Harry Potter-Jim Hawkins

Postman Pat-The Great Gonzo The Whatever

Mr. Pickles-Rizzo

Baby Waluigi-Long John Silver

Panic-Mr. Arrow

Mr. Worry-Beeker

Mr. Fussy-Dr. Livesey

Top Cat-Fozzie

Mr. Tall-Captain Smollett

Widget-Miss Piggy

Barney The Dinosaur-Sweetums

Tails The Fox-Polly Lobster

Fuzzy Lumpkins-Clueless Morgan

Plankton-Mad Monty

Heat Miser-Spa'am The Boar

Squid and Frog, Binky Barnes, Mr. Grumpy-Band

Eugene Krabs-Billy Bones

Snow Miser-Blind Pew

Dogbert-Black Dog

The Knight, The Hornblower, The Poopsmith, The Blacksmith, The King Of Town-Boars

Pear, Grapefruit, Marshmallow, Passion Fruit, Tomato, Mango, Zoom-Trick-Or-Treating Pirates

Chuck Vanderchuck's Band, Raggs Kids Club Band, Carpe Diem Guys, Mr. Noisy-Hispanola Pirates

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