Tom is a charectar in T-o-s (CS).

Name: Tom Ben Mason.

Born: Febiuary 6, 1981.

Age: (13).

Passion: Inspecting.

Shirt Color: Dark Green.


Tom (originally named John) is intrested in inspecting and finding footprings of dogs and cats.

Tom is also friendly and cares about his friends alot, he likes boys and girls.

By: Roc.


In T-o-s (CS) in the year 2007 on Febuary 12th, John found Max swimming from New Jersey and bought him in his fraternity house with Lenny, and Kyle. 8 years later 2014 Max went back in time to see when he got hurt by the frog and when he swam to Philidelphia and met John.

By: Roc.

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