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Tom and Jerry: 2 Fast and 2 Furry is a 2010 animated made-for-video film starring the oscar-winning cat and mouse pair, Tom and Jerry. The subtitle is a parody of the hit Universal film, 2 Fast 2 Furious. It was released theatrically in select cites of the U.S. by Kidtoon Films.


"Second Fabulous Super Race" contestants

This table tells the characters, their cars, biography, finishing place, cause of elimination and how long they lasted in the race.

Character Car/s driven Car's Fate Reg. Number Description Finishing place Elimination Race duration Image of Car
Jerry, Nibbles & Tuffy White and Silver Plymouth Belvedere Still in one peace(Only car in the film not to be destroyed) JERY 11 39 A mouse who lives with his two nephews in Tom's house, who is always tried to get rid of by Tom. 1st Winner (Jerry is the only character to never get eliminated) Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres-Texas-Mexico-Washington-Detroit-Alaska-Hawai-Hollywood (Finish) 58PB4drSedan
Tom Red Dodge Charger Destroyed by passing train. TOM 22 13 A house cat, guarded with the task of getting rid of Jerry. 2nd Esaped death from being crushed by a train. Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres-Texas-Mexico-Washington-Detroit-Alaska-Hawai-Hollywood Dodge Charger R-T (Orange Julep)
Spike and Tyke Green Plymouth Barracuda Unknown. BAD DOGZ 66 A dog who is trying to teach his son the facts of life. 3rd Caught by the dog catcher in Honalulu Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres-Texas-Mexico-Washington-Detroit-Alaska-Hawai '74 Plymouth Cuda (Rigaud)
Butch Black "Mad Max" Ford Falcon Frozen in ice. BAD KITY 00 An ally cat that is trying to be better than both Tom and Jerry. 4th Frozen in ice in Alaska. Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres-Texas-Mexico-Washington-Detroit-Alaska 07. Mad Max Car at Silverton Hotel, Silverton, NSW, 07.07.2007
Toodles Blue Volkswagen Bettle Broke down CAT GIRL 29 A cat that Tom is always tring to impress. 5th Stranded at Detroit and continiued the race by train. Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres-Texas-Mexico-Washington-Detroit Volkswagen-New-Beetle-Convertible
Bruno Von Strangle Red Porsche 917 Sank in Lake Erie HITLER 17 A German driver who is very strong hence his name. 6th Eaten by a sea monster. Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres-Texas-Mexico-Washington-Detroit Porsche 917C
Big Daddy Burgundy Hudson Hornet Impounded AL 31 55 A Mob Boss who will do anything for mouney. 7th Arested by police Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres-Texas-Mexico-Washington Hudson Hornet 4-door burgundy
The Grim Reaper and his Nephews Black Cadillac Miller Meteor Herse Blown up DEATH 1 100 The lord of the underworld who has to tack his 3 neptews out to "Work" all the time. 8th Torn to bits by cayotes. Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres-Texas-Mexico DFVAC 1970s Cadillac Miller Meteor color
Austin James Silver Aston Martin DB5 Convertible Stolon by bandits. BRITISH 007 A britsh James Bond type driver. 9th Attacked by scorpions. Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres-Texas AMDB5VC
Roman De Pizza Red Maserati Ghibli Unknown. PIZZA12 66 An Italian Cook who has a love for pizzas. 10th Atracted by The Pizza Palace Restaurant. Hollywood-Las Vegas-Acme Acres Maserati Ghibli WOI 08
? Maroon Porsche 911 Unknown. RPM 911 45 ? 11th ? ? Classic911
? Red Ford Mustang Unknown. MUST 67 64 ? 12th ? ? 1972MustangMach1
? Blue Chevrolet Corvette Unknown. MPH 376 77 ? 13th ? ? CorvetteC3Coupélightblue
? White Chevrolet Camaro Unknown. BEE 202 89 ? 14th ? ? Camaro1
? Blue Ferrari Daytona Unknown. GTC 365 11 ? 15th ? ? SC06 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC 4
? White Lancia Stratos Unknown. LNA 437 49 ? 16th ? ? Lancia-Stratos-HF-Group-4-'
? Red De Tomaso Pantera Unknown. DTP 200 33 ? 17th ? ? De Tomaso Pantera Cortina
? White Nissan Fairlady Z Unknown. JAP 908 78 ? 18th ? ? JapaneseFairladyZ1970


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