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EXT. MASSIVE we see the Massive in space with all the smaller ships around it we then zoom in on the Massive's Deck where we see Tallest Red and Tallest Purple with various Irken snacks Playing a Video Game. Varieties of mumbled grunted sounds can be heard from the irken technicians due to them not playing the game.


Cut to a High Tech Irken TV screen with a high def CG video Game Note: Animators go wild with any game who choose for it to be and for it to look like Cut back to the tallest

PURPLE Jump! Jump! Crouch! Kill that that guy! Now triple combo attack!

Purples mouth is full of snacks and as he is talking, crumbs are falling on the floor with every word

RED will you shut up! I am trying to focus! Am at the Boss level! Cut to showing a huge boss monster* The red and blue monster swished its tail at Reds avatar killing him

After Red said this the Screen flash's the words GAME OVER YOU LOSE! HA HA HA LOSER!

RED CHEATING GAME!! I blame Fault Irken Programming!!!!

PURPLE Its my turn now right?

At this point Red throws the game controller at Purple and walks away in a huff with his arms crossed. At this point a random Irken technician runs in.


RED What is it? Were in the middle of very important tallest duties

PURPLE In other words where playing video games

Purple then just goes back to playing his game. Varies sounds of killing and screaming can be heard from the TV

RED Thaaaaaaaaaaanks , anyway what is it you wanted to tell us?

IRKEN TECHICIAN I just heard that the chief SIR, the commander of are third class ship DREADNOUGHT was destroyed and that he needs a replacement right away.

The tallest just stand there unfazed, while Purple Scream NEW HIGH SCORE!! As he goes next to Red to brag

PURPLE Hey did you see that?! Did you see that?!!!! HA I totally beat your high score!! So what where we talking about?

( Cut to seeing Red fantasy where he is in a boxing match against Purple. Note: Make it like the Rocky 3 scene where Rocky falls down and he hears his manager saying get up get up you bum and people or in this case Irkens cheering for Red to get up play a speeded up version of Joe Espositios You’re the Best around then show Red getting up and pummeling Purple) * Obvious Rocky 3 ref *

RED (under his breath ) If only

Red smiles at the thought of this

RED Anyway open a communication to the Dreadnought

PURPLE that’s a shame and he had only one day till retirement too and who named the ship Dreadnought?! that’s stupid!

Red shrugs at this as we cut to a communication screen flicking on and off. Red goes up to it and starts banging on the screen BANG BANG BANG!!


This final bang jump starts the screen and the flickering stops as a image of a Irken appears on the screen.

IRKEN My Tallest!!

He looks absolutely flabbergasted to see them

RED At ease solider now tell just what happened to the chief SIR aboard your Vessel the-

Purple cuts Red off from the screen

PURPLE By the way from now on your ship is called the doughnut from now on Red pushes Purple off the screen

RED AS I WAS SAYING! What happened to the commander?

IRKEN Well he was working fine when he all saw him, I mean he was giving orders and everything, but then a black out happened on the ship when we were attacked by this sonic scrambler wave, we were all okay, but the chief had sparks coming out of his head and he was dancing all over the place saying “ Monkey Dance! “ it was strange I tell you and then a BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

The screen goes dead, as we see Red press the OFF button on the screen

RED Man he just went on and on and on, like Zim when he wants to tell us one of his “Brilliant “ plans!

The tallest pace around the floor.

RED But we still need to find a replacement for the chief SIR, but who could replace the first SIR? Heeeem

PURPLE Hey I know how about we have a contest to find the greatest SIR in all the universe to replace him?

RED No no no that will never work ( suddenly a light bulb appears over Reds head ) hey I got it how about we have a contest to find the greatest SIR in all the universe to replace him?


Purples words don’t get through to Red

RED Yes that’s just what we will do! You ( red points to a irken technician ) send out a message about the contest!


RED In a few days will have are replacement.

fade out


ENT: SPACE Fade in to space where the camera pans over the barren star lighten landscape where we eventually see a tiny floating object. The camera zooms in on it slowly showing that it is mangled escape pod from a modified Spilter runner. We then cut to the cramped interior of Tak's space ship. The lighting of her face suggests that she has been in her for a considerate amount of time. We see the computers reflection flickering between different clips of needless advertisement of Irken companies, look close and you can see a warning for the Son of Nny killer on the loose ( JTHM/Grail ref ) We cut back to Tak, who still has her eyes closed while the reflection continues to clip back and forth between various factors before finally clipping to an image of the Irken Corporate Logo ( which looks and clipping further to what appears to be some kind of promotional video. The audio clips in and while the voice drones on Tak's eyes begin to open. Note: Make this Commercial very cheesy with smash cuts and gritty transitions with very cheesy actions lines when necessary.

COMMERCIAL Welcome one, welcome all to the sporting event of the season! I hope you got your tickets ready 'cos this is going to be one wild ride!

As Tak drearily views the screen, we cut back towards it, showing images of a CG'ed logo in Irken in front of a planet, apparently the one Tak's pod is approaching, before cutting to clips of SIR units engaged in all sorts of tasks like boosting, blowing stuff up, engaging in gladiatorial fights, and views of a large crowd in stalls and special floating booths cheering deliriously with all sorts of greasy snack foods, all while the audio drones on and on.

COMMERCIAL As it's time for the first ever SIR TOURNAMENT!!! Promising thrills! Drama! Excitement! More Thrills! A lot of things getting blown up! And, of course, a chance to witness the equipment of the best of the Irken Elite in use for the first time ever! AND MORE STUFF GETTING BLOWN UP!!!

We cut back to Tak for the next part, and as the audio continues we see her eyes narrowing and her rage building up inside of her.

COMMERCIAL And by the best, I mean the 32, the only, the INVADERS! The best in the Irken Army who will be there on the planet Olympia, IN PERSON, come to see the best of Irken military engineering guided by those very select few who made the grade! Or those who just barely made it!

We again cut back to the screen, seeing the SIR units standing proud alongside their Invader owners.

COMMERCIAL Yeah you have to be pretty darn talented to make this lot, and you can't help but admire these brave Irkens who do their very best to serve the Empire-

The screen shorts out as Tak buries her fist in the computer screen causing sparks to fly out . Cut to the inside of Zim's base


Zim is staring, transfixed, by the commercial on screen, drooling is coming from his mouth.


ENDORSEMENT This advertisement is brought to you by the Irken Pnintendo Corporation. The Irken Pnintendo Corporation takes no responsibility if you bash your skull on the monitor expecting video games to appear.

The screen goes blank. But Zim remains transfixed.

ZIM Who do their very best to serve the empire! (Zim honks with glee)

Eeeeheheheeee... A sound of high-pitched shrieking permeates the chamber, distracting Zim for a moment. He ignores it for the longest time until his face collides very violently with the screen as GIR clings to his head tightly.


ZIM Ack! GIR Get off my head!

Zim and GIR keep struggling until Zim manages to collect the effort to hold GIR by the neck and hold him in front of his bruised, exceptionally irritated face against the wall. ZIM WHAT! you want...GIR? (trying very hard to keep himself under control)

Zim’s hand is gripped very tightly in a fist

GIR The cones! They follow me wherever I go! Don't let the cones eat my head! (looks down) AAAAAH! THERE THEY ARE! GO AWAY! AAAAH! GIR begins kicking and screaming while Zim struggles to retain a grip. ZIM GIR! Stop this instant! It‘s just your legs!

GIR stops kicking and looks down at his legs with a newfound sense of wonderment.

GIR Woooo...Ahhhhhhhhh

ZIM Now if you could just. .. GIR HI MISTER LEG! HI MISSUS LEG! YOU DON'T NEED BE SCARED NO MORE! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE NOW! I wanna go show them the kitchen! That okay?

ZIM ( hits his hand to his head )

  • I will never understand how your advance programing works* under his breath

GIR! Oh...we have a serious problem GIR *sigh*. (sets GIR down, who continues concentrating on his legs. He brings them up and twiddles around with it with palpable delight ) I have been invited to a special Invader festival where SIR units compete with each other for a prize, however you do not seem of adequate intelligence or strength or really any skill to take part in it.

GIR My legs betrayed me! I forgive you legs!

ZIM As you can see. (turns back and starts rummaging amongst materials on the tabletop) But, it doesn't seem we have a choice. The contest starts in a few weeks and I want you to get in shape for the tournament also I need to fix some glitches in your system , GIR, do EXACTLY what I say or else...(pulls out a large, novelty plastic duck while wearing a sinister grin on his face)...THE DUCK GETS IT!

GIR screams for an extended period of time before abruptly stopping and giggling.


ZIM Just come on!

Screen fades to black

EYE OF THE ti-GIR MONTAGE ( I just noticed that! )

Note: Composers really make the Gir part of tiger in the song noticeable

The eye of the tiger music starts playing as words flash on the screen with every DUN in the beginning saying: WE WERE TO LAZY TO ANIMATE THIS MONTAGE!!!!!!! JUST KIDDING!! ( continue music )

Show GIR trying real hard to bench press a 1 pound weight, cut to Zim hitting his head against the wall. Cut to showing GIR trying to hit a targets with his lasers but he ends up almost hitting Zim and Minimoose as they just narrowly duck the blast it leaving a black mark on the wall it hit, cut to Gir trying to navigate a huge maze, the cut to him just ramming through every wall with his jets, etc continue in a sequence like this, but with GIR getting progressively WORSE as Time goes on, eventually cut to a long string of steps that GIR is climbing with his dog disguise on he trips several times before making it up all the way. When he reaches the top he jumps up and down as he pumps his hands in the air. ( song ends at this point )

Cut to Zim back in his house moving towards the exit chamber with GIR in tow, who is still looking down at his legs with unbridled fascination, continuing to walk on the spot while Zim stops in the middle of the chamber.

ZIM Minimoose!

Minimoose appears from the rafters and peeps in recognition.

ZIM Minimoose, I'm heading away with GIR for a few days, make sure no one enters while we are away, and if they do, be sure to inflict such pain as has never been inflicted in the history of pain. CAN YOU INFLICT SUCH PAIN?!

Minimoose squeaks cheerily.


Zim exits the chamber with GIR, who's still transfixed by his legs

EXT: ZIM'S HOUSE The top of Zim's house opens and the Voot Runner heads off into the night sky. Dib's swollen head pops out of some nearby bushes in response.

DIB Finally! Doesn't he EVER leave? Okay, time for infiltration. THE DEFENCE OF EARTH BEGINS.………NOW!

INT: ZIM'S HOUSE Dib jumps through a window, ready to punch forth until he stops short at the sight of Minimoose, who squeaks in response.

DIB What are you doing here? Squeak.

DIB Defending the base? What are you gonna do then? Squeak.

DIB I see, so you're going to inflict such pain as has never been inflicted in the history of pain? Squeak.

DIB Actually, that'd be quite impressive.

Minimoose promptly floats forward and gently sucks on Dibs head, This in effect makes Dib almost feel sad

DIB Okay stop It! Well, it WAS pain inflicted as had never been inflicted in the history of pain, I'll give you that much.

A long ackward pause ensues.

DIB So, uh, be seeing you then.

Dib climbs back out the window and scatters off. Minimoose peeps in triumph.


The Massive, along with a substantial chunk of the armada, and a vast amount of other craft that apparently act as transport ships, heading down towards the planets surface.

TECHNICIAN (O.S We have achieved orbit above planet Olympia! Sir!

RED (O.S About time! Who would've thought a toilet break would last that long!

INT: THE MASSIVE Red is standing upright and glaring at his technicians, while Purple is sitting comfortably, staring at the sports highlights on the monitor.

PURPLE Hey, it wasn't my fault that you ate all that spicy three bean burritos! .

RED But There were SOOOO good! How was I suppose to know that they give me gas! Besides, people keep clogging up the pipes with tissue paper, that stuff COSTS y'know!

PURPLE Relax, we're here already. AND KEYED-UP FOR EXTREME SPORTING ACTION! YEEEAH! ( Purples arms flail around as he speak this )

TECHNICIAN INCOMING TRANSMISSIOOOON!...from an unidentified vessel off our port bow.

PURPLE Awww...what about the extreme sporting actiooon...

RED Just patch it through so that we can get back to the action!

Tak appears on the screen, looking extremely exhausted after six months in a tube, and in a pod that's blatantly about to disintegrate into the void of space.

TAK My Tallest! I've reached you at last! None of my calls went through but after long...PAINFUL!! months of drifting, I'm finally home! Safe! Free! Now if you could...

PURPLE Wait wait wait wait...wait...who are you anyway? ( make this slow and drawn out )

TAK But...I'm Tak! Fearsome Invader! Scourge of the universe and all that! I contacted you six months ago about replacing Zim! You agreed!

RED If it happened, I'm sure I would have remembered it... maybe

PURPLE No...wait...I think I remember you. You failed right?

TAK Well, yes. But he had allies! It was a fluke! I would win if given a second chance!, I'm sure!

RED With what? You're not an Invader. You're stuck in a tube made from stolen parts!. Technically you're nothing more than a insubordinate fugitive janitor that has WAY too much time and Persistence

TAK I'm much more than that! I've gone halfway across the universe on my own initiative! Surely that means something!

PURPLE No, it just means you're a defective who refuses to see the facts about what your doing, plus we don‘t need free thinkers we have control brains to do that for us. I'd blow you out of the stars right now if I could bring myself to care. ( yawns and shrugs shoulders )

RED I can! (hums with happiness and presses buttons presses button)

EXT: THE MASSIVE A pulse blast leaves the Massive and explodes close to Tak's pod, sending it plummeting towards the surface of the planet. where the echoing sound of Tak's piercing screaming Cut to the ship falling and burning in the planets atomsphere

INT: THE MASSIVE The Tallest are both giggling incessantly.

PURPLE Oh you...

TECHNICIAN INCOMING TRANSMISSIOOOON!...from a Voot Runner off our starboard side.

RED A Voot Runner? But no one uses them anymore except...oh no, not……………him. The screen temporarily goes static as Zim appears.

ZIM Greetings my Tallest! I have squiggly feelings inside me as I announce my GLORIOUS entry into this contest!

PURPLE What are YOU doing here Zim?

ZIM I'm an Invader with a SIR unit, right? Well, here I am! Ready for the Irken Empire to bow down before the greatness that is ZIIIM!...and his robot. (he accepts the latter part only very grudgingly)

RED Robot?

GIR appears on camera wearing a bee suit.


PURPLE You can't join the competition!

ZIM Why not? I'm an Invader with a SIR unit after all. Those are the rules.

RED Ugh...FINE! You can attend.

PURPLE WHAT? NO HE CA- (is muffled by Red)

RED Just get out of our sight, will you please?

GIR Honeeeey...

ZIM Of course sirs! Anything to please my Tallest!

GIR Last chance... The screen finally goes blank and Red lets go of Purple.

PURPLE But...but...CHAOS! DEATH! DESTRUCTION! THINGS GETTING BLOWN UP!!! REALLY BAD STUFF! ( have a 3D spin view of Purple saying this with very ominous music playing

RED Get a hold of yourself! We can't go blurting out that he's not really an Invader NOW, we wouldn't know WHAT he'd do. He might've blown up half the fleet on the spot or Something if we told him. You know how insane he is!

PURPLE But we have to get rid of him at some point!

RED Just be patient. Besides, don't you have something better to do? (Puts hands on non existing hips )


RED That's more like it.


Tak had been listening in all along via a link in her crashed pod. The planet's surface is grey rock below a dark sky, with plenty of lights in the distance. Debris is scattered around but the pod seems mostly intact. Tak's sanity, however, is something else entirely .

TAK I don't believe this. That half-wit gets a comfy place in an all-star tournament while I get the boot! (rips out the electronics in frustration and throws it towards the sky) THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING, TALLEST!



Cut back to the Massive where a echo of Tak's rant can be heard INT: MASSIVE RED Did you hear something? PURPLE It sounded like a psychotic rant of some sort

EXT: TAK'S POD, ON THE PLANET SURFACE The look of extreme scorn gives way to a sudden realization.


Tak scrambles around the back of the pod to find a box, and she's relieved to find it intact. She opens it up, and we can see the disassembled pieces of Mimi still in functionary condition.

EXT: OLYMPIA STADIUM Zim's cruiser is parked in a spaceport garage area, while a line of Irkens is congesting around a customs desk. Zim is busy arguing with the official while GIR zooms around, still in the bee suit, making buzzing noises while flying on his jets.

ZIM What do you mean, "not on the list"?

OFFICIAL Okay, I've said it around seventeen times now.

ZIM Eighteen.

OFFICIAL EIGHTEEN times now, if you claim to be an INVADER, you have to go through a substantial series of checks. And you don't even have a robot.

Zim grabs onto GIR during one of his "flypasses".

ZIM Ahem?

OFFICIAL Bees don't count!


GIR pushes though the hood of his bee suit to reveal his true self.

GIR I am the fairy queen y'know...

OFFICIAL That's great for you, but you're still not on the list.

Zim drops GIR to the ground, and the shock makes GIR start crying.

ZIM But, how can the greatness that is ZIIIM not be on the list? Have you not heard about my INCREDIBLE exploits?

OFFICIAL I'm a bureaucrat, I have no conscious thought of my own.

GIR has continued to cry until finally falling asleep and cuddling up inside his bee suit.


OFFICIAL Well, it seems I'm going to be the first, since you're not coming through anyway or anyhow.

Zim remains seething with rage , and his eye even twitches a couple of times. Then, rather abruptly, Skoodge appears alongside him. Zim is rather taken aback.

SKOODGE He's with me officer!

ZIM SKOODGE? What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay in my basement for the next month to avoid ruining my chances or winning this event

SKOODGE No you didn’t you just left your base without even talking to me


( Show flashback of Zim leaving base with GIR, but show Skoodge coming up the stairs as he leaves )

SKOODGE No I Don't didn't you see te flashback? Zim just stares up at the flashback screen

OFFICIAL Well, I'm sorry but you're not on the list ei...oh, wait, yours is the smudged one right here. Okay you're through! Sorry to bother you.

SKOODGE That's okay!

ZIM Inferior slime demon-thing. Zim walks behind Skoodge, dragging a still-sleeping GIR behind him.

INT: OLYMPIA STADIUM The structure is absolutely immense. It's not a stadium in the traditional sense, especially since it's almost impossible to even see the stalls on the other side. It primarily consists of separate, self-contained stands, jutting out of the metallic structure, between which is many a complex obstacle course. The largest plinth is in the middle, which is presumably where the Tallest and the Invaders are seated. Zim and Skoodge are but termites compared to this structure.

ZIM Wooooo. I get to sit in that?

SKOODGE Ya sure do, just as soon as I can find an entrance. It's really hard to get a seat here.

ZIM So you have your own SIR?

SKOODGE I kept mine. It's the only thing that's kept me company during the long, painful periods of isolation and hopelessness in your basement. Did you know you have the demon squid living in your basement!? Anyway I call it CHIPZ!

Cut to showing Skoodge hoilding a large SIR Unit in comparison the Unit is twice the size of GIR and is distinctive by a large gash in its head spearding out about 3 inches in length, The circuits in it head can be seen through the gash

GIR How are ya CHIPZ? You wanna be pals? We could make pancakes together!


SKOODGE Isn't it just loveable?

ZIM Hah! Your inferior piece of machinery stands no chance against a truly awesome product of my own engineering as Zim's! GIR! Demonstrate your AMAZING prowess!

GIR abruptly goes all red-eyed and salutes.


GIR begins to stare evilly at CHIPZ, who simply maintains his original expression throughout. A shadow effect can be seen from the towering Chipz who begins to stare menacingly as GIR increases the tenacity of his stare, then levels off, and eventually turns back to cyan and begins cowering.

GIR Masteeer...he's all scary-like...


ZIM Heh...(rubs back of head) it needs some practice...(grows increasingly uneasy, then points angrily at Skoodge) WE WENT EASY ON YOU THIS TIME! BUT SOON GIR WILL SHOW YOU HIS AMAZING PROGRAMING! JUST YOU WAIT!!!

Zim storms off, with GIR retreating from Pudge in the same direction.

SKOODGE What a good friend

EXT: OLYMPIA STADIUM The number of visitors must be thinning, as the Official seems to be getting bored, leaning on his desk and letting his laser-pen dangle from its chain. His interest perks up as someone seems to be approaching. The Irken is relatively tall-ish, wearing an overcoat that dangles slightly to the back, as well as knee-length studded boots, but otherwise seems quite normal. He wears a badge declaring himself to be a parcel delivery man. It Reads NORMAL POSTMAN NOT A DISGUISE OR ANYTHING

POST-MAN I have a parcel for delivery to an...(checks notebook) Invader Tenn?

OFFICIAL Ah yes, I think she was expecting one. Just sign these forms and you can get through.

POST-MAN Uh-huh...(signs form) So what do you think of the competitors?

OFFICIAL The Invaders? Couldn't say. They're so far beyond everyone else it's hard to make any assessments. Oh, and here...

POST-MAN Okay...(continues signing forms) Don't think you could ever do anything like them yourself?

OFFICIAL What? No! There's an order of things. You're given a place in life and you fulfil it the best you can. No one could just CHOOSE what they want to do, that'd upset the whole Empire!

POST-MAN Uh-huh. Well, I guess it isn't healthy to think of these things is it?

OFFICIAL I suppose not, considering that that thing about that is defect behavior . Okay, you're all set! Have a nice day. The Post-man leaves without a word, and the Official goes back to his own abject boredom. This carries on until he spies someone else approaching. Which on closer inspection seems to be a Post-man WHO LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ONE WHO JUST PASSED BY.

REAL POST-MAN I have a parcel for delivery to an...(checks notebook, then looks back up to notice the expression on the Official's face) is something the matter? The Official sits amazed for a moment, then turns around suddenly.


We can see the vague outline of Tak in her invisible holographic state as she buries her hand in the Official's face and sends his head through the metal desk. We don't see anything through the metal, but the splattering of green goo and the Official's twisted, twitching limbs indicate that he may not be getting up ever again. The Post-Man stands appalled, until a brief outline of Tak's eyes appear as a flash streaks across them.

TAK You've seen nothing.

After those words, the outline disappears completely and Tak is nowhere to be found. The Post-Man stands dumb-struck, until he starts blinking and noticing the twitching corpse in front of him, and he keels over, screaming. POSTMAN I TOLD THEM THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!!!! I TOLD THEM!!!!! ( Make this scream similar to the guy in Gaz Taster of Pork )




INT: OLYMPIA STADIUM Zim is dragging GIR around the stalls, trying to find a way up somewhere. Meanwhile, GIR is slapping his legs in some kind of bizarre playground ritual while giggling to himself. Eventually, he comes up against the entrance to a stairway with an Irken sign above indicating to Zim that this is the place to go. As he walks up, an Imperial guardsman pops up out of nowhere (complete with mist and cheesy smoke effects) and blocks Zim's way. GUARD INVADERS AND IMPORTANT PERSONS ONLY! BEGONE WITH YOU, COMMONER! ZIM COMMONER?! I AM ZIM?! You can't stop Zim from getting the greatest honor the Empire can bestow apon him! GUARD WATCH ME SHORTY! ZIM SHORTY!? At this point the two have there face next to each other growling, as Skoodge and Chipz make a appearance behind them. SKOODGE There's no point, Zim. I've been trying all morning. They just don't seem to like us for some reason. ZIM Who else is up there? ( Zim points to the stands as he says this ) SKOODGE See for yourself. Zim looks up and sees a number of the 32 official Invaders already up there, as well as a number of important dignatories in above the Invader's seats, featuring two large seats, presumably for the Tallest themselves. Of particular note is Larb, who seems to be apart from the other Invaders in that he's surrounded by a number of Service Drones who heap all kinds of praise and snack foods on him. ZIM What's Invader Larb doing with so much praise? That should be ME up there! SKOODGE He's not an Invader anymore. Since he conquered Vort he's been made Commander, with his own fleet, his own entourage, and his own fully-stocked, perfectly-maintained vending machine. He may seem arrogant, but he's really a nice guy deep down, deep deep down. Larb momentarily seems distracted, looking at the playing fields, then at Invader Tenn's seat. LARB Hey! She has a better seat than me! Two Imperial Guards appear alongside her and pick her up..... TENN Huh? What? WAIIIT! ...and throw her straight off the building. She screams for the entire journey down, as her arms flail, but her fall is broken by...Skoodge, who happened to be standing underneath. As his body is embedded in the concrete, she picks herself up and tries to get her feet free of Skoodges flesh as she waits for Zim to help her up. TENN EXCUSE ME?! Zim just stares there with his arms crossed with a icy glare on his face ZIM WHAT!? TENN HELP ME!? ZIM THE MIGHTY ZIM? HELP SOMEONE?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Zim begins to laugh for a long time as he finishes he coughs ZIM Oh that’s a good one! Tenn eventually just gets up on her own as Zim laughs TENN Someone conquers an oversized couch and he thinks he rules the universe. ZIM I know! That Should have been me!! Tenn stands on the pavement beside Skoodge and dusts herself off, slowing down when she notices who it was she was talking to. A few moments of stony silence and of Tenn stepping back slowly sonn results in Tenn screaming as she runs for her life in the opposite direction. Zim is unrepentent. ZIM THAT'S RIGHT! ALL SHOULD FEAR THE WRATH OF ZIIIM! Come GIR! GIR is still staring at Chipz GIR You're so purdy. CHIPZ CHIPZ DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THIS WORD! GIR I like youuuu... ZIM GIR! Zim grabs GIR by the antennae and physically drags him away. Skoodge groans in discomfort. SKOODGE Such great guys... (falls unconscious) ABV: OLYMPIA STADIUM Meanwhile, high above the stadium a number of floating screens are collecting featuring the announcer from TNB back to his old announcing ways. ANNOUNCER The SIR-TOURNMENT!, sponsored by Irken Footwear, the finest manufacturer of Irken boots made by the best in third-universe smeet slave labor, is proud to announce the arrival of our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, omni...something leaders, THE ALLMIGHTY TALLEST! A giant cheer erupts from all corners of the stadium as the Tallest's personal shuttle comes in to dock above the main stand. The underside of the ship opens up to reveal a lowering platform with the Tallest perched on top. Huge beams concentrate on the Tallest as they wave to the crowd. PURPLE ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? The entire crowd answers in the affirmative. Meanwhile... INT: SERVICE SHAFT ...inside a high-up darkened service shaft a figure watches the Tallest through slit blinds. TAK Oh, you're gonna rock all-right... Tak then proceeds to climb down the shaft. as she reaches the SIR Units Stall, She smiles thinking of all the wicked things that can be done to them, all the SIR's coward back in fear as Tak approaches them only her shadow can be seen as we hear the sounds of eletronics being rearganged and circuits begin ripped out and replaced. As the sound ends we see that Tak has only gotten to a few SIR Units as the sound of approaching footsteps are heard Tak climbs back up the shaft to proceed to her current destination. EXT: SIR-UNIT STALLS At the same time, Zim has dragged GIR all the way to the SIR stalls, where a number of downtrodden service drones are busy having the life-force drained out of them. Zim goes up to one of them and holds GIR up towards him. ZIM My SIR unit is taking part in the competition. Take good care of it unless it starts being irritating, at which point I give you the strongest encouragement to do horrible things to its head. GIR is staring at the sevice drone with a suggestive grin on his face. GIR Are you the mime? SERVICE DRONE BILL What? GIR grabs onto Bill's face and smooches it beyond recognition. GIR YOU ARE THE MIME! YOU ARRRRE! ZIM Anyway, have fun! Zim leaves Bill to grapple with GIR and wakes away with a spring in his goose-stepping TENN (O.S Hasn't arrived yet? Did you check? Zim stops and listens into the conversation SERVICE DRONE DIRGE (O.S Yes, we've checked. TENN (O.S Well, could you...I dunno...check again? Tenn is leaning over a desk, arguing with the Stalls manager. DIRGE Just take our word for it, we have received no parcel addressed to you. TENN But that parcel had my SIR in it! I had it specially modified! I was assured it would turn up on time! DIRGE I'm sorry, but as far as I can gather, the postman who was scheduled to deliver the package was arrested out front for brutally murdering a security officer. TENN What? YOU KNEW THIS? What happened to the package? DIRGE Got lost. TENN You just really enjoy torturing people don't you? Dirge bursts into maniacal laughter while Zim listens in, intrigued. ZIM Hmmm...if I find this modified SIR unit, I could get into Tenn's favor and get up to the stalls. Wait, Zim doesn't accept favors! (thinks) I could BRIBE her with it! Zim smiles with glee. INT: SIR-UNIT STALLS Meanwhile, GIR is chucked into a pen and the door slammed behind him. He looks behind him at the closed door. BILL (O.S Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get along just fine with the other SIRs. GIR looks in front and notices a room full of red-eyed SIRs, testing weapons, sharpening claws, getting into melee fights , while some just stand there with their circuits sparking. Most just glare at cute 'lil GIR with intense anger and despise. GIR just smiles and waves at them before walking, devoid of fear, towards a power terminal, grabbing onto a terminal, shocking himself, giggling, then repeating it several times. The other SIRs glare at each other incomprehensibly with shrugs. INT: OLYMPIA STADIUM A service drone is holding out a tray along a long pavilion and walking down while Tenn approaches from the opposite direction. SERVICE DRONE LOU OVERPRICED SLUDGE! GET YER OVERPRICED SLUDGE HERE! IT'S HORRIBLE, BAD FOR YER, BUT IT'S ALL YER GONNA GET! GET YER OVERPRICED SLUDGE HERE! GET ONE FOR THE PRICE OF TWO!!! Tenn turns into a doorway while Zim sneaks up behind her, ducking behind pillars and peering out as he goes. INT: GUARDHOUSE Zim peeks through the doorway and quickly hides again as Tenn momentarily looks behind her. She turns to the desk above. TENN AHEM! The over-sized Irken guard at the desk turns around, irritated at the interruption of his snack-eating, then becomes a bit more adulatory as he realizes who's speaking to him. SECURITY GUARD Oh! Invader Tenn! can I help you? TENN A package was meant to be delivered to me some time ago. I understand the one who was supposed to deliver it happened to kill someone at the entrance? SECURITY GUARD Oh that! We had to take the parcel as evidence. But if it's yours, I guess you can have it back. SKUD? ACTIVATE THE EVIDENCE-ASSEMBLER! A bored-looking fellow guard presses a button and a hatch opens up. Out of it comes a six-limbed cross between a monkey, a gerbil and some form of goat, but green, bearing a cardboard box with a large sticker saying "TO: TENN" on it. The creature sets it down in front of Tenn and scuttles off. At the doorway, Zim clenches his fist as if to say "drat". Tenn moves towards the box, opening the top and peering in. Abruptly, a great big claw latches onto her head and Mimi emerges from the box, jetting up into the air and into a shaft, all while everyone stares with dumb looks on their faces, Zim remains oblivious to what just happened as he stares at a distracting image of nachos on the Big Screen holocaust display floating around the Stadium INT: OLYMPIA STADIUM As Zim comes through the Door he see that guards are looking all over the place for something, but Zim doesn't know what ZIM Hey what’s going? Where’s Tenn? She was just there a minute ago?! GUARD Well She gone missing! One second she was there and the next she was gone! The guards continue their search for Tenn SKOODGE Hey what’s going on Zim? Zim jolts sideways as Skoodge and Chipz appears to have emerged beside him. ZIM Skoodge what are you doing here? SKOODGE Well I wanted to tell you that the prelims of the tournament have started and plus the pain in my spine reminded me what a good friend you are! ZIM Get.....away....AND YOU SAY THE CONTEST IS STARTING?! I HAVE GOT TO GET THERE! INT: MAIN STAND The Tallest are sitting there looking bored. Larb is still looking smug underneath. RED How long does it take for these events to start? It's taking FOREVER! LARB They're waiting for you to give the word. PURPLE We can do that? LARB Well, you ARE the almighty leaders of the Empire. RED That is so true. Very well. LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN! Nothing happens. LARB Uh sir? You have to turn the microphone on. RED (pause) I knew that. (presses a button on his seat) LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN! ABV: OLYMPIA STADIUM A cheer erupts from the crowd as the announcer begins his monologue. ANNOUNCER With the endorsement of our Tallest, the SIR TOURNETMENT will begin in earnest. Let's meet the contestants! In the centre, smoke machines herald the arrival of the SIR units, one after another, all fairly identical to each other and snarling in preparation for the main event. execpt of course GIR and Tenn's spot which is empty ANNOUNCER After more than a year of braving the most horrible conditions imaginable to Irken beings, these murderous robots are ready to tear apart their competition in a blood-bath of frenzy, carnage, and all-round nastiness! While at the very end, GIR stands lop-sidedly in complete ignorance of it all. Ooh-ing at the spectacle, he becomes distracted and wanders off stage, at which point he's forced back on by a nearby guard. He tries to run back, but a large electric prod dissuades him further. INT: UNDERGROUND TUNNELS The cheering of the crowd echoes even here. The tunnels are almost pitch-black and skanky. Mimi is clamped around Tenn's head as she jumps down off a tunnel head and lands in the muck. TENN What's going on? I can't see! TAK (O.S Let go of her, Mimi. Mimi lets Tenn drop into the muck. She collects herself. TENN Thank you! Now if you could explain the meaning of...eep. The "eep" was in response to Tak, who was towering over her with a certain lack of empathy. TAK The meaning of this? I'll give you a meaning. You smug little Invaders, thinking that a certificate and a lifetime of kissing the Tallest's feet makes you better than the rest of us. I worked hard to become an Invader! I was better than ANYONE ELSE who applied! But what happens? The very one who ruined my chances gets commended while I get stuck in a dump! Is that right? IS IT? Tenn backs away a little TENN got some grievances...but wouldn't it be better if it went know...the proper channels? TAK No, it would be better if you all died horrible painful deaths. And YOU are going to help me! TENN No way! My colleagues will wonder where I am, you'll see! INT: MAIN STAND The Invaders are almost all present, except for a few glaring exceptions. GROOT Hey, where's Tenn? LARB Who cares? OH! HERE COMES MINE! EXT: STADIUM PLAYING FIELDS Two SIR units, one distinctive in it's purple painting (obviously Larb's work) face off against each other. ANNOUNCER First up is the one-on-one match between the SIR unit of Invader Sneaky-on-foota and the SIR unit, coated in imperial colours, of our esteemed Commander Larb! The two are just circling each other- The normal-looking SIR unit then jets into Larb's and crushes it against the wall of the arena. ANNOUNCER -and Larb's unit is down! Oh, this is going to be such a humiliation for the Commander when word of this gets around- INT: MAIN STAND Larb, irritated, indicates to a nearby guard, who projects a sniper-rifle device onto his shoulders and fires. EXT: STADIUM PLAYING FIELDS The ordinary SIR unit promptly blasts into smithereens. ANNOUNCER -but wait! Larb's SIR has made a stunning comeback and Sneaky-on-foota's has been annihilated! This is quite a shock isn't it? INT: MAIN STAND Larb looks exceedingly smug at this turn of events. GEORDIE-ACCENTED ANNOUNCER It sure is, Kip. ZIM OH here comes mine!! As Zim says this as GIR gets on stage for his turn. Cut to Showing GIR against a much bigger SIR than him ANNOUNCER Now For the Second Match the SIR unit of Invader Groot vs wait is this right? The two announcer talk over a bit before they continue ANNOUNCER .....Vs The SIR unit of Invader Zim? ( he says this in a confused voice ) In a one on one battle of intelligence in a Maze course The Bigger SIR unit come to the center of the ring as a huge labyrinth of a maze jets up from the ground, the Huge SIR quickly navigates through eventually reaching the end ANNOUNCER WOW 6.7 seconds how will GIR respond? Cut to GIR standing in the center of the Maze as it once again Jets out, but instead of navigating through GIR just blast through the walls on his Jets. ANNOUNCER INCREADIABLE!!! 1.9 SECONDS!!!!!! PURPLE That wasn't supposed to happen!! RED Don't worry He will never make it past the Battle tournament!! Cut back to the dark tunnels INT: UNDERGROUND TUNNELS TENN Can you stop doing that? It's hurting my hearing. TAK Oh, you small-minded drone! Do you really think you'll get out of this alive? When this is all over you, and your precious Tallest, and your precious Invaders will be nothing more than so much asphalt by the time I'm through with them! TENN Doing what? You still haven't told me what your plan is. How do I fit in? TAK Fit in? You fit into the Invader's special clique better than I ever will, so... Tak does her eye-flashy thing to scan Tenn, and her holographic matrix flickers as she perfectly mimics Tenn's features, even her voice. TAK/TENN I'll just do a little swap. Tenn just stares there with a dumbfound look on her face as Tak with Mimi who now looks like a different SIR unit climb out of the Tunnel laughing menacially. TENN She's crazy As Tak climbs out of the Tunnel She is spotted by Skoodge SKOODGE OH there you are Tenn! I have been looking for you where you been? TAK/TENN I was ahhhhhhh I was getting a snack you would not believe how long the lines are! SKOODGE Then how come you don't have anything with you? TAK/TENN That’s because I ate it all on the way here. What’s your name again? SKOODGE It's Skoodge you remember you fell on me!

Tak as Tenn rubs the back of her neck

TAK/TENN ( Lying ) OH now I remember your THAT Skoodge SKOODGE So Now that your here you better get going or else you can compete in the tournament! Me and Zim already got a slot in the tournament and there is only one left we hope you get in! After hearing Zims name the screen goes 360 with the echoing name Zim, we then flash back to clips from Tak the Hideous New Girl make sure they are in black and white. TAK/TENN Did you say Zim is here? SKOODGE Yeah he is right over there ( Skoodge points over to Zim who is in a dazed joy after seeing that he moved on in the tournament he waited in anticipation to see his spot ) TAK/TENN Zim! Wait right here Skoodge . Tak left in a huff as she got Mimi to get up on the stage next to a similar sized SIR with red and black painted body ANNOUNCER And for the Final Prelim match we have Invader Tenn’s SIR VS Invader Spleen SIR on one death match��! Various Cheers and praise can be heard from the crowd as the Two SIRs came face to face with each other ANNNOUNCER BEGIN THE MATCH!!!! Mimi activated her jets her as she rammed the opposing SIR into the concrete arena. A grinding sound can be heard as the hard metal of the SIR’s head is grounded into the arena ANNOUNCER Ohhhhhhhhhhhh That’s gotta hurt!! Spleen’s SIR is down this could be the end!! Mimi Picks up the SIR’s head as she brings up her huge fist as it CRUSHES the other SIR’s head sending it flying into the Wall sending huge pieces of concrete flying towards the audience, many are crushed near the south wing of the stadium, one piece almost hits Zim as he is eating a huge salted pretzel ( I basically mean it was INTIRELY ripped off the body! ) ZIM WHAT??!!!!!! I WAS ALMOST CRUSHED!!!

The holocaust screen show a instant replay of the crushing blow Mimi inflicted on the SIR and the split second crush of the boulder that almost killed Zim.

Show a split screen of Tak and Red saying TAK AND RED DANG SO CLOSE AND WE COULD HAVE BEEN RID OF HIM!!! PURPLE It’s okay man his luck can’t last forever ( Pats Red on the Back ) ANNOUNCER AND THE WINNER IS TENN!!!! Tak heads back to the stadium as Skoodge runs up to her to congratulate her on her win SKOODGE WOW Tenn that was awesome! Didn’t you think so Zim! Zim angrily storms to them ZIM AMAZING?!!!! I WAS ALMOST CRUSHED!!!! THANKS TO YOU!!!! TAK/TENN Your Welcome! ZIM It doesn’t matter anyway the both of you don’t stand a chance against me and GIR!! TAK/TENN Don’t think so Zim I won’t LET YOU DEFEAT ME AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAHA!! * cough* ZIM What do you mean again?! I never beat you before!! BUT I WILL!! TAK/TENN I mean you will not beat me this time! ZIM I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!! TAK/TENN YEAH WEL

Tak didn’t get to finish these words as the announcer boomed again showing a tournament bracket on the holocaust screen

ANNOUNCER Okay we have the sixteen Invaders would made it through the prelims here;


( Yes there is a cameo of Skoo that was for you Skoo for all you have done plus Skoo is a actual invader! ) ZIM Well it looks like me and Skoodge get to have are battle in the semi-finals, sorry you won’t get to face me in the finals Tenn! You’re in Larbs block so he will most likely win TAK/TENN We will just see about that! ZIM I guess we will, now if you will excuse me I have my first match to win!! ANNOUNCER Will the first competitors please come to the arena! Zim and his opponent come to the stadium which seems to have risen to what is half the height of the stadium ANNOUNCER Now for the tournament match it is a no hold barred death match from atop the new arena ZIM WHY IS THAT!!? ANNOUNCER IT”S JUST MORE SPECTATORS AND THE TALLESTS AMUSEMENT, PLUS THE TALLEST REQUESTED IT!!! RED That was a nice touch! PURPLE Thanks I try! ANNOUNCER Now the only rules are THERE ARE NO RULES!!! Just fight until someone DIES!! ZIM DIES!!!!? ANNOUNCER I mean until someone gives up! OKAY BEGIN!!!!!! ZIM Do your worse GIR make this peon pay for challenging THE MIGHTY ZIM!!!!!!!!! Zim turns around as he expects GIR to quickly finish off his opponent. The much bigger SIR charges at GIR ready to send him flying, but one second before he reaches GIR his body starts to spark and soon explodes. The anticipation of Zim getting clobbered that had everyone at the edge of their seats was quickly replaced with a sense of dumbfoundment as everyone’s mouth hang down especially the Tallest Red and Purple just stare at each other ANNOUNCER ( To other announcer ) What just happened? GEORGIA ACCENT ANNOUNCER Well Kip you see Zim’s SIR GIR just caused the other SIR to explode ANNOUNCER Well I guess Zim advances Show the Zims seed move up on the screen as the other Invaders seed gets grayed out ZIM WOW GIR I didn’t you had it in you! BEGIN FIGHT MONTAGE Play joe esposito you're the best Music as we begin a fight montage show the next match fight as one seed advances and one gets grayed out ( Note: Make sure in all the matches that have Skoodge, Larb, and Tak as Tenn in them make them win by sheer force with Zim just make the SIR malfunctions with Zim not looking stop when we get to the semifinal matchs ) RED How could this have happened!!!! PURPLE I know right!! I mean how could he have gotten SOOO lucky in all his matches RED Well this time he won’t be so lucky his semi-final opponent has no problems with his SIR so this time it’s bye bye Zim! RED AND PURPLE YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZIM Well Skoodge you did pretty good but It’s time for you to meet your match!!!! LET THIS BE ARE FINAL BATTLE!!!!!! SKOODGE This was are only battle ZIM Well ahhhh guess ah *growls* ( this was basically a long growl ) CURSE YOU!!!!!!! LET ARE FIRST FIGHT BE ARE LAST!!!! SKOODGE Okay ANNOUNCER SEMIFINAL MATCH NUMBER 1 BETWEEN GIR AND CHIPZ BEGINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chipz immediately starts a flurry of moves against GIR who just watches as Chipz rushes forward. The music become the catalyst starts playing link: GIR I’m gonna dance CHIPZ BE QUIET!!! Chipz trys desperately to land a hit on GIR but GIR’s spastic dance is miraculously allowing GIR not to be hit by the flurry of oncoming moves. Continue with GIR dodging all sorts of moves with all kinds of dance such as the robot, the Russian dance, hula dance etc add in some matrix style dodges as we show Chipz getting madder and madder at GIR. While the crowd watches in amazement, while the Tallest get really frustrated RED HE’S CHEATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! ANNOUNCER How? RED There is no way he can dodge all that there must be something he is doing wrong!!! Get out the rule book and do your rule checking thing!!! ANNOUNCER There are no rules in the tournament RED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! We cut back to GIR and CHIPZ where Chipz has had it CHIPZ STOP MOVING SO I CAN DEMOLISH YOU!!!!!!!!! Chipz finally lands one hit on GIR knocking him into the air as he begins a desperate attempt to land a insane aerial combo that GIR is still dodging somehow (Note: This should be in time with the solo in the music ) GIR Dance with me CHIPZ!!!! GIR grabs Chipz’s arm as GIR and Chipz start a tango like dance where GIR eventually throws Chipz up in the Air as he trys to catch him, but ends up head butting him a few times ( note: this should also be in time with the last few crashs in the music ) CHIPZ Chipz…………………did….n…not……….lik….like…..that Chipz says this as sparks are flying from his head, as he hits the arena floor ANNOUNCER AND THE WINNER BY A HEAD IS GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Muffled cheers and claps can be heard as the Tallest are crying ZIM Look how happy the tallest are!!! They are crying tears of Joy for my VICTOR!!!! SKOODGE Good job Zim ZIM Yes it was quite amazing wasn’t it! Now you know now THE AWESOME MIGHT OF ZIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zim and Skoodge head back into the stands to see the other semifinals match ZIM Personally I think Larbs got this in the Bag ANNOUNCER And now we have the semifinals match up TENN VS LARB!!! Tak as Tenn and Larb then approached the arena LARB HA me against A GIRL haha this will be over soon! TAK/TENN Don’t count on it! ANNOUNCER WELL NOW THAT THE TRASH TALKING IS OVER LETS BEGIN THE SECOND SEMIFINAL MATCH BEGINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Play so heavy metal music just make it fast and heavy Show Larbs SIR and Mimi engage in fast combat both seem evenly match at first where eventually Mimi seems to doing better TAK/TENN Is that all you got?! That’s pathetic! Show larb getting angry LARB Do something!! The guard yet again project a sniper like gun on his shoulder, but Mimi grabs Larbs Sir by the head and uses his body as a shield against the shot as Larbs SIR is blown to bits LARB WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guard stands back in fear o what larb is going to do to him. ANNOUNCER WHOA!!!! WHAT A STUNNING OUT COME!! IN A TURN OF EVENTS INVADER TENN’S SIR HAS BLOWN COMMANDERS LARBS SIR TO BITS!! THIS MEAN SHE IS IN THE FINALS WITH INVADER ZIM!!! ZIM Well ahhh I really don’t know what to say except you are soooooooo going down Tenn!! TAK/TENN I’D JUST LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!!! ANNOUNCER Okay before we start the final match lets look back on these two fierce competitor!! Have the screen go to a image of a Zim pose as it goes to chips of Zim winning have the announcer talking over the scenes ANNOUNCER Are first competitor was a total dark horse in the tournament, Zim. Zim has proven that you don’t need to be smart, strong, or skillful you just have to be LUCKY!! Show in the same fashion a image of Tenn cutting away to scenes of her winning have the announcer still voice over the scenes ANNOUNCER And are second competitor was thought to be a average competitor in this tournament, boy were we WRONG! Tenn has completely dominated this tournament so far even defeating are commander LARB!! In your opinion who do you think will win GEROGIA ACCENTED ANNOUNCER Well Kip I personally think Tenn has this fight already won. Zim and Tak enter the arena as zim gives GIR a pep talk ZIM Okay GIR if you win this I will get you as many tacos as you want!!! GIR’s head goes 360 as his eyes go wide while heavenly music plays as heavenly light shines on GIR as the screen has spun around for the 3 time GIR’s eyes go bright red as he goes into DUTY mode ZIM LETS FINISH THIS TENN! TAK/TENN BRING IT ON ZIM!!! Play this heavy metal music��: Have Mimi’s punchs follow the opening intro as GIR dodges the string of combos have it matrix style punchs at the intros slow parts. After it fades into a slow part change to this music��: Have GIR landing punches and dodging more blows have this continue in a action like fashion then have a heavy metal solo playing like the one from the second link here. Have GIR land a massive air combo resulting in Mimi hitting the ground hard. Resulting in the arena cracking in half as Zim and Tak fall downward with GIR and Mimi following them. As they hit the ground Taks holographic image flickers back to her old self INT: UNDERGROUND TUNNELS As Zim gets up he gasps in surprise ZIM WHAT THE TAK!!!! TAK NO!! it was all too perfect I disguise myself as one of those smug invaders and then I prove my worth by winning the tournament!! HOW IS IT THAT YOU ALWAYS GET IN THE WAY!! ZIM Can't you just take defeat with dignity? I mean, seriously, I already beat you TWICE!! And this time without any help! TAK You'll rue the day you ever crossed me, Zim! TENN GET ME AWAY FROM THIS WEIRDO! TAK You don't think you'll win, do you? ZIM Why not? I already beat you twice! TAK Mimi? Mimi shoots her claw at GIR and throws him across the tunnel at the opposite wall. He crash to the side of the wall with a thud ZIM Never! (extends spider legs) PREPARE TO FACE MY WRATH, TAK! Tak extends her spider legs in response and charges down one of the tunnels. ABV: OLYMPIA STADIUM Everyone is staring in horror as the arena could split in half and crush them all. Skoodge heads down the hole to see what is going on INT: UNDERGROUND TUNNELS The chase has been going on for quite a while now, as Tak seeks to evade her pursuers. However, she eventually runs into a wall at the end of one of her tunnels. Spider legs dig into the ground as Zim appear behind her. ZIM Hah! Dead-end! What do you plan to do now, Tak? Tak looks unsure for a moment, then a mischievous grin crosses her face. TAK ATTACK! Tak and Mimi charge and surprise Zim. Zim is then pinned against the wall by two of spider legs. As one goes into slash at him. Zim just barely gets out in time as he rolls using his spider legs to get back on his feet, but he is promptly picked up by Tak who grabs him by his torso with her spider legs TAK No one to help you now Zim! Time to say goodbye! Just as the spider leg hit Zim Skoodge lands on Tak dislodging Zim in the process INT: UNDERGROUND TUNNELS Skoodge, heavily bruised, is running like a child away from Tak who picks him up and throws him straight down a chute. She turns back to Zim, who's trying to keep himself from getting crushed by Mimi's ginormous clamp by using his spider legs to push against its force. Abruptly he rolls aside, allowing him to dodge the blow. As we see that GIR has recovered and is flying down the tunnels. Zim then grabs a dislodged pipe and uses it to smash Mimi in the head. The SIR unit goes dead ZIM Hah! I defeated your puny robot, Tak! Now how do you defend yourself? TAK Do you think I'd be that short-sighted? SIR UNIT! ACTIVATE AUTO-REPAIR! A compartment in Tak rather unexpectantly begins flashing. MIMI VOICE PATTERN RECOGNISED! AUTO-REPAIR ACTIVATED! TAK Eep. Tak screams as mimi rips its way through the ceiling. Zim is knocked back by the force, but Tak notices the floodlights streaming through the hole. TAK It's the way out. Tak scrambles through the hole on her way to freedom. ABV: OLYMPIA STADIUM The partially destabilized arena begins to crumble as the force of Mimi shattering the ceiling causes the arena to collapse INT: OLYMPIA STADIUM Through a hole in the ground Tak, looking extremely pleased with herself after she lost her two pursuers. But she then notices the shadow creeping over her, and she turns to see the arena toppling over her, blotting out the floodlights. Her face of sheer terror says it all. The arena impacts against the ground, sending shockwaves throughout the stadium ABV: OLYMPIA STADIUM The announcer looks utterly shocked. ANNOUNCER We are so dead. GEORDIE-ACCENTED ANNOUNCER We sure are, Kip. INT: OLYMPIA STADIUM In the midsts of all the wreckage, GIR appears out of the rubble, totally unfazed. ANNOUNCER And...and the winner is GIR!!! FOR SOMEHOW WINNING THE FINALS!! The crowd cheers, GIR giggles in glee, and all is right with the world again. INT: MAIN STAND Larb just stares, completely traumatized. Red puts a conciliatory hand on his shoulder. RED could have been worse. PURPLE Yeah...after all you're still alive... At this point a stray piece of wreckage impacts into the main stand. INT: OLYMPIA STADIUM Meanwhile, buried under several mounds of debris, a severely bruised and beaten she tries to get up, but can't seem to handle the strain and just collapses again. Her consciousness perks up when Zim drops Mimi in front of her. ZIM Now take your robot and get lost. Tak just stares venomously as Tenn and Skoodge approach on their respective SIR units. SKOODGE You okay here, Zim? ZIM Don't go poking your superior "ooh, I conquered Blorch" nose into this, Skoodge! This is ZIM'S BUSINESS! TAK Not anymore it isn't. You're all drones. All of you, drones! Idolizing that incompetent egomaniac and ignoring me. (Zim makes "blah blah" motions with his mouth and hands during this exchange) Don't think you've seen the last of me! ZIM Sure won't. Zim extends his spider legs and chucks Tak clean away from the site, before retracting them and dropping back down. SKOODGE Sorry, but what just happened? TENN Well, as far as I can manage, Tak was beaten by a falling arena. And Zim won the Tournament ZIM Ooh, neat! I wonder what prize I'll get... Zim is promptly thwacked in the head by GIR carrying a "first prize" trophy, and he sits up to see the Tallest accompanied by an inflamed Larb and the 29 other official Invaders, all with bandages and plasters. RED YOUR PRIZE IS A TEN MINUTE HEAD-START BEFORE WE BLOW YOU TO SMITHEREENS! PURPLE AND YOU SHOULD SEE THE RUNNER-UP! LARB You're gonna are SO gonna pay. TENN You get that a lot don't you? A bunch of guards promptly point tasers at Zim, prompting his immediate flight from the scene. INT: VOOT CRUISER GIR is using his trophy as a slushie-cup while Zim relaxes in the cockpit. ZIM You know? That day actually went better than most. I showed my incredible superiority while showing Tak a thing or two. EXT: OLYMPIA STADIUM We just see Tak's eyes. TAK Oh, I'm gonna show Zim a thing or two... SUPERVISOR Hey! No slacking on the job! We pull back to reveal Tak clearing away all the wreckage from the stadium along with Mimi and a long line of service drones under an Irken supervisor. SUPERVISOR No break tonight, Janitorial Squad! We need to make way for a shopping mall complex next! FADE TO BLACK

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