Together Forever is a song from Mr. Happy and Miss Magic's Magical Adventures. It was featured in the episode of the same name

Plot: Mr. Happy and Miss Magic are backstage at the Dillydale Theater. They could hear the crowd cheering and applauding from outside, as well as calling out their names. Mr. Happy says "Now remember, Miss Magic. Follow my lead. When I say Bibbledy boop. You say Bobbledy boop." Miss Magic says "Ok, Mr. Happy." Then, the duo performed a song for their fans. All of their other friends appear as the audience. The audience enjoyed their performance and laughed at some of their songs' lines.


Miss Magic: Bibbledy Boop

Mr. Happy: Bobbledy Boop

Miss Magic: Bibbidi Boo

Mr. Happy: Bobbidi Boo

Miss Magic: I love magic!

Mr. Happy: I love music!

Miss Magic: Magic surprises even me!

Mr. Happy: Wonderful!

Both: How could it get, how could it get, how could it get any better than this?

Miss Magic: We're together forever

Mr. Happy: I can't imagine

Miss Magic: Two best friends

Mr. Happy: Two best friends

Miss Magic: We never fight

Mr. Happy: We never fight

Miss Magic: Except when we yell and scream

Mr. Happy: Miss Magic, will you watch (mumbles something underwater) How could it get, how could it get, how could it get any wetter than this?

Miss Magic: Can I get you a towel?

Mr. Happy: Never mind!

Miss Magic: We're salt and pepper

Mr. Happy: Salt and pepper

Miss Magic: We're bigger than that

Mr. Happy: We're scrauper dat

Miss Magic: My tricks are good

Mr. Happy: Maybe, maybe not

Miss Magic: Sometimes I messed up

Mr. Happy: Glad you brought that up (hits a wall) Ouch! My body! My body!

Miss Magic: I got amazing spells!

Mr. Happy: Yeah, right

Miss Magic: He's got to eat well

Mr. Happy: I try to eat well!

Miss Magic: I eat till I'm full

Mr. Happy: I eat till I'm sick!

Miss Magic: Boy, that was amazing! Whew! Zara zee!

Mr. Happy: Not wonderful!

Miss Magic: When day is done

Mr. Happy: I say when it's done!

Miss Magic: Remember two friends

Mr. Happy: What about two friends?

Miss Magic: Are more than one!

Mr. Happy: Stop! Stop!

Miss Magic: His face couldn't get, his face couldn't get, his face couldn't get any redder than this!

Mr. Happy (annoyed): Oh ho! That's funny. Those are not the right words!

Miss Magic: We'll always be together forever!

Mr. Happy: Forever and ever!

Both: It just couldn't get, it just couldn't get, it just couldn't get any better than this!

Both: We'll always be together forever! Friends to the end!


The song is based on Cat Diggety Dog from CatDog. Even though it has the same tune, some of the lyrics are different.

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