Tommy Tree is an "Anti-Hero" voiced by indie rocker James Cronin. He's used in many hard-rock or metal-like songs, and will be in Cronin's new side project, The Great City, with Danny Cooksey and Corey Duran.

Tommy Tree is a firey anti-hero tree demon of some sort, that mostly lingers around small or "small-thinking" children and teens in hopes of messing with their minds. Tommy Tree is also known for singing alot about the end of the world, thus making him a little emo. As a "person" Tommy is mostly seen as a pained soul. Tommy Tree "tree-mail" is He also leads the army of FIST.

As a voice Tommy Tree's music is mostly a showstopper, adding hard rock ballads to any show. The only known Tommy Tree songs so far are Walk Away, Can't Heal You, Never Enought, Crossing Over, and Meet The Monster. The last song is up only at Tommy Tree's fansite,

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