David Peart Pictures Presented

David and Louds: The Movie


David Peart (Me) as Tom

Lincoln and his ten sisters (The Loud House) as Jerry

Kate Perksy (Grojband) as Robyn Starling

Bree Blackburn (The Wild Tronberry's Movie) as Aunt Figg

Solan Blackburn (The Wild Tronberrry's Movie) as Mr. Lickboot

Bob (Martha Speaks) as Ferdinand

Zach Varmitech (The Wild Kratts) as Dr. Applecheck

Steve and Joe (Blue's Clues) as Daddy Starling

Plory (I-Ready Working With Words) as Puggsy

Yoop (I-Ready Working With Words) as Frankie Da Flea

Stu Pickles ( Rugrats) as Captain Kiddie

Chuck (Angry Birds) as Squawk

Wario and Waluigi (Super Mario) as Starycatchers

Slinky (Toy Story) as Droopy Dog

Shrek as Patrolman

Coming Soon


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