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Thomas (Tom) Tipper is a postman featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series. He is busy carrying and delivering letters and parcels to people all over the Island in his little red mail van. He helps Thomas and Percy with the Mail Train by transferring parcels into the Sodor Mail Coaches, and then the engines take them to different stations. But one day his manager decided a van cost too much money, and he had to use a bike. After Percy accidentally ran over the bike, he literally "went postal", opening fire with a semi-automatic and mowing a crowd of passengers down before turning the gun on himself.

Tom Tipper only appeared in one story in Season 4, but his Mail Van has made many cameos in Season 5, 6, 7 and 8 Series. His van has also been made into an Ertl die-cast model.


Attention niels epting WARNING: You may add parodies. But, do NOT delete any. Complete parodies list

  1. Tom Tipper/Thomas
  2. Tom Tipper/TUGS
  3. Tom Tipper/Henry
  4. Tom Tipper/Byron
  5. Tom Tipper/Percy
  6. Tom Tipper/Percy (Terence/Harold) Version 2
  7. Tom Tipper/Rosie the Lavender Tank Engine and Friends Version 2
  8. Tom Tipper/Snow White
  9. Tom Tipper/Edward
  10. Tom Tipper/Gordon
  11. Tom Tipper/James
  12. Tom Tipper/Toby
  13. Tom Tipper/Hector
  14. Tom Tipper/Stephen Hatt
  15. Tom Tipper/Diesel 10
  16. Tom Tipper/Elizabeth
  17. Tom Tipper/Terence
  18. Tom Tipper/The Angry Policeman
  19. Tom Tipper/Harold
  20. Tom Tipper/Spencer
  21. Tom Tipper/Splatter
  22. Tom Tipper/Dodge
  23. Tom Tipper/Trevor
  24. Tom Tipper/Duck
  25. Tom Tipper/Bulgy
  26. Tom Tipper/D261
  27. Tom Tipper/Donald
  28. Tom Tipper/Douglas
  29. Tom Tipper/Murdoch
  30. Tom Tipper/Arry
  31. Tom Tipper/Bert
  32. Tom Tipper/Rusty
  33. Tom Tipper/Whiff
  34. Tom Tipper/Whiff (Douglas/Sunshine Version)
  35. Tom Tipper/Scruff
  36. Tom Tipper/Ned
  37. Tom Tipper/Sunshine
  38. Tom Tipper/The Little Engine That Could
  39. Tom Tipper/Grampus
  40. Tom Tipper/Max
  41. Tom Tipper/Monty
  42. Tom Tipper/Bulstrode
  43. Tom Tipper/Diesel 10
  44. Tom Tipper/Henrietta
  45. Tom Tipper/Princess Peach
  46. Tom Tipper/Puffa
  47. Tom Tipper/Warrior
  48. Tom Tipper/The Barber
  49. Tom Tipper/Mr. Bubbles
  50. Tom Tipper/Cyril The Fogman
  51. Tom Tipper/The Foreman
  52. Tom Tipper/Oliver
  53. Tom Tipper/Bill
  54. Tom Tipper/Ben
  55. Tom Tipper/Mavis
  56. Tom Tipper/Stepney
  57. Tom Tipper/Emily
  58. Tom Tipper/Bertie
  59. Tom Tipper/Salty
  60. Tom Tipper/Fergus
  61. Tom Tipper/Rheneas
  62. Tom Tipper/Sir Handel
  63. Tom Tipper/Peter Sam
  64. Tom Tipper/Duncan
  65. Tom Tipper/Duke
  66. Tom Tipper/Bertram
  67. Tom Tipper/Arthur (TTTE)
  68. Tom Tipper/George
  69. Tom Tipper/Spencer
  70. Tom Tipper/Harold
  71. Tom Tipper/Rosie
  72. Tom Tipper/Smudger
  73. Tom Tipper/Stanley
  74. Tom Tipper/Max
  75. Tom Tipper/Monty
  76. Tom Tipper/Isobella
  77. Tom Tipper/Nelson
  78. Tom Tipper/Patrick
  79. Tom Tipper/Buster the Steamroller
  80. Tom Tipper/Scruff
  81. Tom Tipper/Molly
  82. Tom Tipper/Belle
  83. Tom Tipper/Flora
  84. Tom Tipper/Den
  85. Tom Tipper/Dart
  86. Tom Tipper/Norman
  87. Tom Tipper/Paxton
  88. Tom Tipper/Madge
  89. Tom Tipper/Hiro
  90. Tom Tipper/Victor
  91. Tom Tipper/Kevin
  92. Tom Tipper/Neville
  93. Tom Tipper/Stephen
  94. Tom Tipper/Caitlin
  95. Tom Tipper/Connor
  96. Tom Tipper/Millie
  97. Tom Tipper/Gator
  98. Tom Tipper/Timothy
  99. Tom Tipper/Porter
  100. Tom Tipper/Marion
  101. Tom Tipper/Samson
  102. Tom Tipper/Gordon (Sunshine/Warrior Version)
  103. Tom Tipper/Hank (Lorry 1/Gordon (Sunshine/Warrior Version) Version)
  104. Tom Tipper/Doc (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) (Hello Kitty/Gordon (Sunshine/Warrior Version) Version)

Date of Birth

  • November 9, 1992


  • Tom Tipper's theme is The Narrow Gauge Engines Theme from Season 4.



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