Tony Geiss
is a producer, staff writer, executive producer and songwriter of Sesame Street, Madeline and related productions, he teams up with Judy Freudberg. Geiss conceptualized the Honkers (based on his own childhood habit of honking noses), Abby Cadabby and Ken Strawberry.

Geiss' early TV career was spend in London scripting The David Frost Show and first joined Children's Television Workshop as a writer on the health series Feelin' Good. He also scripted television specials and revues for the likes of Dick Cavett and Bill Cosby. In the 1980s, after scripting Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird as his cinematic debut, Geiss and Freudberg co-wrote the Academy Award-winning Don Bluth Animated features An American Tail and The Land Before Time. Freudberg and Geiss also wrote the Screenplay for Madeline: Lost in Paris, again with Don Bluth. They won Academy Award categories include Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Original Song and Best Picture, his first Academy Award was for Don't Eat the Pictures. He is also credited as head writer of for several Sesame Street home videos and Madeline.

His Father Anthony Geiss was a painter and an animator, while his Mother Marjorie Thirer was a press agent and Composer. Geiss grew up in Greenwich Village, spending two years as a rardar technician for the US Navy, before attending Cornell University from 1943 to 1946. He began acting in theater productions in his freshman years. His Wife Phyllis Eisen was met on Campus. They gave birth to 12 Children, 6 Girls and 6 Boys. He began writing at Disney in Movies like Song of the South, Lady and the Tramp, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland. He also began composing and songwriting in Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins and Lady and the Tramp.

He is one of the Entertainers to win all four major Entertainment Awards and follows the footsteps of Jim Henson, Walt Disney, D.B. Sweeney, Judy Freudberg and many others.




  • All i want for Christmas is you
  • After all
  • Alone in a Swamp
  • Abraham's Song
  • At the Bus Stop Sign
  • America is a beautiful Country
  • Baby, you're so smart
  • Big Brass Band
  • The Boogie Woogie Piggies
  • Broken and Beautiful
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Bunnies and Fur
  • Be a helpful Person
  • Caribbean Air
  • Can you help me?
  • Come into my shoulder
  • Counting Bayou Fives
  • Crying for you Genevieve
  • Cycling right through the Street
  • Different People, Different Ways
  • Disco D
  • Doing the Penguin
  • Don't eat the Pictures
  • Don't Give up
  • Earth, Rain and Mud
  • Even a small thing can make a Big Difference sometimes
  • Eight Fur Balls
  • Elmo's Song
  • Elmo and Cookie Monster's Laments
  • Elmo's World Theme Song
  • Elmo can Fly
  • Fixin' my Hair
  • The Frogs in the Glen
  • Frog of the Year
  • Genevieve's Song
  • Gingerbread
  • Give your Friend an Easter Egg for Chrstmas
  • Going to Kyoto
  • Goodbye, Little Cookie
  • Goodness me
  • Good Morning, Mister Sun
  • Great Big Beautiful World
  • The Grouch's Lullaby
  • Grover Work Song
  • Growing out of it
  • Harvey Kneeslapper's Wits and Wisecracks
  • Homesick
  • Honk around the Clock
  • Hopping around like a Jack Rabbit
  • I don't wanna be a Prince
  • I gotta be clean
  • I want to be your Friend
  • II Alphabetto
  • I am the remaining Tigger left in the World
  • It's all right to cry
  • It's Christmas Again
  • I'm proud to be a Cow
  • Keep the Park clean for the Pigeons
  • Kids with Wings
  • Koppiling Terry the Blubber
  • Lambaba
  • Lard isn't a good word
  • Madeline's Regretful Song
  • Madeline's Song
  • Make yourself Laugh
  • Mr. Roing's Song
  • Mr. Sclomper's Song
  • Mr. Zoingpler's Song
  • My Best Friend
  • My Furry Little Shadow
  • One Thing leads to another
  • Pasta
  • Patrick's Jokes
  • Pepito's Song
  • Pigeon
  • Pigeons on Parade
  • Poking is terrible
  • Pollution and Greed are horrible
  • Prehistoric Times with the Dinosaurs
  • Quack, Quack goes the Duck
  • Quotes
  • Roller Coaster
  • Rollicking Cowboys
  • Reach Your Hand Up High
  • Read me a Story
  • Sing After Me
  • Sixteen Samba
  • The Snozzwonglers
  • Song of Two
  • Take care of that Smile
  • Terry the Blubber's Funny Jokes
  • That's what Friend are for
  • The Greatest Motion Picture in the World
  • The Most Important Meal of the Day
  • There's a big heap of Trash at the end of the Rainbow
  • Thinking of U
  • Three sides now
  • The Things i love
  • The Transylvania Polka
  • The Vampires of Sesame Street
  • Waitin' at the Bus Stop for you
  • Walkin' down the Street
  • We are all Monsters
  • We Coulda
  • What a Gift
  • When Baby moves in, Dogs move out
  • When i Listen
  • Wonderful Me
  • You Malignant Sow
  • You are my Special Child



  • The Count Counts a Party
  • Elmo Saves Christmas
  • The Four Seasons
  • Honk if you like the Honkers
  • In a House you live in
  • Ken Strawberry moves to Sesame Street
  • Lots of Dogs
  • Madeline and the Craving Train
  • Madeline in Canada
  • Madeline sees a fantastic sight
  • The Sesame Street Bedtime Storybook
  • The Sesame Street Treasury Volume 4
  • The Songs of Sesame Street in Poems and Pictures
  • Susan and Gordon adopt a Baby
  • Terry the Blubber meets a Stranger
  • Terry the Blubber and the Time Machine
  • Terry the Blubber in New York City
  • Vegetable Soup

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