Tokyo Terror is a Japanese animated anime series created by Chang Wakoshi. The series was later English dubbed in 2011 featuring the voice cast of many celebrities such as George Lopez, Twilight's Taylor Lautner and Desperado's Antonio Banderas. Additional actors are Nigahiga's Ryan Higa, iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove, Jenette McCurdy, Nathan Kress and Victorious' Victoria Justice.

Victoria Justice left the cast as Vicky Bravery in the second season due to the fact that she is still continuing on starring "Victorious". She later returned in the fifth season. Nathan Kress and Miranda Cosgrove were absent for 8 episodes due to filming "iCarly". Taylor Lautner was absent for 12 episodes due to his movie career.

The anime was based on a Japanese TV-short that aired in The Danny Christian Show along with many pilots that later spun-off into famous long-running cartoon series.

The series was cancelled in October 8, 2011 due to the fact that Cartoon Network now requests limited anime shows and more comedy programming. The episode "We Did It" was the series' finale. An unofficial sequel is being produced called "Rice Guy" which the only returning character will be ShuYoung.


Their was a young emperor named Shu-Young who was gifted with the powers of a wizard. Unfortunately, a clumsy archer accidentally shoots an arrow in Shu's head causing him the disability to speak human language thus caused the staff-men of the temple to banish him from the royalty family. Still having his powers, he used his wizard skills to create monsters to gain all of the powers from Tokyo City to become the new ruler. Only the legendary warrior, Conbucos con Covos can stop him. But he mysteriously vanished after the event.

Ten years later, a 12-year old warrior named Ramen Udon has found a baby boy who was named Gomez Frijoles by pendant. When Ramen became 18-years old and Gomez became 17, they are off to find new recruits. When they went to America, they met two new warrior girls named Vicky Bravery and Jenny McCurney. In the second season, two members join the team which are Newt Gigabyte; a robotic obsessed warrior and Mimi-Li; a Chinese girl who became Gomez' crush. Together, they will have enough energy to beat Shu Young.


Season 1

The season's theme song was sung by Japanese band, Polysics. The Japanese theme song is "Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger" from the famous 1993 tokatsu of the same name.

Season 2

The season features new animation for the characters in the season and the theme song does not change but the opening sequences features brand new clips for the upcoming episodes. The season introduces the brand new cast members; Nathan Kress as Newt and Miranda Cosgrove as Mimi Li. Episode "The Pop Star" features the last appearance of Vicky since Victoria Justice leaves the English cast as Vicky Bravery.

Season 3

The season features cleaner and shaded cells for the characters. Similar to the previous season, the opening sequence features clips from upcoming episodes. The season takes place after the movie "Tokyo Terror: The Movie". Antonio Banderas has a major role in the season as the main voice for Conbucos since he now fully appears as one of the main characters. Since, Vicky Bravery will not appear in any further episodes, all scenes featuring her (especially major edits during the opening) were deleted, edited and removed (except the first episode due to it airing out of production order).

Season 4

The season is still the same but the theme song was more upbeat and the ending theme song featured a variety of instruments such as a saxaphone, trumpet and drums. Also, Newt's design has changed to a silver-coated color scheme of his body (was not edited during the first part of the opening but was edited in the later part). The plot was not changed and the animation was kept the same.

Season 5

The animation has changed into more flash animation style making it resemble more of realistic old Japanese animation. The English theme song was changed to "Teen Titans" sung by Puffy AmiYumi. Victoria Justice reprises her role as Vicky. Jerry Trainor joined the main cast as Motorcai. The season was originally the final season but due to the popularity, the show is still ongoing.

Season 6

This season features more computer-animated backgrounds. The theme song is still kept the same but the Japanese theme song "Kyoyu Sentai Zyuranger" was replaced with the Japanese version of the "Teen Titans Theme". Jerry Trainor did not reprise his role as Motorcai, due to voice acting in TUFF Puppy, so the premiere episode stated he broke down. Jerry later returns as Motorcai in "Reboot". After the season premiere, a 1-hour crossover episode airs titled "Gomez in Singapore" which was a crossover between "Tokyo Terror" and Japanese-Chinese animated series "China Smith".

George Lopez, Miranda Cosgrove, Ryan Higa and Victoria Justice later turned in the favor of appearing in a 30-minute China Smith episode titled "The Warriors Are Back".

A second crossover aired with a show based on a video-game titled "Yie Ar Kung Fu" starring Nigahiga's Sean Fujiyoshi as Oolong Murakami. Cosgrove did not reprise her role as the pink ninja girl, Star, due to voicing Mimi Li. Star was replaced by Pole in the crossover. The episode stated that she was sick.

The series ended with the episode "We Did It", a 60-minute episode in which they finally defeated Shu-Young.


  • George Lopez - Gomez Frijoles
  • Ryan Higa - Ramen Udon
  • Taylor Lautner - ShuYoung
  • Victoria Justice - Vicky Bravery (absent in Season 3-4)
  • Jenette McCurdy - Jenny McCurney
  • Nathan Kress - Newt Gigabyte
  • Miranda Cosgrove - Mimi Li
  • Antonio Banderas - Conbucos con Cohos
  • Jerry Trainor - Motorcai X500 V.5

Guest Cast

  • Sterling Knight - Poptropica the Genie: A 17,000 year old genie who was born in the Qin dynasty just like ShuYoung. He was rubbed by Gomez to give him three wishes. He is also a narcissus.
  • Jack Black - Rumplestilskin: An evil trickster who tricked Gomez to give him his powers in order to end evil but Rumplestilskin was evil all along.
  • Cole & Dylan Sprouse - Siamese Hipster Twins: Two conjoined twins who's design resembles to that of 1940s hipsters. The first half, Smork, has the personality of a bad boy while the second half, Griff, has the personality of a nerd.
  • Matthew Underwood - Shiv the Goblin: A mistakened creation that is the only monster not wanting to destroy the Japanese Fighting Force. Shiv is a goblin with a sarcastic nature and a negative attitude. He can generate laser beans with his hands.
  • Demi Lovato - Matchmaking Pixie: A pixie who does matchmaker for wanting couples.
  • Doug Brochu - The Frankenstein Monstruu: A mute Frankenstein monster who only grunts but only speaks when wearing a Universal Translator.
  • Hulk Hogan - Road Burn: Motorcai's long lost brother who is a monster truck.
  • Sean Fujiyoshi - Jajang Myeon the Warrior: A 17-year old Korean-Cuban warrior who is the rival and former friend of Ramen Udon. They used to b friends until Jajang lost at a fight during a contest. Jajang was always the competitive type. Their relationship is a pun of their voice actors' (Ryan and Sean) relationship as they both stared in a YouTube channel. His name is a parody of jajangmyeon, a Korean noodle dish.
  • Jeffrey Garcia - Speedy Josalez: An accelerating monster who is a parody of Speedy Gonzales.


  • Conbucos con Coros/Fernando Udon: Conbucos is the legendary warrior in all of feudal Japan. Born in the Mayans of Mexico, he married a Japanese geisha named Kyoko. Cobucos has the gift of all firey winds that was capable of defeating ShuYoung. But due to his maximum power, Conbucos mysteriously vanished. In the first season, video footages were brought to the gang to find out where Conbuco lives. That was dropped in the third season since the third season took place after the 30-minute theatrical film "Tokyo Terror: The Movie" which featured the gang finally meeting Conbucos. In the fifth season, it was revealed that Conbucos' real name was Fernando Udon and was Ramen and Gomez's long-lost father. He created the identidy Conbucos to not bring the past back to the future. He is voiced by Antonio Banderas.
  • Emperor Sashimi Qin/ShuYoung: The main antagonist of the series. ShuYoung used to be Emperor Sashimi Qin, the son of the first emperor of China, Emperor Qin. Sashimi was a kind ruler who brought piece upon feudal Japan. But then, a clumsy archer named Unadon Daizo has accidentally shot an arrow on Sashimi's head when trying to catch a deer. This effect have ripped the brain's connection with the vocal chords causing him to lose the ability to speak human language. The royal council of Tokyo has banished him out of the kingdom for muteness. But, since he was given the power of wizardry as a child, he used his power to drain all of Tokyo's energy to become the powerful demon. He is voiced by Taylor Lautner.
  • Gomez Alejandro Ricardio Frijoles: The main character in the series. Gomez is an orphaned 17-year old Mexican teenager who was born in Mexico who moved to Tokyo, Japan when he was a baby. He was trained by Conbucos and Ramen to become a full fledged warrior. He does not know much about his past until Ramen explained it to him. Gomez is the warrior of the Tyrannosaurs era who was gifted with the powers of the Tyrannosaurs Rex powers. His abilities are hyper blast, quick speed and powerful jaws grip. In the first season, Gomez' design resembled to that of a homeless person making it seemed like he was poor. But as the series progressed, his design had a more cleaner look and a shiny haircut meaning that he was cleaned up. Gomez is also part comedian where he makes wise crack jokes. Gomez is actually Ramen's long lost little brother who was thought to be dead by Conbucos after the fight between him and ShuYoung. Gomez is voiced by comedian, George Lopez.
  • Raimundo "Ramen" Udon: The leader of the Japanese Fighting Force. Ramen is a 22-year old Japanese-Mexican warrior who is Gomez' mentor and his guide. Ramen's personality is to be brave, courageous and careless. In the second season, he starts to make jokes probably due to being with Gomez all of the time. Ramen has no mystery of his father since the past time he remembers his youth was when he found Gomez on the doorstep and trained him. Ramen is the warrior of the Mammoth era who was gifted with the powers of the Mastodon skills and abilities.In the movie "Tokyo Terror: The Movie", it was revealed that he is Conbucos' son. Ramen's real name is Raimundo but changed his name because of his most grown Japanese culture. In the fifth season, he starts to have a crush on Vicky. He is voiced by YouTube celebrity, Ryan Higa of Nigahiga fame. His name parodies "ramen" a Japanese noodle dish and "udon" which means noodle in Japanese.
  • Victoria "Vicky" Bravery: A Latino-American girl who is a famous child actor from the movie "Action GO!". She lives in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States where she meets Gomez and Ramen. Vicky is a mighty kung fu warrior due to training in a taekwando club at high school. Vicky knows a little Japanese which Ramen responds as phony. She is the warrior of the Pterodactyl era who was gifted with the powers of the Pteranadon. Vicky has the main ability to fly and soar up to the sky. She is also a beautiful singer and she is best friends with Jenny McCurney. She is voiced by Victoria Justice who bears the same first name as her.
  • Jennifer "Jenny" Alexandra/McCurney: A Filipino-American tomboy who despises skirts and loves skateboarding. Her favorite sport is basketball. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio just like her best friend, Vicky Bravery. She is the warrior of the Saber-Tooth Tiger era and she has the powers of the Smilidon. She is voiced by Jenette McCurdy.
  • Mimi Laoshi Li: A Chinese violinist who made her first appearance in the second season. She became Gomez' love interest. Her weapon is a magical love archer which paralyzes the opponents. She can also speak Mandarin as revealed in an episode. She is the lost warrior of the Phoenix era and sports the powers of the Bird of Paradise. Her favorite color is pink. She is voiced by iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove.
  • Gnat Gigabite: A Vietnamese nerd who has in intrest in tecnology. He made his debut appearance in the second season along with Mimi. Gnat is somewhat the brains of the group, besides Ramen. He also loves making fun stories but is known for using a super-computer. He is the warrior of the Triceratops and was gifted the power of Triceratops powers. He is voiced by iCarly's Nathan Kress.

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