Toby Paul is considered by many to be the greatest Jaffelandian footballer of all time. This brings up a lot of arguement, and ask the question who, is the greatest player in Jaffeland History????

Rise to success

Paul attended Kitchien University, and expert Mel Kiper Jr. said he was the best Striker in the draft, and 4th overall prospect. He would major in law, and would leave with a degree. He would be taken 3rd by computon, and would be demanded to be traded 2 hours after being taken to TaHigh (being a large TaHigh fan growing up.) His rookie season would start from the begining, scoring a rookie leading 12 goals, and would win rookie of the year.

2nd season and on

After a great rookie season, he would play his first Jaffeland-Milneland cup, where TaHigh would make it to the semi's and would lose to the league winner New Roomia, New Roomia would go on to lose to Stafford in the final. After that he would get injured (a broken foot.) and would miss the first half of the season, he would have an almost amazing first half, scoring 11 goals, and going into the playoffs would score 7 goals, in a TaHigh championship win.

He would go on, to be currently #6 on the all time Jaffeland Soccer Scoring Chart.

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