• Tommy/Sulley
  • Chuckie/Mike
  • Dil/Boo
  • Kimi/Celia
  • Reptar/Waternoose
  • Angelica/Roz
  • Lil/Waxford
  • Phil/Child
  • Stu/Smitty
  • Didi/Needleman
  • Timmy/Randall
  • Charlotte/Charlie
  • Donkey (from Shrek)/Fungus
  • Shrek (from Shrek)/Mr Bile
  • Grandpa Lou/Ms Flint


"Oh, Reptar!" Tommy said.

"Tommy! Perfect timing," ordered Reptar.

"No, no, no, sir. You don't understand," said Tommy.

"Ah, now, show these pickles how it's done," said Reptar.

"What? No, no, no, I can't. Sir, sir, you have to lishten to me," Tommy ordered.

"Pay attention, everyone. You are about to see the best in the business, reset the simulator," said Reptar will then it reseted.

"But-but, sir!" Tommy replied, when lights goes off but it's dark.

"Good night, sweetheart," Betty said.

"Night, Mom," said Phil.

"Na-na!" said Dil.

"No, Dil, wait up!" said Chuckie.

"Now, give usa big, loud roar," said Reptar.

"Reptar, we don't have time for this," said Tommy.

"Come on, come on. What are you waiting for? Roar!" ordered Reptar.

"But-but-but, sir!" asked Tommy.

"Roar, darn it!" said Reptar then begins to shake with Susie, "And this is a roar like you can scare her!"

Susie yelped will be shaken. Then Tommy sighed it's surrender will be no choice, then starts to roar, and about a couple of seconds later, Phil screams too. However, Dil frightened was whimpers gets exclaimed to hide up will end up crying by scream by the progress, but Tommy was finish the roar, but Dil runs away. He hears Dil cries. Did you see the Phil will wake up gets accident? However, the students clapped to finished the simulation, "Well done. Well done, Tommy!" said Reptar.

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