Top Hat's Horrid Day is a Episode from Thomas and TUGS.


  • Thomas
  • Top Hat
  • Sunshine
  • Lille Lightship
  • Johnny Cuba
  • Frank and Eddie
  • Captin Star
  • Puffa (Cameo)

Story So Far

Top Hat is A Bossy Tugboat. He is Not Evil. He's Just Bossy. One Day He Arrived At Bremden Docks. While Thomas was Waiting. Hello Top Hat said Thomas. Hello said Top Hat. You Have a Hat and Your Name on Your Black Tugwood is TOP HAT. Top Hat was happy. He should had Rembered This. He Got Rid of Sunday on His Other Morning. And One Day He Went Back to The Bigg City Port. Then He Went To Sleep. He Next Morning Top Hat was Awake. Then Captin Star arrived. Wake up Top Hat he said. It's time to see Thomas Again. Top Hat was Worried. I think Thomas is So Useful. No One should hate him. I know Top Hat said Captin Star. And He Went To His House. Top Hat talked to Sunshine. Sunshine he said. Will you help Me see Thomas. Yes Top Hat said Sunshine. Top Hat was Happy. That Afternoon Top Hat was Tried. He was Sleeping at Bremden Docks. Thomas saw that Top Hat was Sleeping at Bremden Docks. Thomas has to Collect Trucks from The Shunting Yard. And Off He Went. Thomas was Pulling a Load Of Trucks to Top Hat. Thomas was Happy to Himself. He Likes Being Useful. He and The Good Tugboats are Really Useful. Then Thomas saw Johnny Cuba. Johnny Cuba was Here. Thomas Saw Him. Cinders and Ashes he said. Johnny Cuba is Dirty. Thomas Rembered About An Volient Tramp Steam Gangster named Johnny Cuba on High Winds in 1988. Poor Thomas can't Go Back to The Island of Sodor.


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