Top Hat Gets Rid of Sunday is a Episode on Thomas and TUGS.


  • Thomas
  • Ten Cents
  • Top Hat
  • Grampus
  • Zorran
  • Lille
  • Puffa
  • Captin Star
  • Gordon (Does Not Speak)
  • Edward (Cameo)
  • James (Cameo)
  • Percy (Cameo)
  • Duck (Cameo)
  • Rosie (Cameo)
  • The Goods Train (Deleteted Scences Cameo)

The Story So Far

Top Hat is a Bossy Tug Boat to Ten Cents. He is Always Bossy. He Day he met Thomas and Ten Cents. Thomas said Top Hat. I Think Sunday is The Worst Day of All. Thomas was sad. Why do you hate sunday. Top Hat Agried. Because I HATE SUNDAY. Why said Thomas. Because I want The Normal Sunday and Gordon becomes Speeding After Me. It's Not Fair said Grampus. Tell Captin Star. That Sunday will be all gone. NO Said Top Hat and he barged away. Thomas talked to Ten Cents. Why Does Top Hat Hate Sunday. Because Sunday is Not For Top Hat said Ten Cents and He barged away two. Thomas was sad. He Can't Win without Top Hat. Top Hat Arrived at Bremden Docks. He Saw Gordon. Top Hat is Less Grumpy than ever and Never Call Lies to everyone. Top Hat has To Talk to Puffa. Puffa is coupled on SC. Ruffery and the Troublesome Trucks. Top Hat said Be Careful he said. You will never let the Trucks push you. Of Cause Not said Puffa. I am a Tank Engine like Thomas. You Are said Top Hat. And Puffa puffed away. Top Hat doesn't know what to do. It was Inposable.



On The Deleted Scenes The Goods Train had Pulled the Trucks on Music Videos. and Some Stores of Thomas and TUGS on VHS are Playtime with Thomas and TUGS are Percy vs. Sunshine, Thomas Goes Fishing, Last Day of May 1991 and (The Last Episode)


Top Hat has The Johnny Cuba name on Him and Puffa has Thomas's Shape.

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