In my expirence with being on Futurama fan message boards, some fans when they cast the Futurama characters in movies and whatnot, Fry is always casted as a main character albeit a tough male heroic character. and Leela is always casted as a girl even though the girl character is wimpy and gets nabbed. Also, when Leela gets casted as a character like this, the damsel in distress people make her be is absolutely nothing like her whatsoever! Leela also gets casted as a bad girl character, too or someone bossy. And Bender is always casted as a villain. Some even cast Leela as an abused character or a whiny girl. In this list, I will use TV Shows, movies from all genres, books, video games, and even cartoons. So anyway, here's a list of characters Leela should never be casted as:

1. Princess Toadstool (from Super Mario Bros.)

2. Princess Bubblegum (from Adventure TIme)

3. Princess Zelda

4. Sora Takenouchi (from Digimon)

5. Jesse (from Pokemon)

6. Amy Rose, Cream The Rabbit, Snively, or Rouge (all from Sonic)

7. Connie Swail (from the Dragnet movie)

8. Jessica the prostitute (from Kiss Of the Dragon)

9. Chon Lin (from Shaghai Knights)

10. Mallory Knox (from Natural Born Killers)

11. Jenny (from Forrest Gump)

12. Alison Page (from Beverly Hills Ninja)

13. Penny (from Inspector Gadget)

14. Meg Griffin (from Family Guy)

15. Janet (from Bride of the Monster)

16. Kim (from Taken) 

17. Lois Lane (from Superman)

18. Mary Jane (from Spider Man)

19. Olive Oyl (from Popeye)

20. Filbert (from Rocko's Modern Life)

21. Rebecca (from Ivanhoe)

22. Sookie Stackhouse (from True Blood)

23. Justice (from Jay and SIlent Bob Strike Back)

24. Didi Hill (from King of the Hill)

25. April O'Neal (from TMNT)

26. Princess Pei Pei (from Shanghai Noon)

27. Princess Daphne (from Dragon's Lair)

28. May (from those Jackie Chan Police Story movies)

29. Amber (from Grabbed By The Ghoulies)

30. Keiko Nishi (from a Mark Wahlberg movie called "The Big Hit")

31. Felicia Alpine (from S*x Drive)

32. Vanessa Fait (from Cradle 2 The Grave)

33. Bella Swan (from Twilight) Million times NO!

34. Wendy (from Peter Pan) 

35. Princess Whatsername (from Earthworm Jim)

36. Jenny (the 'poor little rich girl' from Oliver and Company)

37. Wenna (from The Time Machine)

38. Sylvia (from War of the Worlds)

39. Vanessa Kensington (from Austin Powers)

40 Tess Truehart or Breathless Mahoney (from Dick Tracy: The one with Madonna and Warren Beatty)

41. Esther Bloomenbergensteinenthal (from The Hebrew Hammer) Comedy Central showed this movie once.

42. Domino Petachi (from Never Say Never Again)

43. Elaine (from Romancing the Stone)

44. Willie Scott (from Temple of Doom)

45. Misty (from Pokemon)

46. Isabelle (from Jack the Giant Slayer)

47. Connie Cunaman (from Brickleberry)

48. Josie Gellar (from Never Been Kissed)

49. Connie Corleone (from The Godfather)

50. Deborah Gelly (from Once Upon a Time In America)

51. James Conway O'Donnell (also from Once Upon a Time in America)

52. Kate Balfour (from the NBC show Crossbones)

53. Jane Spencer (from those Naked Gun Movies)

54. Mina (from Penny Dreadful)

55. Gracie Law (from Big Trouble In Little China)

56. Baby (from Lone Star State of Mind)

57. Sandy Lake (from the movie called Poor White Trash)

58. Kristen Newman (from Wilfred)
59. Princess Prin Prin (from Ghosts and Goblins)

60. Miranda Keyes (from Halo)

61. Dotty (from The Hunter. Steve McQueen's last movie)

62. Hilda or Helga (from Hogan's Hoeroes. They worked for Nazis, need I say more?)

63. Captain Parmanter (from F. Troop)

64. Adrian or Apollo Creed (both from the Rocky movies)

65. The German woman from The Dirty Dozen. (She was killed by Telly Savalas)

66. Butterbear (from The Wuzzles)

67. Pearl (from Spongebob Squarepants)

68. Betty (from Dario Argento's Opera)

69. Suzy (from Dario Argento's Suspiria)

70. Jennifer Hills (from I Spit On Your Grave)

71. Princess Savina (from The Smurfs)

72. Elizabeth Swan (from Pirates of the Carribean)

73. Anna Valerious (from Van Helsing)

74. Maid Marian (from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves)

75. Kayla (from Fighthing Foodons)

76. Toni Johnson (from the movie Chasers)

77. Smurfette

78. Audrey Raines (from 24)

79. Dawn Wiener (from Welcome To the Dollhouse)

80. Holly or Pixie (from Monster Rancher)

81. Natasha Fatale (from Rocky and Bullwinkle)

82. Alex Walker (from Walker Texas Ranger)

83. Carol Kersey (from Death Wish)

84. Princess Jenha (from Conan The Destroyer)

85. Pat Stevens (from Paul, she was the female FBI agent)

86. Snow White or Malicifent

87. Princess Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty)

88. Sonya Blade (from the 1995 Motral Kombat movie)

89. Colleen (from Jim Henson's Dog City) 

90. Mokey Fraggle or Cotterpin Doozer (both from Fraggle Rock)

91. Samantha Reynolds (from The Creepy Crawlers cartoon)

92. Dr. Ghastly (from Evil Con Carne)

93. Mandy (from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

94. Tina Carlyle (from The Mask)

95. Judith (from Saving Silverman)

96. Maggie Fitzgerald (from Million Dollar Baby)

97. Tea Garnder or Sabrina (both from Yu-Gi-Oh)

98. Julie Winters (from The Maxx, an old MTV cartoon)

99. Cersei Lannister (from Game of Thrones)

100. Penelope Pitstop (from Wackey Races)

101. Fiona Glenanne (from Burn Notice)

102. Princess Buttercup (from The Princess Bride, she may have been a butt-kicker, but she got kidnapped anyway)

103. Sweet Polly Purebread (from Underdog)

104. Pearl Pureheart (from Mighty Mouse)

105. Beth (from The Walking Dead)

106. Skylar White (from Breaking Bad)

107. Krystal (from Starfox)

108. Vicky Vallencourt (from The Waterboy)

109. Marge or Lisa Simpson

110. Kayleigh Miller (from The Butterfly Effect)

111. Chyna Shepard (from Dean Koontz Intensity)

112. Bridget Callum (from Leprechaun 2)

113. Don Willis (from House of 1000 Corpses)

114. Carol Ann (from To Wong Fu, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar)

115. Nova (From Planet of The Apes)

116. Eric Von Zipper (From Beach Blanket Bingo)

117. Beverly Switzler (from Howard the Duck)

118. Cleo (from Heathcliff)

119. Any female trucker from BJ and the Bear or Daisy Duke. 

120. Lucy Edwards (from The Searchers, a 1956 John Wayne movie)

121. Princess Azuria (from Teddy the Ruxpin cartoon)

122. Maggie Hayward (from Point of No Return)

123. Cat (from the 1995 Casper movie)

124. Carla (from Kidd Video)

125. Mystery Woman (from The Blues Brothers) She was a murdering psychopath, need I say more?

126. Elvira Hancock (From Scarface)

127. Juliet (from Psych)

128. Joy Turner (from My Name is Earl)

129. Scout (from To Kill A Mockingbird)

130. Princess Lana or Mother Brain (both from Captain N The Game Master)

Honorable mentions:

Annabelle (from Eek! The Cat)

Spot (From the 101 Dalmations cartoon)

Paulina Escobar (From Death And The Maiden)

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