1. max as aladdin
  2. roxsell as jamimel
  3. spongebob as genie
  4. the grand duke of owl as jafar
  5. pongo as the sultan
  6. lazlo as abu
  7. cyril as the magic carpet
  8. kahmunrah as razoul
  9. the toon patrol as razoul's gaurds
  10. samson as rajah
  11. quackers as iago
  12. tom as the peddler
  13. king leonidas as the cave of wonders
  14. mr.moseby as omar the apple seller
  15. leo & june as two hungry children
  16. duke as prince achmed
  17. quick draw mcgraw & snagglepuss as 2 men watching prince achmed
  18. shan-yu as farouk the apple seller
  19. plankton as gazeem
  20. raj as elephant abu
  21. mr.tinkles as old man jafar
  22. randall as snake jafar
  23. titan as genie jafar

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