and offered me a space on his ship" "I take it this friend would be vorsechain" "yes. Anyway how is your captain these days? still nursing those injuries I gave him?" "Hes much better now that he isn't troubled by dispicable, deceitful vengeful warmongers like you" "I had every right to be all those things the klingons took away our world" "wrong Dever you attacked the klingons not the other way round" "how do you know?" " I picked up a PADD you had on you after the fight on your bridge with all the details on it" " I don't think an akira class is going to win against a warbird soon all you have will be lost lieutenant Cournel" Dever said as he walked out.

Partere turned to James.

         "Commander,  see to it that the  shuttle  arrives  safely?"
         "That I will Captain,"  replied the older woman,  turning and taking her leave from the  bridge
         The shuttlebay  was a  beehive  of activity when she arrived.
         "Captain,  James here.  shuttlebay one  ready  to accept the shuttle, with  Hansman  aboard.  Med  team  standing by," the woman  reported.
         "Very well  Commander.  Go ahead..."  Partere  sais calmly.
         "Well you heard  the  lady.  Bring  the man home,"  James  said turning to the shuttle bay  technician
         "Aye, that I will,  Commander.  That I will."  the man  agreed.
         The tractor beam  changed  color,  indicating a  slowing down of the strong  pulse.  Slowly,  gently the  battered  shuttle  was  brought  into the  bay, and lowered  onto it's  pad.
         The doors  were  closed, and the  forcefield  used to  protect the  crew from the  airless  enivironment  shut  down.
         James  nodded to the  medics and they  rushed across the  empty  space  to the  shuttle.
         The  doors  hissed  open and  Hansman  stood  weakly in them.
         The medics  took the  man  by the arms, and  lead  him  out  and  across the  bay.
         "Welcome home  sir,"  James  said  respectfully.
         Hansman  nodded.
         "Do I know you?"  he asked
         "No,  but there will be  plenty of time for that later.  Captain  Partere  wants  you  fixed up, so let's  get you to sickbay.  I'd  wager a  hot meal  and some  good  sleep will  work  wonders..." the woman said  wisely.
         "Yes,  yes, it would.  Thank   you...."
         "Commander  Tobias  James, sir.  But  my  friends all me  Tobs."  the woman  answered.
         "All right,.  gentlemen,  let's  get  Mr.  Hansman to  sickbay.  I appreciate  your  mindfulness to  duty,  job well done,"  she  said  turning to the  shuttlebay  technician.

So much had occured these past few hours. Hansman was found, and the secret message sent to Sullivan had been decoded, not such a simple task afterall. Whoever had sent it, knew what they were doing, Ash would give them that. A signal beeped on her console. "Captain, incoming transmission from the USS Holland." "Thank you Lieutenant. Onscreen." The face of the new captain Partere filled the screen. "Captain Rantonia. I am informing you that your Commander Hansman has been found, picked up, and is now currently in my sickbay, being examined by my Chief Medical Officer." "Thank you Captain Partere. Inform me when you are through with him, I would like him beamed over here, for debriefing." "Of course. Partere out." Cowell cut the signal, and watched as Rantonia sat back in his chair. She was not sure what was coming ahead, but she knew with the two ships combined efforts, they would be a force hard to match.

Hansman sat on the biobed, being examenet by Lieutenant Z. "Lieutenant Z. I'm okay. I'm a doctor myself. Just have faith in my proffesional obseravation." Hansman said.

Z said something what sounded pretty much like "Doctors make the worst patients." But Bertus couldn't be 100% right. At that moment a man, mid 30ties walked in.

"Ah, doctor. Good to see you again." The man said, picking up a medical tricorder.

"Ah, Jean-Luc. How are you." Z replies, turning to face him. "Oh, i'm sorry, Lieutenant. I didn't know you were reinstated into Starfleet. Welcome back. What department are you you in now?" He asks, seeing Picardo's Lieutenant pips.

"Medical. I'm your Assistent from now on."

"My assistent? How can that be? You're gone through command training. You have the right to have an higher position then AMO. "Z said, looking very curious.

"Well Sir, I requested this position myself. I wanted something in the Medical Department. May I make a personal request to you?" You could see that he was egar to start working again.

"Fire away."

"Can I examine Commander Hansman? He's a good friend of mine. We've gone to Med school together."


Partere turned to  her  communications  officer.
         "Patch me  into the  Firebreather,"
         The face  of  Captain  Rantonia  appeared.
         "Captain,"  he  acknowledged
         "Captain,  we have  Hansman here in sickbay. I thought  you would like to come over and  have  a  chat with   him?"
         "Yes,  I would.  Thank you  Captain  Partere."
         "I will  have  Commander  James  meet  you in  transporter  room  two, and  bring  you to  the conference  room.  I think perhaps we  shall  all  feel  more comfortable there,  don't  you  agree?"  the woman  stated.  It  had  been  a  command  not  a  request.
         Rantanio  looked at the woman.  There  was  steel in her eyes.  This was  not  some  fluffy  girly  girl.
         The man  nodded  in  agreement.
         "Very well,  Captain.  Transporter  room  two.  Twenty minutes?"  he asked.
         "That  will  be  quite  agreeable.  Partere  out."
         The Captain  turned to  Tobias  James.
         "Mind  doing the  honors?  I  will  escort  Hansman to  conference  room  one  myself."
         Tobias  nodded  and  headed off  the  bridge.
         She  had  just  stepped  into  the  transporter  room  when  the  blue  lights  began to  swirl  around on the  pad.
         "They are  early!"  the woman  stated.
         "Yes,  ma'am," the  tech  replied.  
         James  wondered  what was  up with the other  Captain  that he would  come  early  to  the meeting?  Did  he had   another  agenda  on his  mind?
Emily had been dangling from this rooms ceiling for days now she

needed a plan she had an escape plan but couldn't put it into action yet as someone had to undo the chains that connected her to the ceiling then she smiled to herself and kicked her left heel with her right foot this was her emergency communication device every marine had been issued with one she had made sure of that then a familiar voice came onto the channel "which private has decided to be clever and prank me with their emergency communication device?" O'Reilly thundered down the channel "Sargent shut up and patch me through to the captain if you can" "Emily well at least someone has finally used the device for its proper purpose putting you through" the next voice Emily heard was Rantonias "who am I speaking to?" he said "your second officer captain" Emily replied " great what the heck has happened to you?" "let me guess you found the stray shuttle" "yes" "and commander hansman?" "he should be ok" "right just something you should know is that theres an old friend of ours on this ship Hansman can tell you the rest" "ok" "captain keep this channel open at all times that way I can update you on everything" "alright I will"

meanwhile on the holland the new cheif engineer had just arrived and was slowly but surely making her rounds through engineering trying to avoid critisising the engineering crew how they maintained the ship was beyond Sammys imagination she would have to have a word with an old friend of hers as to how to keep an engineering section under control but it was silly she must have a fewe untrained and untested ensigns in the engineering crew to say the least and now she found herself having to balance the power to maintain the signal strength of Lt Col sullivans transmission which was taking its toll on the power to say the least if they lost the power the signal would be weak and would probably not get through so as to be hearable then she heard an explosion on the lower engineering deck "oh for crying out loud" she said and ran to make sure it wasn't the environmental controls that had been fried.

"Andre. I think we need to find the Warbird first, before we know how to get Sullivan back. Commander Hansman, Can you tell us anything about the Warbirds behaviour?" Partere had practicly taken command of the rescue.

"Well Captain. I don't know. Everything happend so fast. I was busy avoiding disruptor fire."

"Do you have any idea where the Warbird may have gone?" Rantonia asked.

"Back to Romulan space I suppose." Bertus was a little krancky. Those were questions even a baby could awnser. "They are Romulans but that doesn't make them stupid. they won't keep hanging around the scene of the crime, SIR!" He said.

"Okay, Okay commander. I know that you two are friends. Maybe you should return to your quarters and get some rest." Partere said. But she could have known that Hansman wouldn't go to his quarters. Suddenly the door chimmed open.

"Captain. Can I be of some assistence?" It was Lieutenant Picardo, the former Commanding Officer who resigned from Starfleet to spend more time with his daughter but returned to active duty a few days ago, in the position of Assistent Medical Officer. "Maybe my command experiances can be of some help here.

"Sure. Take a seat Lieutenant. If that's okay with you Geraldine." Andre asked.

{Mean time in Engineering}

Leonidas hurried to the council that had exploded. Good. It's not the Enviormental Systems. What the hell happent here? This councill is a mess.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I was trying to fix a malfunction. I must have done something wrong." The young ensign said

Ash stood from her console, something troubleing her deeply, however she was unable to directly determine what was the cause of it. She had been on the Firebreathers bridge when Captain Rantonia had recieved the message from Sullivan. "Sir, can I try and trace that signal?" she asked, after a moment. "You can try Lt, but I am not sure how far you would get on such a weak transmission." "I have to try anyway, it may at least give us a direction to start from." "Agreed. Proceed." Ash slid her fingers to a lower touch panel, and keyed up a program. Typing in a personal password, a menu screen came up, asking for direction. Typing in a few codes, the screen went black, then random letters and numbers began to shift across the console. "Hmm..." she said, reading intently. "Very interesting..."

James returned to the bridge as Cowell started working on trying to trace the weak signal.

         She  stepped to the woman's  console  and  watched.
         "Have  you  tried to  boost  the  gain?"  she asked.
         "Boost the  gain?"  Cowel  said  looking at the woman  blankly.
         "You  know,  like turning  up the  volume on a  radio,"  James  explained.
         Cowell  thought a  moment.
         "Yes, that  might  work!"
         The woman's  hands  flew over  her control  console, and  after a  few  moments,  she  could hear  the  tell-tale  ping  of  the  other  ship.
         "I've got it!"  she  called  in  excitement.
         "I  knew you  could  do  it!"  James  said  thumping the  young woman on the  back.
         "Captain,  with Commander  James' help I  have located the  other  ship!"
         "Very well  Lt.  Cowell,  well done.  Commander  James,  have Sanderson lay in a  new  heading, and  inform  the  Firebreather  also  of the  change of  course.  Their  Captain will  be here  a  while longer,"  captain  Partere  remained.
         "Aye,  ma'am."  agreed  James.
         "All  right  Mr.  Sanderson,  you heard the lady,  plot us a  course.  Straight and to the  point,"  James  said
         "Aye.  straight  and  to the  point," the man  replied,  turning  in his  chair and winking at the woman.

"Captain. I was thinking about the following. Now that we have located the Warbird we should prepare a full scale attack. I don't think that diplomacy wil work in this case." Picardo sat down in the chair. "I know that the Firebreather can go t MVAM. I suggest that you attack in MVAM. That should do the trick. I know that Bertus is a very capable leader and I'm sure that in MVAM we can beat them. If the Holland's marines do the rescue on the warbird we'd be fine."

"Well Lieutenant. That leaves one problem. Who's going to command Delta section? That is supposet to be Sullivans place." Rantonia replied.

"Wel. If Partere can spare you, Lieutenant, I'dd like to ask you to command it." It was Rantonia coming up with that idea.

"Sure. With Z in sickbay, who can handle that perfectly, we should be able to spare you." Partere awnsered.

Partere: Ofcource we can spare Lieutenant Picardo. But I think that there are capable Command Officer on the Firebreather too. What's his name. Travan? He's Chief Engineer. Can't he command Delta Section?

Rantonia: Okay. Well. He's the XO of the Beta ship but I think that he can command it fully for once. Now. About the idea of your Marines CO. I don't think that it will work. The Firebreather's crew needs time to prepare for the MVAM. We haven't done it in real battle yet. Only some tests. In case we get attacked we need to get in MVAM as soon as we can but that takes some time. And I thinks that the Firebreather is to big to be seen as a Shadow.

Partere: Yes. And the Holland is to small and not armed good enough in case we get seen. =/\=Partere to Nicleson. Report to the Conference room with a plan of action for your plan. Partere out.=/\= And i'm not happy about sending one officer, alone, into a Romulan Warbird. Even though he's a marine.

Rantonia: I realy think that he needs to take a full scale Marines team in there. Just to be one the save side. They could ware tjose new sensor cloaking devises that have been delivered to the Firebreather a while back.We haven't had a change to test them in battle so this is a perfect time to test it. Right?

Hansman: Sir. With all do respect. I think that Mayor Nicleson's plan could work. We just need to think of a way to let those Romulans think we are infact their shadow.

Partere: And do you know a way to do that, Commander?

Hansman: No sir. But maybe Lieutenant Cowell or Lieutenant Travan knows a way. They are the Science Offiers you know.

Cowell: Well Sir. It is infact possible. During the academy I heard about a Gallaxy Class witch did it once. It just needs time.

Partere: How much time Lieutenant?

Cowell: I'm not sure. I need to find out how exactly they did it. I'm not exactly sure. I might have to talk to some friends in the Science Department of Starfleet Command.

Partere: Time that we might not have. I want this over with within 24 hours, preverably. Dismissed.

Ash quietly left the group, knowing now that she had a very tall order to fill, and it would quite a while before she closed her eyes in sleep...but she knew what she had to do, and hurried to begin. Reaching her console, she called up a security locked program that opened after her seven digit security clearance was given. "Welcome Lt. Cowell" the program said, loading. "Computer, direct link me to Lt. Commander Nikito Riabarroff, Chief Science Administrator in Starfleet command." "One moment....transmitting...." Ash waited. It had been a while since she had talked to her large Russian friend, and she wondered if he could help her.

A moment later, the face of a very large man filled the screen. "Ash?" the man asked, a russian accent showing slightly. "Hello Nikito." she said, smiling. "Well now! This indeed is a pleasure! To what do I owe this honor?" Riabarroff asked. "I wish I could say it was simply a pleasure call, however I am unable to do so. I am stuck here in a mission, and need some information." "Well for that sort of thing, dont you think you need the intelligence department?" "This is different. I need what you have on the Galaxy shadow incident." "Really?!?! Well now, I will see what I can do little lady, but it might take me a few hours." "Just go as fast as you can. Thank you Nikito."

Partere and Rantonia stayed behind in the Conference Room.

Rantonia: I'll put the ship into MVAM just in case. CAuse we dont know how long Lieutenant Cowell needs.

Partere: Well. I hope that she comes up with something soon so that we don't need a full scale attack. but just in case I think going to MVAM is a good idea.

Rantonia: Okay. i'll return to the Firebreather then. Thank you captain.

Both officers left the room.

{USS Firebreather-A Bridge. 10 minutes later}

Rantonia sat in his chair. Hansman sitting next to him. He pressed the intercom. =/\=All hands. this is the bridge. Take Multi Vector Assault Mode stations. MVAM in 5 minutes. Bridge out.=/\=

On the bridge officer came and went. Hansman left the bridge too. He was due to command the Charley section of the ship. This would be the first time that the MVAM might be realy used. He hoped not cause that would mean a slaughter. Maybe even masif loss on both sides.

He steped into the Charley bridge. Everything was dark. "Computer. Bring all systems online and prepare to go to Multi Vector Assault Mode"

Computer: "Authorisation code needed"

Hansman: "Autorisation Hansman 01 5 Delta"

Computer: "Authorisation code exxepted. All section report ready"

Hansman: "charley bridge to Alpha and Delta. Charley is ready"

Rantonia: "All hands. this is Alpha Bridge. Enitiate MVAM"

With a rock and shook the 3 section seperated and were on their own.

Hansman: Helm. Take the same speed as the Holland.

James  held her place on the  bridge  as  the  Firebreather  separated  into  its  multiple  parts.  It  was  always  exciting to  be involved  in  the  separation of the  MVAM.  Even more  so  to watch it  from  a  distance.
         The  general  agreement  had  been  to  attack and  subdue the warbird  from  three  sides.  It  was a  good idea.  
         Time  was now  at  an  essence,  the  captive  Firebreather  officer had  been  held hostage far  too long.  They  must  get her  out  before the  warbird  arrived  at  Romulus.
         Although  Star Fleet  relations with the  Romulans  was  normalizing, there  was  still  rebel  factions that   purposely  liked to throw  a  "monkey  wrench"  into the works.  Negotations  for  a  hostage  officer  could  take longer that Star Fleet  diplomatic  services  were  willing  to take.
         So, it went back to the  "leave  no man  behind"  oath,  that every service  organization  pledged  when at  war.  You didn't  leave  a wounded  man  down on the field.  You brought  your  dead  out,  no one  was left behind. 
         She  was  waiting for  Captain  Partere and the former  Captain  Picardo  to  finish  their  conference with the  CO of the  Firebreather.

Partere and Picardo steped out of the conference room and onto the bridge. "Okay guys. We're ready." "Miss Cowell. Please report to the bridge with any data you have. Partere out" "Okay, everyone. lissten up. If Cowell could not get the needed data then the firebreather will be the lead ship in the attack. We will be coördinating the attack."

"Captain, surely you understand that we will get fired upon too." King said.

"Yes, I know. That is why I want weapon systems on full alert. And I want one tri cobalt torpedoe ready for use." Partere walked over to King. "How much time will it take to get the Tri Cobalt Torpedoe ready?"

"Normaly about 20 minutes. But I could do it in 15. I don't want to rush it to much. In that torpedoes goes of inside our ship that will leave a hole as wig as the whole ship. Those things are pretty powerfull but they won't put a Romulan Warbird out of commision."

"Okay. Take your time. I want to be Captain on this ship longer then just today. I want that torpedoe ready in 30 minutes. And for now," "All hands. Yellow Alert. Report to your department heads for briefing on what will happen and what to do. Bridge out"

The turbilift doors opened and Lieutenant Ash Cowell stepped out of the lift. "Captain. The Shodow thing won't work. The Firebreather will need to put all weapons offline. And one little power fluctuation could give them away."

"Yes Lieutenant. That is to dangerous. Thank you for you work anyways. "Nicleson. Get your marines geared up and report to the transporter room as soon as your ready. You're going in that warbird. You can use your signal tracking devise or how is it called, that thing that was delivered to us about 5 weeks ago, to track Sullivans comsignal. She got a open channel with Captain Rantonia. Remember that there might me heavy resistence. the objectives have changed though. You are to capture the ship and its crew for trail on Romulus"

"Aya sir"

{Marines briefing room}

"Okay. you heard the Captain. We are to take over the ship. Micheals and Johnson are to take over engineering. Beware for heavy resistence down there. Charles and me are going after Lieutenant Colonell Sullivan. After that we will move up to the Command Centre. The rest of you will be beamed in near the armory. From there you will all move towards the Command Centre. I don't want any bodies. Stun them with high stun. That would take them out of commision for a few hours. Any questions so far?"

"No Sir." the marines replied together.

"Okay then. Get geared up and report to transporter room one ASAP. Dismissed."

{Charley section, Firebreather}

Hansman sat in his command chair. all he had to do was to wait for Captain Rantonia to give the order to attack. after a few minutes the relieving word came.

"Rantonia to Charley and Delta bridges. We are going in. The Holland is going to coördinate the attack. The Warbird is going to be taken over from the outside and the inside. Charley is going to put the weapons out of service. Alpha is to bring the Warp engines out of commisions. DO NOT Destroy them. Otherwise we will need to tow them to Romulus. Something I don't feel so content with. Delta will help anywhere they need"

"Aya sir. Charley is ready"

"aya sir. Delta is ready"

Hansman pressed the intercom button. "All hands. This is the bridge. Battle Stations. We are going in. Security. I want the Brig manned. We are going to have prisseners"

All four ships moved closer to the Warbird. After a while the Romulans took note of them and turned arround. The first thing they did was fire on the Leading ship, Alpha section.

{Holland Bridge}

Partere: "Romulan Warbird. This is Captain Geraldine Partere of the Federation Starship Holland. Lower your weapons and prepare to be boarded. You are violating Federation Laws and the Federation-Romulan Peace sign"

Romulan commander: "I yours dreams captain"

Partere stood up. "Partere to all ships. Fire at will"

Rantonia took the chair from hansman, "Red alert shileds up!" the Captain ordered after the phasere blasts rocked the ship. "Aye sir". The sirens began. "Take down there shields!" Andre ordered. "Fire torpedoes!" the Alpha section fired and the others followed suit, a few moments later Beta and Delta fired aswell. The wrbird was standingf strong though,"Keep firing!" Rantonia ordered. Eventually the shileds collapsed, =/\=Rantonia to Partere, beam Sullivan out of there!=/\= he ordered. Nothing. "Sir" Science siad. "there is to much interferencve, we cannot get a good link with the holland!"

Emily was still in her cell when she heard a comotion outside and a few shots being fired not to mention the explosions the cell door opened and in stepped a romulan "who are you?" Emily asked "Uhlan Rhekel i-shikar" "what are you doing here?" "spying and freeing you" "well do it then"

the ronmulan was as good as her word she undid the chains and passed Emily her equipment "you recharged the ranged weapons?" Emily asked "yes" "right lets go"

Emily and her new friend ran down the corridors of the warbird picking up Sardin en route freeing the others wasn't hard as vorsechain had said it would be as sardin and rhekel knew all the passcodes between them with the holodeck door open to the holographic prison Emily got each person out and gave them back their equipment then she gave them orders. "rhekel your in charge of this lot get them to Reuis scout ship and get out of here dock in the firebreathers shuttlebay" "what about you Emily?" her mother asked "i've a score to settle" "and my scout ship?" Reui asked "i'll try to persuade the captain to allow it for marine use" they split up as Emily headed up the corridors trying to figure out where her prey was when he was standing right in front of her a blade hanging at his side "Emily" he said "Dever" "whats up?" "you don't know what you've cost the firebreather do you?" "really tell me" Emily drew her own bladed weapon which rhekel had provided "lets think... you cost us the life of nadia peruva for a start then you nearly cost us captain Rantonias life" "so?" "so you've nowhere left to run this is it Dever the last round" "so this is all some mad quest for vengence" Dever didn't wait for a reply instead he charged headlong at her sword raised Emily locked blades with him and then they began to duel down the corridor and back each trying to gain an advantage but both unable to do so until an explosion rocked Dever off balance not waiting for anything Emily elbowed him straight off balance until his back was on the floor thenm she stood over him and delivered the fatal blow with a single downward stroke then she heard voices and drew out her phaser and immediatley put it away when she saw who it was. "your late" she said "well you never cease to amaze me" was sargent O'Reillys reply "you got all the marines with you?" "yes and theres a major Nichelson down in engineering stunning some Romulans as our orders are to stun not kill orders which you seem to have disobeyed" "hes izenian not Romulan" "is that Dever?" "yes" "what now" "set weapons to stun and follow me"

they ran up to the bridge doors and found them sealed a few minutes later the doors were blown apart and soon every romulan on the bridge was stunned "cunningham beam them to the brig and lock out the main computer" "yes Emily" "private Nelson" "yes?" "hail the firebreather"

{Holland bridge}

The crewman sitting at comm's turned her seat to face the captain. "Ma'am. incoming message from the romulan ship.,they are hailing the firebreather. "

"Okay. direct the signal to us. The Firebreather is to busy right now. And Kig. find out why the romulans have seased firing."

The screen blinked and Emily stood on the Romulan bridge.

Partere: Lieutenant Colonell Emily Sullivan I presume?

Sullivan: yes Ma'am.

Partere: Nice to meet you. I'm Captain Geraldine Partere of the USS Holland-A. Status report please.

Sullivan: We have seased controll over the Bridge and are waiting until we have controll over the computer so that we can set courxe anyway you want us to go. but could you have the Firebreather stop fireing?

Partere: *Turning to King* Alert the Firebreather and order her to sease fire.

King: Aya ma'am.

Partere: Okay, Sullivan. I am plasing you and the marines in charge of the Romulan ship. You take command and I want Nicleson as your XO. As soon you you are ready report back.

Sullivan: Aya Ma'am. There is one thing. The Romulan Government had one of their people on board. She freed me. I would like her as AXO for now. She probably knows the systems and stuff.

Partere: Permission granted. Good luck, temporary captain. Holland-A out.

Partere walked around the bridge. Crewman. Open a channel with the Firebreather.

Crewman: Aya ma'am. Channel open.

Partere: Hello Andre. The Romulan ship is taken over and Sullivan is freeed. IT apears that we have a allie on board. The romulan Government has a spy on board. She's helping out on the ship trying to gain controll over the computer. I put Sullivan in command over the Warbird and Nicleson as XO. The Romulan is AXO for now.

Rantonia: Thank you for the information Geraldine. have you got a estemate on how long it will take until we can set cource to Romulus?

Partere: No, Not yet. But i'm going to contact the Romulan government and inform them that we will be on our way soon. Holland out.

The screen turned black.

Partere: Open a channel with the nearest Romulan station. Priorety 1.

Crewman: Channel open. Romulans are responding.

Partere: Hello there. I'm Captain Geraldine Partere of the USS Holland-A. We have just arrested the entire crew of a Warbird for Kidnapping a Starfleet Officer and violating Federation and Romulan laws. I would like to ask permission to take them to your base.

Romulan commander: What warbird may that be Captain?

Partere: I don't know. the Commanders name is Vorsechain. Does that tell you anything?

Romulan commander: Yes. It does. About two weeks ago Vorsechain broke out of a Romulan prison and stole a Warbird. We send a Spy on board who is part of the Romulan Military. We haven't heard from her since. We had no idea what Vorsechain was up to. I'm giving you permission to come to our base and hand over the crew. Just tell me. have you had contact with our opperative?

Partere: Yes we have. She's helping us to gain controll over the computer. Holland out.

Tobias James stepped forward as the Captain of the Holland rose from her chair.

         "Lt. Commander you have the  bridge, I will be in my ready room.  Notify me when the  Firebreather   had  reintergrated.  Perhaps  by then we  will have  computer control of  the  warbird and we  can  proceed."  Partere  said  moving  away from the  command  circle.
         "Captain,  may I suggest  that  Lt. Cowell  go over and see  what  she  can  do to help  the Sub-Lieutenant?"
         Partere  turned to the older woman.
         "Yes, I think  that is an  excellent  idea.  Inform  Cowell,"  the woman  commander  replied.
         The doors to the  ready  room  swished open and  closed and the woman was  gone.
         "Firebreather  hailing us  again,"  King said.
         "Put it  through,"  James  said taking the  command  chair.
         "Holland, this is  Firebreather.  Standby for  intergration of  MVAM," the voice on the  other  ship informed.
         "We are  ready  whenever  you  are  Firebreather,  proceed."
         James and the  bridge crew of the Holland  watched  as the  Firebreather  gracefully  and  effortlessly  joined  sections  and  became  one  again.
         "Firebreather,  we  see  100%  intergration,"  she said.
         "Thank you  Holland.  Firebreather   out."
         "Lt Cowell,  if you please,  report to  the bridge,"  James  said tapping her  comm  badge.
         "On my  way,"  came the reply from the woman.

"firebreather hailing us Emily" Private Rondra said "on screen" Emily said

 rantonias face appeared

"did you pick up the scout ship?" Emily asked "yes and the cardassian called Koil told us everything i'll submit to your request to keep the scout ship for the time being meanwhile the three cardassains and two romulans have requested to enroll in your marine core I think you accept" "yes" "now on to your report out of a crew of 500 not counting the agent we show 497 romulans stunned 2 romulans surviving and one romulan killed why was the romulan killed when you were ordered to use stun weapons?" "I'll correct you 498 romulans killed 2 romulans survive and 1 Izenian killed" "Izenian?" "yes" "explain" "well the Izenian in question was at the heart of the kidnapping all together I think I would theorise that the kidnapping had nothing to do with me at all it was simply a way to lure the firebreather and you in paticular captain to tracking the warbird down so they could destroy you" "whos this Izenian?" "one guess" "Dever?" "bingo" "how did he escape Qo'nos?" "escaped when a jailer fainted I think it was" "who killed him?" "me" "you?" "in the memory of a dead comrade" "ok subject closed" "Emily" private Rondra interuptted "we have power to engines and are ready to go when they are" Emily glanced up and captain partere had appeared on the screen as well "lay in a course private" she said before continuing "last one to the romulan starbase is a slow-coach engage private"

Karina lay in her bed, thinking of everything going on around, she had no idea what was happening as Andre and Bertus had refused to tell her anything due to stress levels. She was now 5 months pregnant and having regular contractions. Her home had been sickbay for the past 4 months as well.

After contemplating for a few minutes, the doorslid open with a hiss and Andre walked in. They embraced and Andre kissed her. "Whats going on!?" she pleaded. "Karina, i can't tell you!" Andre replied. Behind him Bertus entered. He smiled at the couple and walked to his office. A few minutes passed with Andre caressing Karinas hair between his fingers. She winced and let out a scream of agony and Bertus rushed in. "What is going on!" he he said running towards Karina who had collapsed on he floor.

He scanned her and spoke. "This is more than Branston Hicks (ooc: or however you spell it)" "Look!" Andre pointed to the screen the baby had rolled over. Bertus smiled. "karina, you will be having twins!" She screamed in agony. "But i can't figure out what is wrong with you!" Karina continued her screaming, suddenly her waters broke. "No!" Andre screamed. "Not now, they'll die!" "ok, Karina, push for me!" Bertus said ignoring the Captain. She screamed and slowly a small babies head emerged.

After 2 agonizing hours the two children had been born and were both in incubators. They were absolutely tiny and had translucent skin. Two girls. "There beautiful!" Karina said touching one of there little hands. "What about names?" Hansman asked. "We'll think about that! They've only just been born!" Andre laughed. Karina was exausted and now asleep, Andre sat next to her and kissed her. Bertus came over "They hopefuly with modern technology survive, but there could be some dodgy times over the next few months." the Doctor/XO left to his office. Karina woke up and tried to stand up but Andre noticed something was wrong. "Bertus he screamed, blood was everywhere. The doc ran back in and aneasthetised Karina, "Internal bleeding!" Bertus excliamed. "This is a problem!" A tear fell from Andres eye. He wiped it away and watched as Bertus tended to Karina.

the ships exited warp and the warbirds crew were being trasferred to the station they were all still stunned and the starbase had taken over the running of the warbird so the marine crew had left and Emily was walking to the bridge hoping that it wasn't her shift to be in command well if the last duty roster was anything to go by it should be the captains she entered the bridge and found Saren in the command chair "wheres the captain?" Emily asked "sickbay" "wheres commander Hansman?" "sickbay" "wheres the third officer?" "Lt Commander Rantonias in sickbay as well" "right looks like its my shift then" "yep" saren said as he surrendered the command chair "incoming transmission from the starbase Emily" the helmsman said "on screen" it was the romulan station commander "captains of the firebreather and the Holland we have finished transferring the ka'etchers crew and are now trying them we would appreciate a representative from each ship to be present" "on my way firebreather out" Emily said "you have the bridge Saren"

On the station the trials were already in progress as Emily and lt Cowell entered representing both the firebreather and the holland. they were lucky the ones currently being tried they were only getting minor sentences about thirty days imprisonment was the maximum so far but Emily didn't expect that to last as Voreschain was up next and Emily couldn't help but smile as the charges were read out. "Captain Vorsechain you stand charged with theft of a romulan warbird,six counts of abduction, a single count of unlawful behaviour and a single count of grevious bodily harm how do you plead?" "not guilty" was the reply

about an hour later the sentence was passed "Captain Vorsechain you are sentenced to 50 years imprisonment for all your offences you are no longer to go anywhere within a 100 mile radius of a single military building or ship or starbase this case is over" after the case the judge took Emily and Cowell to one side "your ships can stay docked for as long as nessercary"

Part 2: Character Development

After a flurry over Karina that lasted about an hour she was awake and stood by the incubator holding th two tiny babies. She pointed at the smallest of the two and said. "Jennifer" Andre turned to look at her. "Nice name, he looked at the nameless baby and named her. "Maria" Karina smiled, "I hope they survive!" she was in tears. "Don't worry we have the best doctor in starfleet!" This didn't appear to cheer Karina up, she lay down on her bed and drifted of to sleep, Andre kissed her forehead and left to the bridge.

"Mr. Kristov!" The helm officer turned around and smiled, the 23 year old russian turned back to his console and spoke "Aye sir" Andre smiled "Set a course for starbase one, we need a refit for supplies, warp 5 engage." The ship vibrated slightly but didn't move. "This is why we need a refit, Saren go down to engineering sort things out, Lt. Zyder take tactical."

Crystal nodded as the Captain ordered her to Security.

This ship was in definite need of a six month over haul!

Crystal approached her station and waited.

Lt. Ash Cowell quietly walked the halls of the Holland, towards the bridge. As she walked onto the command center, she noticed Captain Partere preparing to speak to someone over the viewscreen, and assumed it was the Commander of the starbase, Indrii Prime, and her assumptions were correct. The image of the massive starbase was replaced with that of a bajorian woman, small in stature, with beautiful blonde hair. "Greetings Captain Partere, my name is Captain Mia Nirana, the commanding officer of Indrii Prime. I am afraid to say that our interlock systems are not functional at this moment. You and your crew will have to transport into the starbase." Partere smiled, and nodded. "That is no problem Captain. Thank you for your welcome, and I am sure that my crew and I will enjoy ourselves immensly." "Welcome aboard Captain." Mia said, signing off. Partere looked at Cowell and smiled. "Ready?" she asked, and Ash nodded enthusiastically.

  • On Board Indrii Prime*

Ash looked around the immense Promenade of the Starbase, and was amazed at how many shops it held, and the people they held inside. The Holland and the Firebreather crew had scattered, and so far she had seen no one after they had beamed over. Secretly she was hoping to have seen SC somewhere, but he was nowhere to find.

She walked into a tavern, and grabbed something filled with synthehol from the counter. Carrying it in her right hand, with her left underneath the bottome of the glass she walked away from the bar, searching for an empty table. A man sitting nearby at an otherwise empty table saw her, and waved her over. She smiled, and after only a moments hesitation, walked over. "Hello..." she said shyly. "Greetings!" the man said flashing a smile. "Please sit down, you need a table, and I am sitting alone." he stood, and quickly pulled out a chair for her, and she sat down. "You are an officer from the Holland, correct?" he asked, and she looked at him in amazement. "Why yes! I am the Chief Science Officer over there, but I must ask, how did you know? There are hundreds of people walking around the promenade." He smiled. "It's my job to know. I am the stations Federation Ambassador." "Oh wow, must be exciting." she said, sipping her drink. "Ah, it has its moments. So tell me, I never caught your name?" "Oh, I am so sorry, Lt. Ash Cowell...and yours?" she asked. "Michael Tabolt. So how long have you been in starfleet.....?"

(Two hours later...) Ash and Michael had been talking for two hours, and from Ash's standpoint, it felt like only minutes. He was a charming man, so easy to talk to, and she found it easy to tell him all about her life. She looked up as an ensign came running in. "Commissioner General, an incoming transmission from Starfleet command for your eyes only sir. It is being transferred to your office." "Ah yes, thank you Ensign, you may go." he said, standing. "Ms. Cowell, if you will excuse me, I must go. Maybe we can do this again some time?" "I...I- would love that. Thank you, I had a good time." "I did as well." he said. He nodded politely, and walked off. She sat back. "Commissioner General?" she said to the air. "Not only a Commissioner, but Commissioner Gerneral?" she could not believe that she had been talking to him, he seemed so down to earth....she could see herself spending more time with him....she stopped herself...for that was just a dream...and a highly unlikely one at that. She stood, and decided to go see if she could spot anyone from the Holland or Firebreather to spend time with...

Saren returned to the bridge around 10 minutes later and spoke

to the captain. "Sir engines are back online, the romulans had somhow disabled them but it all sorted out now." The captain smirked and turned to Kristov at the helm. "Helm, same orders as before get us moving as son as i give the order. Open a frequency to the Holland. Commander James appeared on the viewscreen. "Commander" Andre said observing the officers pips. "Yes Captain Rantonia?" James asked. "We're leaving to starbase 1 for a refit. It was excellent to work with your ships crew and hope that one day we may meet again. Goodbye Commander" Andre finished. "Goodbye Sir." Andre smiled as the image left the screen and empty space was left infront of them. "Kristov, Engage!" the ship blasted of into deep space. "Saren, you have the bridge."

Andre arrived and Sickbay a few minutes later and Karina was awake and sat next to the incubators. "Karina?" She turned around and saw Andre stood there. He walked over to her, she was crying. "Why did they have to be born so prematurely!" she sobbed into Andres shoulder. "I said they'll be alright Karina, listen to me. They will be alright!" he tried to persuade his wife. She continued to cry, "They haven't cried once, thats not normal!" she wailed. "They're just tired after birth as are are you so get some sleep, i'm sure they'll make some noise at some point soon!" he smiled and took Karina over to her bed and watched her sleep. He shed a tear himself while watching Jennifer and Maria in the incubators, there tiny hands and feet, there translucent skin, all the tubes in and around them. Something made a noise behind him and Bertus walked in. "Here again are we?" he smiled at his friend and captain. "Anything happened while I was away?" Andre asked. "No, Karina has been sat there for hours." the Doctor replied. "She won't rest properly until she knows that they are healthy and well" Andre said softly. "She won't find that out for another 2 months!" Bertus said. ANdre looked at him. "I know." he left the bay wiping away his tears.

In his quarters later he sat on his bed and lifted Karinas uniform off the bed held it to his face and cried into it. He lay down and using karinas uniform as an extra pillow slept deeply and to the early hours of the morning.

Rhekel continued to make herself useful on board the warbird while they were enroute to Romulus, either at her science station or assisting at the engineering station. She wondered what would happen to her now. She'd completed the mission she'd been given successfully so she knew she'd be given another one. What she wished she knew was what assignment she was going to be given. Was she going to be sent on another undercover mission, assigned to a another warbird as science officer, or something else entirely. So the young officer was rather twitchy during the trip back but she hoped no one noticed.

She already sent in her official report but she must still appear before the Admiral in person once they arrived. Once in orbit about Romulus she beamed down and headed directly for her commanding officers office. Knocking politely on his door she waited to be summoned. "Come in." Entering she closed the door and stood at attention, "Sub-Lieutenant Rhekel reporting, sir!" Anyone who'd been watching would have seen a middle-aged Romulan male sitting behind an immense wooden desk with his fingers steepled in front of him. He regarded the young woman before him for some time before leaning back in his chair and saying, "At ease Sub-Lieutenant, at ease." Rhekel relaxed slightly from rigid attention and waited for him to say something. Steepleing his fingers in front of him once more and tapping his index fingers together he watched her closely, 'You did very well Sub-Lieutenant, very well indeed. To bring back not only the rebels but the warbird intact." "It wasn't my doing alone sir. The two Starfleet vessels did most of it." Nodding and leaning forward again, "True, but you took the iniative to free the prisoners as well as all the minor disruptions you caused with you carefully constructed computer programs. Not to mention you then worked quiet well with the same Starfleet officers." Standing up he walked around his desk till he faced her. "Attention!" Rhekel instantly snapped to. Reaching into a pocket he pulled out a small box, and opening it revealed a rank pip inside it. Placeing it on her collar next to the other one,"You have just been promoted to Lieutenant for your outstanding conduct while undercover." Rhekel was quiet shocked but she saluted him promptly and continued to wait. Walking idly around his office, picking up and examining one random item after another, the Admiral finally got the to point, "In fact you worked so well with the Federation officers that it's been decided that you will be assigned to the USS Firebreather, one of the ships that assisted in bringing our warbird back, as their science officer." Rhekel was stunned and it showed on her face. This was definately not what she'd thought would be her next assignment. She struggled to get ahold of her emotions before he turned around and saw them but was fast enough. Smiling at her stunned look, "Don't worry Lieutenant, you will do quiet well there I am certain. Your empire has determined that this is where you can best serve it. As living proof that we wish cooperation with the Federation. The Captain of the Federation ship has been notified and you will have plenty of time to gather you belongings before the ship has to leave. Dismissed Lieutenant Rhekel. And good luck." Rhekel saluted smartly and turning on her heel left the office. Once she shut the door she sagged against it briefly before straightening and leaving to get her things in order.

It didn't take her very long to get organized and report aboard her new home. She was just beginning to unpack in her assigned quarters when the ship left orbit and headed back to its base.

~~ The trip didn't take long and then she was staring out the window at the Federation starbase as they docked. Docking overwith it was time to meet her new fellow crewmembers, so taking a deep breath and one last look in the mirror she walked resolutely out the door and into her new life.

Andre welcomed the new crewmembers onto the ship and showed them

to the bridge. "Welcome!" he said showing Jelora and James the bridge. The face of an Admiral appeared on screen suddenly. "Captain i am Admiral Jonsen, your ship doesn't need much of a refit job so your clear to leave" Jonsen sid. "Aye sir" Andre turned to Serevan. "Take us out Lieutenant, warp 8, straight on, into Deep Space!" Andre smiled, "Off we go People!" he turned to Ops and forgetting Karina was in sickbay was shocked to see it empty, but then he remembered. He stood up and spoke, "Sullivan you have the bridge" and left, Jelora and Bond looked confused but sullivan replied to there look "It's nothing!" she smi;ed and took the command chair.

Down in sickbay Andre had arrived again, and Karina was still asleep, Bertus was moniteringJennifer and Maria, "You need to stop coming down here as often!" he said without even turning around. The CO stood next to his XO and looked at his daughters. "I'm glad your looking after them Bertus" he said. Bertus looked at the Captain. "At this rate they'll think i'm there Dad thoguh!" he laughed. Andre didn't, he went over to Karina and stood watching her sleep.

Emily had shown her five new marine recruits round earlier that day she was again bored but then remembered what had happened last time she had felt bored while on her command shift she welcomed the two new members without words as she already knew one and the other seemed very wary of who he spoke to but she was thinking of other things "slow down Kristov space will still be there in two days" she said "I'm sure it will ma'am" "oh for crying out loud how many times must I say that I hate being called ma'am by those lower ranked than me I prefer being called by my first name so it seems that we're all equal" "and your first name is?" "Emily to those who didn't know" "right Emily to those who didn't know" the entire bridge erupted in laughter "were you as funny as this on your last posting?" Saren asked "I don't think I was" Emily checked her watch darn she thought I was having a meal with the marines tonight and its in five minutes she knew that the automatic words out of her mouth would be Saren you have the bridge but she was curious to see how Rhekel would do "lieutenant Rhekel you have the Bridge" she said as she made for the turbolift

End Of Mission Notes

Joint mission.

Previous Mission: Medical Emergency
Next Mission: Deep Space Disaster

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