Todd's Photo Journey is a fan-fiction TV Movie created by Pikachufreak.


  • The movie resolves on Todd Snap (from Pokemon Paparazzi) the main character, his girlfriend is Duplica (from Ditto's Mysterious Mansion and Imitation Confrontation), his best friend is Jake Long (from American Dragon: Jake Long), his little brother is Marcellus (from Octillery The Outcast), his mother is Trixie (from Love, Totodile Style), Jake's girlfriend is Riley Daring (from The Replacements), Riley's younger brother is Todd Daring (also from The Replacements) and Marcellus' girlfriend is Camarina (from Sea Princesses). The movie premiered on January 26, 2001.


  1. Todd Snap
  2. Duplica
  3. Jake Long
  4. Marcellus
  5. Trixie
  6. Riley Daring
  7. Todd Daring
  8. Camarina

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