1. Catscratch WBRB
  2. Fridays 'Neat Freak' Promo
  3. ToonTV Throwback Saturday promo
  4. Invader Zim-athon 'Next' Promo
  5. Up Next: Miraculous Ladybug, Catscratch, The X's & Spongebob
  6. Catscratch NBTTS
  7. Catscratch Credits
  8. ToonTV Zim Bumper
  9. Ladybug WBRB
  10. The X's Wednesday promo
  11. Ladybug NBTTS
  12. Catscratch Bumper 'Newts'
  13. Catscratch WBRB
  14. Danny Phantom Thursday promo
  15. Aftertoons Show promo
  16. Catscratch NBTTS

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