Tom & Jerry's Great Escape
File:Tom and jerrys great escape.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Music by Verious
Release dates
June 16th, 2010 (USA)
Running time
110 Mins
Language English

Tom & Jerry's Great Escape is a 2010 fantasy comedy film featering the famous cat and mouse duo Tom & Jerry. It was released by Warner Brothers Studios, under the Touchstone banner and co-produced by Amblin Entertainment. The film combines the use of traditional animation and live action with elements of film noir. Tom & Jerry's Great Escape is set in 1964 America, where Tom & Jerry are heading to Hollywood to get way from the Police, after causeing an acident outside the Empire State Building. Characters from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Looney Tunes appear in film.



Tom's car in the film is a 1939 Ford V8 Convertible, six cars were used for the filming, a model was used for scenes when the real car couldn't be used, this is Tom & Jerry's main vehicle in the Tom & Jerry film series. Jerry's scaled-down convertible thats used in the film is also a 1939 Ford V8, two cars were made, one was remote controled, the outher one wasn't cars motorised, both cars were built to 1/8th scale. Butch's car in the film is a 1939 Horch 830. Spike's car in the film is a 1932 Ford Model B, wich is famous for being used as Hot Rods. Toodles' car is a 1954 Chevrolet Corvette. The Police cars in the film are 1958 Plymouth Furys, a total of twenty Furys were used as police cars, seven of them were replicas built on Ford Taurus chassis, the replica cars were destryed during filming, six of the Furys were re-grilled 1958 Dodge Coronets. Cheif Inspector Packard's car is a 1959 Caddilac Fleetwood 75, witch is famous for it's big fins. The car that Inspector Packard comendeers is a 1950 Lancia Aurelia GT.




  • When Tom & Jerry drive into the Truck Stop, a modern day Cadillac can be seen in the background.
  • During the scene at the Empire State Buiding, a modern day siren can be herd.


  • The song that Toodles is singing at the night club in Las Vagas is Everything Goes from the begining of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, also the dress that Toodles is wearing is based on the one that Kate Capshaw wore in the begining scene of the same film.
  • The Swastikas on Butch's Horch were edited out for the German Realise.

Tom & Jerry Refrence's

  • A red Jaguar XK140 can be seen outside the night club in Las Vagas, it could be a possible reference to the car from Tom & Jerry: The Movie.
  • The night club in Las Vagas that Tom and Jerry hide in is called Hanna-Barbera's, named after the duo's creators William Hanna and Joeseph Barbera.

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