Todd Daring and The Lions' Den is a Disney Spoof to Daniel and The Lions' Den, set in a DisneyTales style.


  1. Todd Daring (from The Replacements) as Larry The Cucumber
  2. Mike Chilton (from Motorcity) as Archibald Asparagus
  3. Mackenzie Lloyd, Mimi Monroe and Bonnibel "Bonnie" Southeast (from Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes) as The Scallion Trio
  4. Mr. Whiskers and Ed The Otter (from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers) as Mabel and Penelope


  • (We open this spoof at nighttime)
  • Michael Brandon: Long, long ago in a faraway land, there there lived a young boy named Todd. When Todd was a boy, he was taken from his home in Judah to live in a city called Babylon, where he went to school in the palace of the Babylonian king. Todd missed his home very much, and every day he'd pray that God would take care of his family, and his friends, and look after him too. God heard his prayers, and helped Todd become wise as grew older and everyone in the palace knew his wisdom. And one night while Babylon was sleeping, the king had a dream.
  • Todd: I am King Todd, I had a dream. And now I'm feeling rather frighten that I wish someone would tell me what it means.
  • Buff Frog: We are your wisemen, yes that is true. And though we're using all our wisdom we're afraid we can't explain your dream to you.

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