TV Cast

The characters are the characters introduced in each season

Season 1

  • Toby as Thomas
  • Ben as Edward
  • Whiff as Henry
  • Bill as Gordon
  • Percy as James
  • James as Percy
  • Thomas as Toby
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Bertie
  • Scruff as Terrence
  • Bertie as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Lady as Lady Hatt
  • Pip and Emma as Annie and Clarabel
  • Molly as Henrietta
  • Butch as the Breakdown Crane
  • Horrid Lorries as the Troublesome Trucks

Season 2

  • Oliver as Duck
  • Max and Monty as Donald and Douglas
  • Gordon and Edward as Bill and Ben
  • Den as Diesel
  • Rosie as Daisy
  • Duke as BoCo
  • Dart as Trevor
  • Skarloey as Harold

Season 3

  • Duck as Oliver
  • Emily as Mavis
  • D261 as Bulgy
  • Shen Ester Ed (Jimmy Neutron) as the Flying Scotsman
  • Ratigan (from the Great Mouse Detective) as the Chinese Dragon
  • Rheneas as Toad

Season 4

  • Freddie as Stepney
  • Bulgy as D261
  • Harold as Skarloey
  • Toad as Rheneas
  • Salty as Sir Handel (While playing Falcon, Salty's nickname is Eddie)
  • Harvey as Peter Sam (While playing Stuart, Harvey's nickname is Chubby)
  • Rex as Rusty
  • Mike as Duncan
  • BoCo as Duke
  • Owen as Smudger
  • Merrick as S. C. Ruffey
  • Skiff as George
  • Elizabeth as Caroline
  • Captain as Bulstrode

Season 5

  • Old Slow Coach as herself
  • Troublesome Trucks as the Horrid Lorries
  • Spencer as Cranky
  • Old Bailey as himself
  • The Ghost Engine as Derek
  • Nigel as Iron 'Arry
  • Stan as Iron Bert
  • Dowager Hatt as herself
  • The Halloween Engine as Bertram
  • Derek as the Ghost Engine
  • The Breakdown Crane as Butch
  • Tiger Moth as Thumper
  • Thumper as Tiger Moth

Season 6

  • Peter Sam as Harvey
  • Sir Handel as Salty
  • Caroline as Elizabeth
  • Greg Wiggle (from the Wiggles) as Jack
  • Jeff Wiggle (from the Wiggles) as Alfie
  • Donald as Max
  • Wags the Dog (from the Wiggles) as Oliver
  • Captain Feathersword (from the Wiggles) as Kelly
  • Henry (from the Wiggles) as Byron
  • Anthony Wiggle (from the Wiggles) as Ned
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur (from the Wiggles) as Isobella
  • Queen of Trash (from Elmo) as Miss Jenny
  • Knave of Hearts (from Alice (2010)) as the Foreman
  • Mushu (from Mulan) as Cyril
  • Elsa (from Frozen) as Alicia Botti
  • Farmer McColl as himself
  • The Headmaster as himself

Season 7

  • Mavis as Emily
  • Porter as Fergus
  • Cranky as Spencer
  • Jeremy as Arthur
  • Flying Scotsman as Murdoch
  • Sodor Brass Band as Themselves
  • Lord Callan as himself

Season 8

  • Bertam as The Halloween Engine

Season 9

  • Henrietta as Molly
  • Phillip as Neville
  • Patrick as Dennis
  • Bash and Dash as Mighty Mac
  • Sir Robert Norramby as Mr. Percival

Season 10

  • Daisy as Rosie
  • Stepney as Freddie
  • Charlie as Rocky
  • Arthur as Jeremy
  • Alice as herself
  • Dusty Dave as himself

Season 11

  • Henry as Whiff
  • Stefano (from Madagascar 3) as Billy
  • Nigel (from Rio) as Hector
  • Bella (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Madge

Season 12

  • Rafiki (from the Lion King) as Hank
  • Martha (from Martha Speaks) as Flora
  • Mufasa (from the Lion King) as Colin

Season 13

  • Rocky as Charlie

Season 14

  • Terence as Scruff

Season 15

  • Marion as Belle
  • Iago (from Aladdin) as Flynn
  • Diesel and Trevor as Den and Dart
  • Stafford as Paxton
  • Rafeal (from Rio) as Norman

Season 16

  • Paxton as Stafford

Season 17

  • Fergus as Porter

Season 18

  • Buck (from Home on the Range) as Timothy
  • Bert as Reg
  • Stanley as Samson

Season 19

  • Neville as Phillip

Special Cast

Toby and the Magic Railroad

  • Lady Hatt as Lady
  • Zigzag (from the Thief and the Cobbler) as Diesel 10
  • Phido (from the Thief and the Cobbler) as Splatter
  • Lucky (from the Jungle Book 2) as Dodge
  • Mowgli (from the Jungle Book) as Mr. Conductor
  • Ranjan (from the Jungle Book 2) as Junior
  • Pepper Clark (from Littlest Pet Shop) as Lily
  • Shanti (from the Jungle Book 2) as Stacy Jones
  • Olaf (from Frozen) as Burnett Stone
  • Kristoff (from Frozen) as Billy Twofeathers
  • Mickey Mouse as Patch
  • Salor John as P.T. Boomer

Toby and the Great Discovery

  • Samson as Stanley

Hero of the Rails

  • Kevin as Victor
  • Victor as Kevin
  • Sidney as Hiro

Misty Island Rescue

  • Mighty as Bash
  • Mac as Dash
  • Winton as Ferdinand
  • Bulstrode as Captain

Day of the Engines

  • Hiro as Sidney

Ulfstead Mystery

  • Stephen as Luke
  • Smudger as Owen
  • S.C. Ruffey as Merrick
  • Ferdiannd as Winston

King of the Railway

  • Luke as Stephen
  • Judy and Jerome as Caitlin and Connor
  • Mr. Percival as Sir Robert Norramby
  • Ashima as Mille

Tale of the Brave

  • Belle as Marion
  • Ryan as Gator

The Adventure Begins

  • Baloo (from the Jungle Book) as Glynn
  • Connor as Jerome
  • Caitlin as Judy

Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

  • Gators Ryan
  • P.T. Boomer as Saior John
  • George as Skiff
  • Rusty as Mike
  • Duncan as Rex
  • Reg as Bert

The Great Race

  • Trizie Tang (Fairly OddPanrents) as Ashima
  • Shaw (Open Season) as Vinnie
  • The King and Duke (VeggieTales: Big River Rescue) as Carlos and Raul
  • Kaite (Horton) as Frieda
  • Alfred (LarryBoy) as Axel
  • Yum Yum (The Thief and the Cobbler) as Gina
  • Flint Lockwood (Clusy with a Chance of Meatballs) as Étienne
  • Ant (WordWorld) as Ivan
  • Finnick (Zootopia) as Rajiv (does not speak)
  • Jimmy Neutron as Shane (cameo)
  • Clawhauser (Zootopia) as Yong Bao (cameo)

Journey Beyond Sodor

  • Leonard (The Angry Birds Movie) as Hurricane
  • Nick Wilde (Zootopia) as Merlin
  • Buck (Ice Age 5) as Theo
  • Judy Hopps (Zootopia) as Lexi
  • Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether (Zootopia) as Frankie
  • Chief Bogo (Zootopia) as Beresford


  • Brendam as Arlesburgh
  • Arlesburgh as Brendam
  • Crovan's Gate as Dryaw
  • Dryaw as Crovan's Gate
  • Knapford as Tidmouth Sheds
  • Tidmouth Sheds as Knapford
  • Maron as Maithwaite
  • Maithwaite as Maron
  • Ulfstead as Blue Mountain Quarry


Season 1

  1. Toby and Bill/Toby Gets Tricked
  2. Ben and Bill/Ben Helps Out
  3. The Sad Story of Whiff/Come Out, Whiff!
  4. Ben, Bill and Whiff/Big Macintosh To The Rescue
  5. Toby's Train/A Big Day For Spike
  6. Toby and the Lorries/Trouble For Toby
  7. Toby and Butch/Toby Saves the Day
  8. Percy and the Train/Cranky Learns A Lesson
  9. Troublesome Lorries/Horrid Lorries
  10. Percy and The Express/A Proud Day for Percy
  11. Toby & The Guard/Toby & The Conductor
  12. Toby Goes Fishing
  13. Toby, Scruff & The Snow/Scruff the Scruncher
  14. Toby and Sir Topham Hatt/Toby and Sir Topham Hatt's Great Race
  15. Big Engines and Turntables
  16. Trouble in the Station
  17. James Runs Away
  18. Coal/Whiff's Special Coal
  19. The Flying Kipper
  20. Whistles and Sneezes
  21. Thomas & The Stout Bus/Thomas the Tank Engine
  22. Toby in Trouble/Toby Breaks the Rules
  23. Dirty Objects/Percy In A Mess
  24. Off the Path/Ben Takes a Dip
  25. Down the Mine
  26. Toby's Christmas Party

Season 2

  1. Toby, James and the Coal/Double Trouble
  2. Cows/A Cow on the Line
  3. Sir Topham Hatt's Chase
  4. Saved From Scrap
  5. Old Iron
  6. Toby and Dart/A New Friend for Spike
  7. James and the Signal
  8. Oliver Takes Charge
  9. James and Skarloey/James Proves a Point
  10. The Runaway
  11. James Takes the Plunge
  12. Pop Goes the Dieselworks Manager
  13. Dirty Work/Den's Devious Deed
  14. A Close Shave/A Close Shave for Oliver
  15. Better Late Than Never
  16. Red the Cat/Max and Monty
  17. The Deputation
  18. Toby Comes to Breakfast
  19. Gilda
  20. James' Predicament
  21. The Rich Enginesel
  22. Wrong Road
  23. Ben's Exploit
  24. Ghost Train/James' Ghostly Trick
  25. Woolly Bear
  26. Toby and the Missing Christmas Tree

Season 3

  1. A Scarf for James
  2. James' Promise
  3. Time for Trouble
  4. Bill and the Famous Visitor
  5. Maz's Bird
  6. Toby Gets Bumped
  7. Toby, James and the Bad Rat
  8. Den Does It Again
  9. Whiff's Forest
  10. The Trouble with Mud
  11. No Joke for Percy
  12. Toby, James and the Post/Spike, Pipsqueak and the Mail
  13. Trust Toby
  14. Emily
  15. Thomas' Tightrope
  16. Ben, Dart and the Really Useful Party
  17. Buzz Buzz/Percy Goes Buzz Buzz
  18. All At Sea
  19. One Good Turn
  20. Small Engines
  21. Escape
  22. Duck Owns Up
  23. The Rude Diesel
  24. Heroes
  25. James, Percy and the Fruitful Day
  26. Toby and James' Christmas Adventure/Toby and James' Mountain Adventure

Season 4

  1. Grandiesel
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. Bulldog
  4. You Can't Win
  5. Harvey and Anna
  6. Four Little Viechles
  7. A Bad Day For Salty
  8. Narrow Gauge Coaches/Mike Helps Harvey
  9. Home at Last
  10. Special Hook
  11. Rock 'n' Roll
  12. Boat
  13. Passengers & Polish
  14. Gallant Old Breakvan/The Gallant Old Breakvan
  15. Mike To The Rescue
  16. Toby and Freddie
  17. Fearless train Stops Play
  18. Bowled Out
  19. Whiff and the Elephant
  20. Rheneas Stands By
  21. Bulls Eyes
  22. Toby and The Special Letter
  23. Paint Pots & Queens/Toby Meets The Queen
  24. Fish
  25. Special Attraction
  26. Mind That Bike

Season 5

  1. Spencer Bugs
  2. A Better View For Bill
  3. Ben & The Gremlin
  4. Percy & The Trouble With Trees
  5. Bye Skiff!
  6. Horrid Truck
  7. Baa!
  8. Put Upon James
  9. Thomas & The Flood
  10. Toby, James and Old Slow Coach
  11. Lady's Birthday Party
  12. Busy Going Backwards
  13. Rex Gets Spooked
  14. Haunted Whiff
  15. Double Teething Troubles
  16. Freddie Gets Lost
  17. Toby & The Rumours
  18. Duck's Find
  19. Thomas' Discovery
  20. Something in the Air
  21. Happy Ever After
  22. Bertie's Holiday
  23. A Surprise For James/A Big Surprise For James
  24. Make Someone Happy
  25. Snow
  26. Mike & The Boulder
  27. Toby and the Magic Railroad

Season 6

  1. Sir Handel's Secret
  2. Peter Sam To The Rescue
  3. No Sleep For Spencer
  4. A Bad Day For Skarloey the Narrow Gauge/A Bad Day For Skarloey
  5. The Great and Powerful Caroline
  6. The Fogman
  7. Greg Jumps In
  8. A Friend in Need
  9. It's Only Snow
  10. Twin Truck Trouble
  11. The World's Strongest Diesel Engine
  12. Scaredy Trains
  13. James & The Haunted Mine
  14. Middle Train
  15. Percy and The Red Balloon
  16. Jack Frost
  17. Bill Takes A Tumble
  18. James' Chocolate Crunch
  19. Funnel Bother
  20. Thomas Had A Little Lamb
  21. Toby, James and The Squeak
  22. Toby the Jet Tram/Toby & The Jet Engine
  23. Ben The Very Useful Quarry Engine/Ben The Really Useful Quarry Engine
  24. Dunkin' Rex
  25. Mike Saves The Day
  26. Faulty Whistles

Season 7

  1. Mavis' New Diesels
  2. James Gets It Right
  3. Gordon, Edward and Porter
  4. The Old Bridge/The Old Iron Bridge
  5. Ben's Brass Band
  6. What's The Matter With Whiff?
  7. Percy and The Queen of Knapford
  8. Anna's Tea Shop/Anna's Stand
  9. The Spotless Record
  10. Thomas' Windmill/Thomas & The Windmill
  11. Bad Day at Castle Loch
  12. Toad & The Roller Coaster
  13. Sir Handel's Stormy Tale
  14. Snow Train/Duck The Snow Train
  15. Something Fishy
  16. The Runaway Elephant
  17. Peace and Quiet
  18. Porter Breaks The Rules/Toby & The Search For Porter
  19. The Rude Diesel Rides Again
  20. Owlowiscious & The Flying Horse
  21. The Grand Opening
  22. Best Dressed Train
  23. Bill and Cranky
  24. Not So Hasty Puddings/Toby and the Avalanche
  25. Trusty Rex
  26. Three Cheers For Toby/Hooray For Toby

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