Toby Tram Engine (Neville/Ten Cents (Chrissy Oliver Style) Version) is a Neville/Ten Cents (Chrissy Oliver Style) version.


  • Toby as Theodore (Toby and Theodore both start with T)
  • Gordon as Hank (Gordon and Hank are both blue)
  • Madge as Emily
  • Ivo Hugh (from RWS) as George
  • Skarloey as Foduck (Skarloey and Foduck are both red)
  • Daisy as Rebecca
  • Percy as Shellburne
  • Henry as Dartmouth
  • Hiro as Fundy
  • Bertie as Barrington Barge (Bertie and Barrington Barge both start with B)
  • Scruffey as Snorri (Scruffey and Snorri both start wth S)
  • Belle as Carla
  • Cranky as Guysborough
  • Rheneas as Truro
  • Rusty as Canso
  • Caitlin as Bonvista
  • Elizabeth as Cocomagh
  • Lady as Constance
  • Mighty as Phillip
  • Mac as Fillmore
  • Murdoch as Tex (Murdoch and Tex are both Big and Strong)
  • Connor as Stewiacke
  • Patrick, Alfie and Ned as The Rock Brothers
  • Bertram as Bedford (Bertram and Bedford both start with B)
  • Gator as Digby
  • Stephenson's Rocket (from RWS) as Baddeck
  • Molly as Bluenose


Season 1

  • Toby and The Island
  • Toby and The Goods Engine
  • Toby and The Homesick Narrow Gauge Engine
  • The Dark and Scary Docks
  • Skarloey the Vigilant
  • Bumper Buddies
  • Differnt Strokes - Differnt Engines
  • Gordon and The Vicar
  • True Blue Friends
  • Toby and The Velcome
  • Toby the Vegdebal
  • The Day Snow Came to Sodor
  • Toby's Nightmares
  • Toby's First Pull
  • Toby and The Visitor
  • Toby and The Molly
  • Is Anybody Listining¨?
  • Ivo Hugh Buzzes the Island
  • The Sodor Cleanup Contest
  • Best Friends

Season 2

  • Toby's Bell
  • Ivo Hugh's Ghost
  • A Cow of an Engine
  • Night Shift
  • Toby Changes Sides
  • The Island Pledge
  • Emergency
  • Skarloey Stays Home
  • Toby the Tram Engine in Charge
  • The Cold Snap
  • Engine of The Year
  • Gordon and The Hug
  • Madge the Rocket
  • Toby in The Middle
  • Belle the Cool Blue Tank Engine
  • Scruffey the Truck
  • Toby the Jokester
  • Madge the Vigirous
  • Toby's Day Off
  • Skarloey and The Rainbow

Season 3

  • Gordon's New Name
  • All Queit on The Island of Sodor
  • Toby to The Rescue
  • Toby and The Northren Lights
  • Toby and The Crane
  • Gordon's Wheezy Whistle
  • Madge's Bruised Bumper
  • Daisy and The Big Snore
  • Toby's Big New Friend
  • Ivo Hugh and tHe Railway Mystery
  • A Joke Too Far
  • Grumpy Crane
  • Toby Hugs The Coast
  • Toby and The Ice Engine
  • Madge and The Tug of War
  • Gordon's Hiccups
  • Toby and The Missing Truck
  • Toby's Birthday Surprise
  • Toby's Backwards Day

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