This is a Moleskinsoft Toast Remover was released in August 13th, 1991. I get the video his The Brave Little Toaster calls out for Blankie is a musical fashion from August 15th, 1991. Finally, he's a toast source video.wmv I front gaving, this was released in August 16th, 1991.


  • Toaster: (Jumps back the codec, in the floor. Jumps down to Kirby.) BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKY-EEEEEEEEE!
  • Kirby: Mmm, mm! Cry, cry, weep, wail land sob! It's disgusting! Every time! I can't believe it! Every single time, and you this is a Toaster gets freakin' everybody out! Give me that stupid picture! (singing) But there no...
  • Toaster: I think you are jealous!

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