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  • Toaster as Woody.
  • Blanky as Buzz Lightyear.
  • Radio as Andy.
  • Lampy as Mr Potato Head.
  • Kirby as Hamm.
  • Murgatroid as Rex.
  • Ratso as Slinky Dog.
  • Plugsy as Andy's Mom.
  • Zazu (from the Lion King) as Molly.
  • Scar (from the Lion King) as Sid.
  • Young Simba (from the Lion King) as Hannah (Yes, Young Simba was male like a Hannah!).
  • Sarabi (from the Lion King) as Ms. Phillips.
  • Mufasa (from the Lion King) as Mr. Phillips.
  • Maisie as Jessie.
  • Tinselina as Bo Peep.
  • Air Conditioner as Stinky Pete.
  • The Evil Clown as Zurg.

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