Toby and the Magic Railroad is a 2006 Thomas Episodes/Thomas and the Magic Railroad Parody Flim.


  • Toby as Thomas
  • Spencer as Gordon
  • Whiff as Henry
  • Dennis as James
  • Scruff as Percy
  • Edward as Toby
  • Trevor as Bertie
  • Jeremy as Harold
  • Rosie as Lady
  • BoCo as Diesel 10
  • Bill and Ben as Splatter and Dodge
  • Ten Cents as Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin)
  • Theodore as Junior
  • Pugwash as Lilly
  • Fire Tug as Burnett Stone
  • Puffa as Patch
  • Big Mac as Billy Twofeathers
  • Sally Seaplane as Stacy Jones
  • Toad as Mutt
  • Another Bad Guy as PT Boomer
  • Dorothy as Lilly's Mom


Toby and his Friends have to run to the Island of Sodor While Sir Topham Hatt is away But BoCo and his sidekicks Bill and Ben were there to destroy Rosie and Ten Cents on Big City Time Station is losing his sparke. Now it's up to Toby to save Rosie and the Magic Railroad.


  • BoCo: GET OUTTA MY WAY!!!! I've Have Unfishend Bussines Here I want to finsh it FIRST!!!
  • Spencer: BoCo is back AAAAGH!!!
  • Toby: Yes 10 out of 10 for devious deeds and routi streight the blast from the past Who hates Engines
  • BoCo: AH HA It's Puffball and Looks What's He Doing Boill Come and Destroy
  • Bill: Oh No Do It Cranky
  • Ben: Yeah We Mean That Infact
  • Bill: What's A Name
  • Ben: I Don't Know
  • Bill: It's A Good Word
  • Toby: Run Rosie Quicky and I'm Gonna Help You
  • Fire Tug: So Im' Rosie I'm Not Gonna Let You Down Again
  • BoCo: HA Who Needs You Boill
  • Ten Cents: Watch Out for the Vicduct It's Dangerous
  • BoCo and Another Bad Guy Chase Them
  • BoCo: No I'll Get You Fire Tug!
  • Fire Tug: No You Won't Because The Magic You Refeuce To Let In Get the Better of You
  • BoCo: You Can Run But You Can't Hide Right Jack
  • Laughs Evily
  • BoCo: Jack's Hungry
  • He Swings Vicar Towards Toby
  • Toby: Oh Get Back
  • Catches Up with Rosie
  • Fire Tug: Come On Rosie
  • Rosie Speeds Up
  • Cranky: Coming Puffball
  • Laughs Evily
  • Cranky: Look Out Here I Come Duck Jack
  • Another Bad Guy: Duck
  • Emily and Toby are away from Cranky
  • Cranky: Ah Ha No I'll Get You I've Got My Lunched Steam Laughs Evily and Went into a Tunnel Swings Jack to Toby Growls
  • Soon Toby, Rosie and BoCo were on the Bridge and there
  • Fire Tug: Well Done Toby! Well Done
  • Rosie blows her whistle and Toby rings a bell until BoCo is defeated
  • BoCo: Arghh!!!! Arggghhh!! Aaaaahhhh!!!!!!!
  • BoCo falls off into a water
  • Ben: Hey Fire Tug the Smoke is gone
  • and more

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