1. Charlie and Lola - Look After Your Planet
  2. Maisy - Bath
  3. Engie Benjy - Plane Come Home
  4. Teletubbies - Paddling Pool
  5. Lilo and Stitch - Angel
  6. Tweenies - Milo's Sweets
  7. Horrid Henry - Horrid Henry Eats Out
  8. Rosie and Jim - Bus
  9. The Simpsons - Little Big Mom
  10. Grandpa in my Pocket - Trouble with Bubbles
  11. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - Pirate Treasue
  12. Shaun the Sheep - Hiccups
  13. Animal Stories - Big Bald Lion
  14. Thomas and Friends - Welcome Stafford
  15. Waybuloo - Nok Tok Rock
  16. Kipper - Tiger's Joke Box
  17. Bob the Builder - Spud and the Doves
  18. Peppa Pig - Captain Daddy Pig
  19. Fireman Sam - Lost Ring
  20. Spongebob Squarepants - New Digs
  21. Mike the Knight - New Castle
  22. Pingu - Pingu and Pinga Play Circus


  • Thomas episode narrated by Michael Angelis

Front Cover

  • Lola, Maisy, Engie Benjy, Dipsy, Stitch, Fizz, Horrid Henry, Jim, Lisa, Grandpa, Holly, Shaun, Big Bald Lion, Thomas, De Li, Kipper, Bob, Peppa, Sam, Spongebob, Mike and Pingu

Back Cover

  • Butch, Rocky and Flynn from "Welcome Stafford"
  • Pilot Pete from "Plane Come Home"
  • Milo in Candyland from "Milo's Sweets"

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