Tokamak flag 1

Tokamak Council Flag

Teton, North Teton and Alkali are members of the Tokamak Council (Pa'Tzavya Tokamaki). These states are in the Tokomak region; named for the Tokamak range which stretches north to south through interior Bellica.

The Council allows the member states to cooperate on important issues and present a united front to the outside world. The Ni'Mushi are not represented.

In Blargett (July) of 2007, the Council approached Jakistan concerning the establishment of diplomatic relations and asked for economic, social and limited military aid. The initial response from Jakistan was positive.

Assassination of Ambassador Shnuroke

In early Blargett (July) of 2007 an unfortunate misunderstanding during an exchange of diplomatic communications led to the execution of the Council Ambassador, Xogtah Shnuroke, by Teton security agents.

Shnuroke was one of only a very few Jakistani speakers in the Tokamak region and had been acting as advisor to the Council in its attempts to foster closer ties with Jakistan and had been appointed to head the new school of Jakistan Studies at Triskan University in Kondodrav, Teton.

Jak studies ctr

Professor Shnuroke (far left) at the opening of the Jakistan Studies Center

Poor translation of Tokomaki and Jakistani-language documents led to the mistaken belief on the part of the Council that Jack the Lyncher, president of Jakistan, wished Professor Shnuroke to be killed.

The Professor was killed by agents of the Teton state security organization. His assassination was not well received by his immediate family or the Wyhoe tribe.

Professor Shnuroke is honored as a patriot who sacrificed himself for patriotic reasons and his family received generous financial compensation. Nevertheless, some tribal elders continue to harbor resentment which may affect Teton-Jakistan relations in the future.

Xogtah monument

Monument to Ambassador Shnuroke in Kondadrav


12,000 years ago the Tokamak region was inhabited by nomadic big game hunters inhabited about. Some of the inhabitants became more settled and built permanent habitations approximately 5000 years ago; the bow and arrow came into use 1500 years ago.

By the 1700s the Pa’Varsay moiety of the Ni’Mushi was well established in the northern regions. The Pa’Shushana moiety held sway in the plains and mountains of the south, though population density was much less than in the North.

The Ni'Mushi were forced to abandon lower elevation after a decades long resistance against the Ursidean Berzerka beginning in the 950s.

Jakistan opened a trading post in the 1800’s and fur traders arrived to take advantage of the area’s bounty.

The first railroad in the Tokamak region was built in Teton (which at this time included the mineral- rich region of present day North Teton) during the late 1800s. Now the minerals that the mines were producing could be shipped abroad. Many rural inhabitants, including a fair number of Mushan, sought work in railroad construction.

The region has been a major logging and mining area since the early 1900s. North Teton ranks high in silver, antimony, lead, cobalt, garnet, phosphate rock, vanadium, zinc, and mercury.

The Eskan River was dammed to provide irrigation for North Teton's agriculture. Few Bellican nations have more irrigated land than North Teton. The region produces about one fourth of the Bellica's potato crop, as well as wheat, apples, corn, barley, sugar beets, and hops. Since the 1990s Teton has attempted to make Peyote a regional center for technology.


The peoples of the Tokamak region do not follow standard naming conventions for the months of the year; instead retaining the pre-Bezerka designations of the aboriginal animists:

January - Forsken

February - Wiggett

March - Profordah

April - Zvanta

May - Trakett

June - Omonta

July - Blargett

August - Frani Blargett

September - Sisfordah

October - Frappafordah

November - Krevett

December - Taiqi's Krevett

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