Tom's Story is a two part 7th, episode from T-o-s (CS). It was released on Febuary 8th, 2014.


Tim returns to Cartoon Town to perform some acrabatic moves he learned from his father.

The next day Tim re-returns to cartoon town after traveling for one night, what nobody knows is that Tim is actually Jade's son now Max has to admit that he defeated her in a battle 21 days ago.

By: Roc.


Tim performs some of his moves he learned from his father.

The next day Tim came back after traveling and hearing about Jade in one night.

Max admits the truth of Jade and so does Tom, so when Tim tells them that it's his birthday they go inside to celebrate.

By: Roc.


Puss in Boots as Tom (Charectar).

Woody as Lenny.

Big Show as Kyle.

Undertaker as Max.

Danny as Tim.

By: Roc.

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