Audience: (repeatedly) We want Mr. Happy and Miss Magic!

Mr. Bounce: Whee! Mr. Happy and Miss Magic are going to sing a song!

Mr. Bump: You can say that again.

Mr. Fussy: How revolting! I really wanted to listen to their song for some time, even now!

Mr. Grumpy: For once I have to admit, they both have talent.

Mr. Nervous: Exactly!

Mr. Noisy: Super!

Mr. Nosy: Our cousin Miss Magic are going to sing a song for us with Mr. Happy. Isn't that right, Mr. Small? I'm going to love it!

Mr. Small: Aye! I'm with you, Mr. Nosy!

Mr. Rude: I'll have to admit that their performance is going to be fantastic!

Mr. Tickle: Before every show, performers need a good tickle as a warm up.

Mr. Fussy: You're always saying that everyday, Mr. Tickle.

Miss Calamity: Let's just hope those two don't make any mistakes.

Miss Chatterbox: I love it when Mr. Happy and Miss Magic perform together. It feels great to watch them perform.

Miss Scary: I love it when they sing!

Miss Sunshine: They're my favorite number ever! I love e'm! Love e'm! Love e'm!

Meanwhile, backstage, Mr. Happy and Miss Magic were fixing their top hats and bowties. Mr. Happy could hear the crowd cheering and applauding. He knew that it was about time to perform.

Mr. Happy: Now remember, Miss Magic. Follow my lead! When I say Bibbledy boop. You say Bobbledy boop!

Miss Magic: Ok, Mr. Happy!

Miss Daredevil: Hey, everyone. They're coming!

Mr. Messy: Shazam! Here they come now!

The Mr Men and Little Misses cheered and applauded with everyone else as Mr. Happy and Miss Magic showed up on stage.

Mr. Scatterbrain: (laughs) Look how cute they were with those clothes on stage!

Mr. Happy and Miss Magic began singing. In the middle of the song, the crowd roared with laughter. Even the Mr Men and Little Misses couldn't help themselves laughing a little

Miss Scary: (snorts, then laughs) I love that joke!

Mr. Fussy: I agree. That's a classic joke!

Mr. Tickle: Hahaha! That's funny!

Miss Chatterbox: Good for them! They know how to tell jokes!

Mr. Happy and Miss Magic continued singing. As they hit the final note, the audience, as well as the Mr Men and Little Misses applauded wildly. Mr. Happy and Miss Magic removed their top hats and bowed. After that, they fixed their bowties once again.

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