Tommy Pickles is the titular protagonist of Nickelodeon's All Grown Up!, as well as being the love interest of Danielle LaMarche, the older brother of Dil Pickles and the cousin of Angelica Pickles. Voiced by Elizabeth Daily, he has purple hair and black eyes. In the first season, he wears a white and yellow long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and white shoes. In the second season, he wears a green and blue long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. At his age, he is 11 years old.


  1. Didi and Stu Pickles (Parents)
  2. Lulu and Lou Pickles (Grandparents)
  3. Dil Pickles (Younger Brother)
  4. Charlotte and Drew Pickles (Aunt and Uncle)
  5. Minka and Boris Kropotkin (Grandparents)
  6. Elaine and Ben Kropotkin (Aunt and Uncle)
  7. Angelica Pickles (Cousin)
  8. Spike (Pet Dog)
  9. Danielle LaMarche (Love Interest)


  1. Being radical to Danielle
  2. Feeling like a star
  3. Sharing his feelings for Dil


  1. The way 11-year-old Timmy McNulty bullies him
  2. Getting a fraud
  3. Losing his focus


  1. He was one of the first Klasky Csupo characters to ever appear.
  2. He has a crush on Danielle LaMarche, with Otto Rocket dating Ginger Foutley.
  3. His only brother is Dil Pickles
  4. Everyone knows he is 11, like Danielle.
  5. Rachel, the girl who broke up with him in All Broke Up, is one of his total crushes
  6. Angelica Pickles is his only cousin who is mean and devious.

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