My past is divided into different stories, under each title, there's a short intro of what that story is about and possibly some random comics about that story.

Other characters from Toatapio Nuva's past.

Toatapio Nuva's prehistory:

Comic 1: The very beginning

Comic 2: Lotta's death

Comic 3: Dumba's dumbness

Comic 4: The Escape

Turaga H's prehistory:

Comic 1: Henkka's dream

Comic 2: The potato robbers

The beginning

Comic 1: The meeting Part 1/2

Chapter 1: The Alliance of the enemies When Inwirn makes an alliance with Henkka's enemy, Al, the power againts Tapio and his friends double. But there's something wrong with the alliance, which can be seen atlast when Al is left to dye with Henkka... And in the end, a powerful being is formed.

Chapter 2: The return of the enemies Inwirn and Al have returned, even thought they are each others enemies now. Al is being rescued by a monster who calls himself "The claw" and Inwirn manages to get Juho to her side from Al's side. And now Inwirn has made more evil robots. Now in Toa form, Henkka and his friends must fight...

Chapter 3: Tonga A powerful being has unleashed Rakshi and his own specialized Vahki to destroy Tapio and his friends. They must now fight, also because Inwirn has been saved by a colossus called Rordika who has his hunters. And Inwirn is on revenge for Juho who has her powers now...

Chapter 4: The army of the clones Inwirn has saved Rakshi Lerahk from death from the past adventure and now finds a way to clone him into millions! Will even the new Toa of sounds and the most powerful Toa of the Toa be enough help for Henkka and his friends? Also, this is the chapter where Tapio becomes Nuva... Toatapio Nuva.

Chapter 5: Spiders of doom Tapio and Henkka wake up in their land, which is in ruins and monsters and baddies lurk everywhere, and their own friends have turned into beasts. Henkka and Tapio find out that Visorak has done all this but the Visorak aren't normal Visorak... In this chapter Aino learns to speak with animals.

Lost in reality Inwirn has used the mask of reality and changed everything... Now Tapio and Henkka of that reality must find out the true reality and bring it back...

Chapter 6: The Piraka attack The Piraka have escaped Voya-Nui and come to Bio-land! And the Toa Nuva come to Bio-land as well, to look for a new job. When Toatapio Nuva hires them and fights the Piraka, Toa Nuva are brought againts their old, powerful enemies. But Zaktan has great plans this time... and the baddies from the past awake. In this chapter Toatapio Nuva moves to comic land.

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