Toot the Tiny Tugboat is a children's TV series which airs onCartoonito & Channel 5. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE SONG
Toot the Tiny Tugboat Logo


Toot -  A Yellow Orange & Gray Helpful Tugboat Who Can Get Into Trouble Sometimes

Paula - A Green And White Trawler Who Is Adorable And A Best Friend Of Toot

Sasha - A Black Submarine Who Is Scared Of Monsters She Has 3 Eyes

Blue Claw - A Blue Crab Who Is Very Devious And Villainous

Marge - A Purple And Orange Barge/Slender Boat Who Is Best Friends With Wayne

Pop - A Red & Gray Ocean Liner

Gus - A Seagull Who Works For Blue Claw

Bethan - Caleb's Twin

Caleb - Bethan's Twin

Hattie - A Cheeky Hovercraft Who Loves Playing pranks

Bryan - A Blue & White Ferry Who Can Be Grumpy Atimes

Rover - A Gray Cat

Harbour Master - The Harbour Master

H.P. - A Red & White Speedboat

Ol' Graham - A Brown Galleon


Toot the Tiny Tugboat/Thomas

Toot the Tiny Tugboat/Tayo

Toot the Tiny Tugboat/Dream Street


Watch Video

Toot The Tiny Tugboat Theme Tune and Trailer01:38

Toot The Tiny Tugboat Theme Tune and Trailer


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