Toa Virionius is smart and ruthless, one preferring murder to torture any day. He is one of the few winged Toa that inhabit the universe, having black and red wings that are incredibly thick. The reason for this is taht Virionius has no belief in Mata Nui, or any other Great Being. Therefore, he fears death more than anything else, and will do anything to avoid it; even kill. Toa Virionius leads the dangerous and sometimes insane Viraknion Toa, in their different attempts to secure power and service on Terros-Nui.

Virionius' past is shrouded in mystery, yet it is believed he may have come from the Lost Isle of Shadows, an island belonging to both the island's Natives and Cannibal Toa, as well as home to a Kanohi Dragon and a Krahka.

Virionius left the island to become a Toa for the island of Metru Nui. After a number of years, he and his group eventually earned the right of Viraknion Toa, though what this means is unknown.

Sometime before the coming of Turaga Dume, Toa Virionius and his squad left Metru Nui mysteriously, never to return again into Matoran sight...until they arrived on the shore of Terros-Nui.


Virionius' favorite method of dealing with enemies is to kill them right off.


Toa Virionius relies mostly on his mind blasts, and his ability to feed upon memories to defeat his opponents. He can unearth the most terrible memories, and exxagerate them to the point of madness.

Toa Virionius also carries a powerful scythe that, when wounding an opponent, automatically covers the wound so it cannot be healed from the outside. If it were to scratch a leg, for example, the leg wound would cover up with skin, so that you couldn't heal it. This also helps to avoid being caught in murder.

Besides his powers, VIrionius is very strong, and carries a sharp scythe.

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