Tom was The First and Last Emperor of the Blue Empire and also the strategist for blue Faction.


Early Days

By the time biographers turn their attention to the early lives of history's most prominent figures, such beings often become legends far removed from reality. Without question, this is true of Tom. He was hailed by many as a visionary who saved civilization, and damned by many more as a monster responsible for the worst crimes against civilization. For this reason, it is difficult—if not impossible—to conceive of a time when Tom was young or innocent. Too often did he affect an air of innocence to achieve his ends. Nonetheless, even Tom was but a child before he was a man, and just a man before he became the controversial legend.

The Origins Of Tom

Tom, like the other members of the 6, came to Yodaville from the unknown regions. However, Tom's history can be traced back further to a time before he arrived. It has been speculated that The 6 were not together outside Yodaville, but seperated by a greater power before they were bought to Yodaville. It is believed that Tom was alive before the 6, and studied under this greater power as an apprentice. He was then reborn, his memories pushed to the back of his head, and sent with his younger siblings to Yodaville.


It has always been guessed that Tom had something to do with the locals already situated in Yodaville, since they obeyed him without question during The Great Purge. This leads back to the time before, where he might have travalled to Yodaville and planted his loyal agents there ready for his grand scheme.

Whether this is the case or not, Tom gave no public acnolegement to the locals, and neither did they to him.

Whatever the case Tom arrived in Yodaville, was taken in by the Locals with the remainder of the 6 and lived in the Lowlands.

Blue Faction

The Rise Of Blue Faction

It is thought that Tom engineered Blue Faction since before the schism. Since Tom was the smartest its probably true that Tom made Lewis a puppet leader, through which he could control. Whilst Lewis began, making plans for war, Tom began work of the first phase of his plan. Using his authority as second in command of Blue Faction, he forced his underlings to construct the Happy Camps, the Y'ns Facility and his Palace, which would become infamous later.

Whilst he did this, the puppet Lewis, to his credit, never stopped pestering Tom for strategies. Tom absent-mindedly told Lewis to attack them mentally. Lewis led a series of skirmishes which angered the yodasists and proked them into a series of unco-ordinated attacks, easily reppeled, breaking them even more.

Vel Lellix and The Plague

Whilst Blue Faction did this, Tom sought out Vel Lellix, a famed bio-chemical engineer, to help him in his plans.


Tom secretly recruits Vel Lellix

Tom and Lellix set off to the Y'ns Facility situated on the fringes of the Mainland. There they developed a prototype of the Emperor's Plague. This couldn't kill yet, only enduce a fever and similar symptoms. Tom secretly poisoned Blue Faction with this to test it. It worked within minutes and all Blue Faction was ill.

Yodasist Offensive

Whilst this happened, another cog in Tom great scheme turned and the Yodasists launched a proper offensive on Blue faction. The campaign was the brainchild of Luke, one of the 6. The attacks were well planned, but Tom did not counter.

The rest of Blue Faction however, was recovering from the plague and began to set up a defense. Tom took notes on the time of recovery in various people as to wipe out potential flaws in the "finished product".

The yodasists could do no more damage, and Blue faction hadn't recovered to mount a second offensive and the war ground down into a stalemate.

The Final Days

His plan nearing completion, Tom took a back seat in things. Lewis called a vote for a truce, which was accepted by the majority. Lewis set off the next day to the Yodasists. It was then when Tom made his move. The Locals, secretly Clone Operatives, the predeccesors of the Emperors Hands, bound and gagged the yodasists taking them to the happy Camps. Tom seized control of Blue Faction, off lewis and founded the Blue Empire, with him as Emperor.

The Blue Empire


Tom moved into his Palace and gave a speech to the now disgruntled population of yodaville. However it didn't go down well, and riots ensured. Another cog turned. Tom, using a secret clone army made in the Y'ns Facility, killed dozens that day, frightening the population into submission. His rule was almost complete.

Former members of Blue faction found them selves in seats of power in the Blue Empire. Lewis and Dan as Head Executioner and Inquisitor respectivaly. Moff positions were made to control the various sectors of Yodaville, along with a grand moff.

Now with his power was complete, Tom began phase 2 of his Plan.

The Prophecy


One memory that stayed with Tom, from the time before, was what the Gret one had said to him:

"One day you shall rule as i do. Complete power. You will take an young apprentice, as i took you. However, you will wither and grow old, and she will betray you and seize your power out from under you, and finnaly kill you".

Tom set out to find the one who would overthrow him. He gathered all the young girls in Yodaville, putting them through tests until only one was left. That one was a girl called Luliya.


Tom took Luliya into his Palace to train her. She was an adept student, who could almost surpass him in knowledge within a few weeks. However Tom was getting older and Luliya was hungry for power.


Suddenly, The Blue Empire was split in two by a great schism. Lewis and Dan with half the Clone Troops rebbled against Tom. Luliya saw here chance and took control of this force. Tom ordered his clones to stand down. Luliya, flanked by Dan and Lewis, strode into Toms Palace and mercillesly killed him. The final cog had turned and phase 2 of Toms plan was complete.

Tom Reborn

The Blue Remant

Luliya consoidated her power, destroying, the Y'ns Facility and the happy camps. The yodasists set out to forge a new empire, though still bitter and nurtured a great hatred for The Blue Empire, now the Blue Remnant. Again the town was split in 2, the Yodasists taking back their former territory.

The hill district

What none knew was that Tom had constructed a final facility deep in the heart of the hill district. This was a Cloning Facility. Toms spirit fled back to a fresh clone body, where he could take revenge.

The prophet

Tom,in his new body, began to pursue a mysterious prophet, thought to be Luke a former yodasist and one of the 6. Tom captured him and toruted him, but he dissapeared. Tom then pursued him into the Unkown regions, where he killed him, absobing his talents.


Tom then recruited his former companions, notably Vel Lellix and Grand Marshal Mith'raw'uno. There he used templates from such individuals to create his clone army again. Tom and Vel then set about re-creating the Emperors Plague. This time, after many weeks hard work, it was perfected.

At this time, the Yodasists Remnant, led by Jonty, had attack The blue Remant, forcing it back to his fromer Palace. Tom, debated whether or not to assist, but eventually Luliya had repeled them, but had been mortally wounded.

Tom then set out to take back what was his.

End Game


Tom casually strolled into the Imperial Palace up to a stunned Luliya.

"Well done Luliya, you've been a great help" - Tom to Luliya.

Luliya begged for her life, but mercy was beyond Tom now. He killed her and sat back upon his throne. The last cog turned and it was over.


If Tom did one thing wrong it was that he thought he was invincible. He thought nothing could touch him now. However he underestimated the Yodasists. Jonty massed his army, ready for a final attack. First he overran the Cloning facility, destroying it. Then he launched a second attack on the Palace. Tom deployed all his forces in a defense, but an infiltrator, by the name of Jo'ny'tyn activated the Emperors Plague killing nearly all Toms army. Mith'raw'uno led a counter attack, killing Jonty personally before routing. Jo'ny'tyn, now revealed to be Jonty's daughter strode up to Tom and prepared to kill him. Tom however, utilising Lukes technique, dissapeared back to his master.

Mith'raw'uno and Vel Lellix among others, were sentenced to death for war crimes by the Yodasists.

Tom had been defeated, but even after a hundred years, some believe he will return once more to take back whats his.

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