Todd Ridley is a 33 year old graphic designer from Detroit, Michigan with a partner, Bryan, of 9 years.

Todd started G2Graphicsin 1999 to create web and print marketing campaigns. He started MotorAlley in 2004 with friend and mentor David Wassmann, a new car buying service. He also started, just this year with some friends, LibStix (currently to promote the liberal agenda across the US.

Todd supports and actively participates in local organizations Create Detroit, Preservation Wayne and Detroit Synergy.

Bryan and Todd, along with English Springer Spaniels Sam and Quinn, live in Historic Indian Village in downtown Detroit. They are active in their community, particularly helping with the annual home and garden tour. They are currently fixing up their 1901 home...slowly but surely.

We like to travel, party, drink and walk the dogs.

If I can figure out how to upload images I will...this is an odd feature.

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