Adult Simba (from the lion king) as Woody

Tigger (from winnie the pooh) as Buzz Lightyear

Adult Nala (from the lion king) as Jessie

Perry the Platypus (from phineas and ferb) as Bullseye

Candace Flynn (from phineas and ferb) as Mr Potato Head

Jeremy (from phineas and ferb) as Mrs. Potato Head

Mr Krabs (from spongebob as Hamm

Rabbit (from winnie the pooh) as Slinky Dog

Eeyore (from winnie the pooh) as Rex

Young Simba (from the lion king) as The Aleins

Patrick Star (from spongebob) as Sarge

Scar (from the lion king) as Lotso

Bugs Bunny (from looney tunes) as Chuckles

Sylvester (from looney tunes) as Stretch

Shifu (from kung fu panda) as Buttercup

Sonic (from sonic) as Pr. PricklePants

Kessie (from winnie the pooh) as Kessie

Roo (from winnie the pooh) as Peas-in-a-Pot

Daffy Duck (from looney tunes) as Twitch

Pepe Le Pew (from looney tunes) as the BookWorm

Porky Pig (from looney tunes) as Cuck

Daisy Duck (from mickey mouse) as Barbie

Donald Duck (from mikckey mouse) as Ken

Po (from kung fu panda) as Adult Andy

Sulley (from monsters inc) as Andy

Tigress (from kung fu panda) as Andy's Mom

Kiara (from the lion king) as Molly

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