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tomarmstrong14's Tom and Jerry Parody of T,JyE Rooke


Version 1

  • Tom the Cat as Jordan Rooke / Roofast Noop
  • Katnip the Cat as Courtney Brown
  • Robyn Starling as Nug, Emily Rooke and Emily Noop / Nug
  • Nubbles/Tuffy as Ogee Rooke
  • Mr. Grasping (Fievel - Partes 1234of4) as Dale Brown
  • Topo Mouse as Little Alice Rooke
  • Mr. Jinks as Skeletonman
  • Touch Cat as Clobman
  • the Cat 1 as PC Texas Pete
  • Hooded Claw as Antony Whiting
  • Jamie Ellison as Himself
  • Alex Vine as Himself
  • The Wildcat as Jamie Greenwood
  • Snooper as Diesel 10 Rookes
  • Donald and Douglas as Rachel Madge and Rachelle Thomas/Arthur and Guir Posts
  • Jerry the Mouse as Thomas Rooke
  • The Catgirl as Topsy Rooke - Twin Daughter of Jordan y Emily Rooke, Twin Niece of Thomas Rooke
  • Top Cat as Tim Rooke - Twin Son of Jordan y Emily Rooke, Twin Nephew of Thomas Rooke
  • Batfink as Billy Blizzard
  • Jordan (15) as Jack Frost
  • Sally the Witch's Cat as John Rookes
  • Skarloey as Jacob PARR
  • Sir Handle as Myron the Magician
  • Olivia the Beautiful Engine as Tess Bell
  • Peter Sam as Mr. Bollen
  • Mavis to David as Alice Rooke
  • Penelope Pitstop as Mrs. Bollen
  • Little Urpip as Herself
  • Duncan as Kabu
  • Molly as Mother Em Rooke
  • Rheneas as Aaron Parrs-Rookes
  • Freddie as Douglas "David" Rookes
  • Bill and Ben as Jeremy and Jemima Potts-Rooke
  • Rusty as Tom Brown, Hugo a GO-GO
  • MightyMac as el Jewel Thieves
  • BOCO as Jess Hollies Em, Urpgor's Father
  • Female Cat as Sally the Witch
  • Topsy Cat (Tom and Jerry) as Toad Rookes and Sgt. Blob
  • the Diesels as el All Dirty Villains
  • the Engines as el All Heroes
  • Arry and Bert as Marv and Joe
  • Splatter and Dodge as Slick and Rocky
  • Toby's Brothers as Big Rock
  • Lady as Wendy Darling-Rooke
  • Penny the Train as Hannah Byett
  • Jacob the Train as Chris Drary
  • Jordan the Rooke Engine as Peter
  • Thomas M. and Friends as Themselfs
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Kelly Fletcher School Teacher
  • Lady Hatt as Staisy from Thomas, Jordan y Emily Rooke
  • Mr. Percival as Howard Edward
  • Old Bailey as Mr. Parr
  • The Vicar as Mr. Rooke
  • Billy and Bertie as Batink and Sneezly
  • Zip Squirrel as Urpip's Father
  • Jeremiah Jobling as Emily - Urpgor's Mother
  • Stephen Hatt as Michael Darling-Rooke
  • Bridget Hatt as Miss Fenny
  • Farmer McColl as Mr. Rooke
  • Cyril the Fogman as John Darling-Rooke
  • Tom Tipper as King Arthur/Queen Guir Postwoman
  • Jem Cole as Spildit's Father
  • Toots as Mrs Rooke
  • Nancy as Urpip - Urpgor's Niece and Daugther of Urpip's Father
  • The Refreshment Lady as Spildit's Mother
  • The Angry Policeman as Captain Hook Policeman/Cindy Poilcewoman/Melody Jones Policewoman
  • The Barber as Roofast - Urpgor's Father
  • Miss Jenny as Wildit
  • Alicia Botti as Urpip's Mother
  • Dannichangirl the Engine as Lizzie Johnson
  • Mr. Hastings as Pildit's Father
  • Mrs. Hastings as Pildit's Mother
  • the T,JyE ROOKE Characters as the Thomas, Jordan y Emily Rooke Tank Engine and Friends Characters
  • Various Characters from Thomas and Friends as Various Characters from Thomas, Jordan y Emily Rooke

Version 2

  • Tom the Cat as Tim/Topsy
  • Jerry the Mouse as Jordan Rooke
  • Nubbles/Tuffy as Thomas Rooke
  • Tootles as Ogee Rooke
  • Jerry's Girlfriends as Emily Rooke
  • Toots as Mother Em Rooke
  • and More

Version 3

  • Tom the Cat as Thomas Rooke
  • Jerry the Mouse as Jordan Rooke
  • and More

Version 4

  • Tom the Cat as Dale Brown
  • Jerry the Mouse as Jordan Rooke
  • Nubbles/Tuffy as Thomas Rooke
  • Tootles as Emily Rooke
  • Jerry's Girlfriends as Ogee Rooke
  • and more

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