Toby/Bart are parodies with Bart the Simpson and Friends audio and Toby the Tram Engine and Friends clips.


  • Toby as Bart
  • Hiro as Homer [Hiro and Homer are both start with H]
  • Hank as Principal Skinner
  • Spencer as Dr Gilbbert
  • Billy as Ralph
  • Oliver as Sunshine [from TUGS]
  • Toad as Billy Shoepack [from TUGS] [Toad and Billy Shoepack are both grey]
  • Byron as Fire Chief [from TUGS]
  • Ned as Big Mac [from TUGS]
  • Arthur as Old Rusty [from TUGS]
  • Smudger as Guysborough [from Theodore Tugboat]
  • Trevor as Ten Cents [from TUGS] [Trevor and Ten Cents are both start with T]
  • Bertie as Lord Stinker [from TUGS]
  • Bash as Zebedee [from TUGS]
  • Dash as Zak [from TUGS]
  • Stafford as Grampus [from TUGS]
  • Sixteen [from RWS] as Johnny Cuba [from TUGS]
  • Proteus as Owen [from Theodore Tugboat]
  • Cranky as Moe


  1. Hiro/Thomas (Toby/Bart Version)
  2. Hiro/The Simpsons (Toby/Bart Version)
  3. Trevor/TUGS (Toby/Bart Version)
  4. Ferdinand the Logging Locomotive and Friends (Toby/Bart Version)

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