Toad Patrol/Thomas (Fur Foot the Toadlet and Friends)

  • Fur Foot as Thomas
  • Papa (from Smurfs) as Edward
  • Handy (from Smurfs) as Henry
  • Hefty (from Smurfs) as Gordon
  • Puff Ball as James
  • Panther Cap as Percy
  • Slippery Jack as Toby
  • Earth Star as Duck
  • Jose Carioca and Iago (from The Three Caballeros and Aladdin) as Doanld and Douglas
  • Erebus as Diesel
  • Beauty Stem as Emily
  • and more


  • Fur Foot as Ten Cents
  • Hefty (from Smurfs) as Big Mac
  • Slippery Jack as OJ
  • Puff Ball as Top Hat
  • Handy (from Smurfs) as Warrior
  • Papa (from Smurfs) as Hercules
  • Panther Cap as Sunshine
  • Erebus as Zorran
  • Beauty Stem as Lillie Lightship
  • Cleo the Skunk as Sally Seaplane
  • Jose Carioca and Iago (from The Three Caballeros and Aladdin) as Frank and Eddie
  • Thomas (from Thomas and Friends) as Puffa
  • Edward (from Thomas and Friends) as The Goods Engine
  • and more

Toad Patrol/The Little Engine That Could (Beauty Stem the Healer Toadlet That Could)

  • Beauty Stem as Tillie
  • Fur Foot as Chip
  • Cleo the Skunk as Georgia
  • Papa (from Smurfs) as Doc
  • Puff Ball as Pete
  • Slippery Jack as Jebidiah
  • Panther Cap as Eric
  • Oyster as Jill
  • and more

Toad Patrol/The Land Before Time (The Toad Hollow Before Time)

  • Fur Foot as Littlefoot
  • Smurfette (from Smurfs) as Cera (DON'T EDIT THIS)
  • Timothy Q. Mouse (from Dumbo) as Petrie
  • Elf Cup as Ducky (DON'T EDIT THIS)
  • Thumper (from Bambi) as Spike (DON'T EDIT THIS)
  • Panther Cap as Chomper
  • Penny Bun as Ruby
  • Calypso as Ali
  • Earth Star and Beauty Stem as Littlefoot's Grandparents
  • and more

Toad Patrol/Super Mario Bros. (Super Fur Foot Bros.)

  • Fur Foot as Mario
  • Papa (from Smurfs) as Luigi
  • Panther Cap as Yoshi
  • Sassette (from Smurfs) as Birdo
  • Beauty Stem as Princess Peach
  • Smurfette (from Smurfs) as Princess Daisy
  • Timothy Q Mouse (from Dumbo) as Toad
  • The Giant Rat as Bowser
  • Mistle Toad as Toadsworth
  • and more

Toad Patrol/Sonic (Fur Foot the Hedgehog Toad)

  • Fur Foot as Sonic
  • Panther Cap as Tails
  • Beauty Stem as Sally Seaplane
  • Puff Ball as Antoine D'Coolette
  • Handy (from Smurfs) as Rotor
  • Cleo the Skunk as Bunnie Rabbot
  • Slippery Jack as Uncle Chuck
  • Hefty (from Smurfs) as Knuckles
  • Sassette (from Smurfs) as Amy Rose
  • Elf Cup as Cream
  • The Giant Rat as Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman
  • Jose Carioca and Iago (from The Three Caballeros and Aladdin) as Big Grizz and Big Mike
  • and more

Toad Patrol/Rayman (Raytoad)

Toad Patrol/Spyro the Dragon (Fur Foot the Dragon Toad)

Toad Patrol/Crash Bandicoot (Fur Foot Bandicoot)

Toad Patrol/Croc (Fur Foot)

Toad Patrol/Wario World (Puff Ball World)

Toad Patrol/Theodore Tugboat (Fur Foot Toadlet)

Toad Patrol/Tonic Trouble (Toad Hollow Trouble)

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