These are Toonpets.

The Muppets

Kermit-Noddy (Noddy)

Miss Piggy-Tessie Bear (Say It with Noddy!)

Fozzie Bear-The Cat in The Hat

Gonzo-Pinky (Animaniacs)

Animal-Insectosaurus (Monsters vs. Aliens)

Rowlf-Chris Griffin (Family Guy)

Dr. Teeth-Mr. Plod (Noddy)

Floyd-Riff (Barney)

Janice-Baby Bop (Barney)

Zoot-BJ (Barney)

Rizzo the Rat-Brain (Animaniacs)

Pepe-Sunshine (TUGS)

Scooter-Roger (American Dad)

Sam the Eagle-Shadow The Hedgehog (Sonic X)

Swedish Chef-David (Arthur Season 5-8)

Camilla-Mrs. Puff (Sponge Bob)

Crazy Harray-Mr. Noisy (Mr. Men Books)

Lew Zealand-Yoshi (Mario Party 8)

Marvin Suggs-Cuddles (Happy Tree Friends)

Beauregard-Mr. Forgetful (Mr. Men)

Mahna Mahna-Heat Miser (The Year Without a Santa Claus)

Snowths-Annie and Clarabel (Thomas)

Newsman-Mr. Bump (Mr. Men)

Lubbock Lou-Quick Draw McGraw

Zeke-Yosemite Sam (Looney Toons)

Gramps-Mr. Grumpy (Mr. Men)

Clifford-Reggie (Archie)

Bobo the Bear-Homer (Simpsons Movie)

Dr. Phil Van Neuter-The Smoke (Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue!)

Johnny Fiama-Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

Sal-Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong)

Pops-Yoda (Star Wars)

Walter-SpongeBob SquarePants

80's Robot-Funnybot (South Park)

Muppets Tonight Band-Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat (Homestar Runner)

Sweetums-The Heavy (Team Fortress)

Sesame Street Series Parody

Big Bird-King Julien (Madagascar)

Snuffleupagus-Owen (Total Drama Series)

Grover-Ben 10 (Ben 10 Alien Force)

Bert-Grumpy (Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs)

Ernie-Noddy (Make Way For Noddy!) or Mr. Silly (Mr. Men Books) (It's both of them or one at a time or one or the other)

Elmo-Mr. Happy (Mr. Men Show)

Cookie Monster-Ron (PPP)

Oscar the Grouch-Heat Miser (The Year Without A Santa Clause)

Telly Monster-Mr. Worry (Mr. Men)

Baby Bear-Fozzie Bear (Muppets)

The Count-Wignut (Oopsy Does It)

Zoe-Blossom (PPG)

Herry-Mr. Clumsy (MMS)

Guy Smiley-Louis The Trumpet (RJJ)

Frazzle-Shrieky (Care Bears)

Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats-Cool Tapes (HR)

Little Jerry-Michigan J Frog (LT)

Chrissy-Jack (Jack's Big Music Show)

Rockin' Richard-Sherman (PnF)

Big Jeffy-Droopy (Droopy)

Don Music-Squidward (SBSP)

Farley-Jangle (TYWASC)

Fraggles Rock Parody

Gobo-Flapjack (TMMOF)

Mokey-Miss Shy (Mr. Men Show)

Wembley-Chowder (Chowder)

Boober-Mr. Lazy (TMMS)

Red-Sandy Cheeks (SpongeBob)

Doc-Toby (TnF)

Sprocket-Pluto (Mickey Mouse)

Doozers-Smurfs (Smurfs)

Pa Gorg-Mr. Grumble (TMMS)

Ma Gorg-Candace (PnF)

Junior Gorg-Mr. Topsy-Turvy (MMS)

Trash Heap-Little Miss Wise (Mr. Men)

Philo-Lammy (HTF)

Gunge-Mr. Pickles (HTF)

Minstrels-The Bettys (P&F)

Pipebangers-Mother Nature's Family (AMBC)

The Muppet Movies

The Muppet Movie

Doc Hopper-Strong Bad (HSR)

Snake Walker-The Grinch (How The Grinch Stole Christmas! Books)

Fisherman-Gargamel and Azrael (Smurf Shows)

El Sleazo Piano Player-Mr. Grumpy (MMS)

Army-Big Bird, Elmo and Count (SS)

El Sleazo Cafe Customers-Harry, Hermione, Snape, Ron, Dumbledore and Voldemort (HP) --with Cedric as extra--

Boss of Theatre-Mr. Rude (MMS)

Mad Man Mooney-Scratchansniff (Animaniacs)

The Great Muppet Caper Spoof

Paper Man-Grumpy Bear (ODI)

Jugband-Feeble 5 (Garfield)

Bus Conductor-Voldimort (HP)

No Pizza Guy-Mr. Mean (TMMS)

Follow that Bird Spoof

Sleaze Brothers-Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small (MMS)

Dodo Family-Flynn Fletcher family (PAF)

Miss Finch-Little Miss Trouble (MMS)

The Muppets Take Manhattan Spoof

Pete-Mr. Fussy (Mr. Men)

Priministor-Mr. Cleric (HR)

=== TMCC Parody

(No Other Mr. Men than Misters Grumpy and Funny)===

Mr. Applegate-Mr. Worry (Mr. Men Show)

Ghost of Christmas Past-Buttercup (PPG)

Ghost of Christmas Present-Mr. Greedy (MMS)

Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come-Grim (Billy & Mandy)

Scrooge-Mr. Grumpy (MMS)

More to Come!!

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