Toon-Town Road Rage


As George & Vinnie looked a new car. As the classic cartoon characters like to joined it. When, Dr. Ivo Robotnik was going to rule the drive.

Playable Characters

  • George Goodlake

Vinnie Gill, Mario, Luigi, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pingu, Tom & Jerry (together), Ren, Stimpy, Zim, Gir (with dog suit), Rocko, Ickis, Ed, Edd & Eddy (together), Courage, Ben Wilson (unlockable), Jayen Shukla (unlockable), Radu (unlockable), Yoshi (unlockable), Wario (unlcokable), Shadow the Hedgehog (unlockable), Scratch & Grounder (unlcokable), Robby the Seal (unlockable), Pingu's Dad (unlockable), Prince (unlockable), Droopy (unlockable), Dib (unlockable), Heffer Wolfe (unlockable), Oblina (unlockable), Krumm (unlockable), Kevin (unlockable), Eustace (unlockable), Dangermouse (unlockable), Count Duckula (unlockable), Bugs Bunny (unlockable), Daffy Duck (unlockable), (with Duck Dodgers suit), Porky Pig (unlockable) (console exclusive), Marvin the Martian (unlockable), The Gromble (unlockable), The Warners (Yakko, Wakko and Dot together) (unlockable) (console exclusive), The Bunnies (Babs and Buster together) (unlockable) (console exclusive), Plucky Duck (unlockable) (console exclusive), Pinky and Brain (together) (unlockable), Cow & Chicken (together) (unlockable), The Red Guy (unlockable), I.M Weasel (unlockable), I.R Baboon (unlockable), Inspector Gadget (unlcokable), Fred Flintstone (unlockable), Barney Rubble (unlockable), Hong Kong Phooey (unlockable), Mean Machine (Dastardly and Muttley together) (unlockable), Fireman Sam and Elvis Criddlington (together) (unlockable), Garfield (unlockable), Odie the Dog (unlockable), Jon Arkbuckle (unlockable),

Evil George (unlockable) (console exclusive)

Dr. Ivo Robotnik (unlockable) (DS exclusive)

  • Halloween Zim (only unlocks on Octobor 31st)
  • Thanksgiving Stimpy (only unlocks on November 22nd)
  • Christmas George (only unlocks on December 25th)
  • New Year Mario (only unlocks on January 1st)
  • Valentine Rocko (only unlocks on Feburary 14th)
  • Easter Gir (only unlocks on April 1st)

Non-playable characters (only passengers only)

Harry Chittiden, Jagdish Gill, Andrew Hsieh, Peter O' Donnell, Zion Allam, Princess Peach, Toad, Waluigi, Mails "Tails" Prower, Knuckles Echina, Chris (from "Sonic X"), Princess Sally, Antoine, Rotor the Warlus, Pinga, Pingu's Mom, Pingu's Grandfather, Pingo, Pingg, Punki, Pingu (with green skin), Spike, Tyke, Butch, Nibbles, Alley-cat 1, Alley-cat 2, Spike (from "Droopy"), Sven Hoek, Spunky, Filburt, Gaz, The Almighty Tallest, Professor Mermabade, Rolf, Sarah, Jimmy, Nazz, Johnny 2x4, Muriel, Asian kid, Penfold, Nanny, Igor, Dr. Von Goosewing,&nbsp Sylvester, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Dr. Otto Scratchinsniff, Montana Max, Hamton Pig, Elymra Duff, Furball, Penny, Brain, Chief Quimby,Flem, Earl, Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble, Mr. Slint, Klunk, Zilly, Norman Price, Nermal, Squeak.


  • 50 Midhurst Road
  • Mushroom Kingdom (unlockable)
  • South Pole (unlockable)
  • Nick City (unlockable)
  • WB university (unlockable)
  • Toon-Town (like Sonic the Hedgehog, Invader Zim and Ed, Edd n' Eddy) (DS exclusive)


  1. Eustace's Paper Shredder
  2. Stimpy on the Run (Play as Rocko)
  3. Vinnie's Rage
  4. Baboon's Driving Test
  5. Kevin's Day Off
  6. Kung-Fu Driving (Play as Hong Kong Phooey)
  7. Save the Planet IRK (Play as Zim) (Passenger: Antoine)
  8. There's an Alien on the road!!! (Play as Dib)
  9. Robby's Escape (Rescue Pingu)
  10. Tacos Rain (Play as Gir) (DS exclusive)
  11. Luigi's Taxi (Passenger: Heffer) (DS exclusive)
  12. Take a Scare (Play as Ickis) (Passenger: The Gromble) (DS exclusive)
  13. Edd's Challenge (DS exclusive)
  14. Ren, Destroyer of Evil!!! (DS exclusive)
  15. Wario's fine day (DS exclusive)
  16. Robotnik's Arena (Play as George) (Unlock Evil George (Wii) and Robotnik (DS))

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