Dating is a wonderful thing. The joy and fun two people can share dating is wonderful. Go slow, have fun. Realtionships can get intimate fast, and we recommend going slow and having fun without the comlexity of sex or deep emotional dependency at a young age. Realtionships take time, especially when you are new at relationships. Pam and I support adstenanace from any sexual activity until you get married. We have many-many reasons for this and would like to set aside time to talk with you about why we feel so strongly about dating smart.

When you begin to date expect us to talk with you about your thoughts, feelings and decisions regarding how you approach dating relationships. We were once teenagers, and understand the complexity of a first love. We want to encourage you to get all the facts available, and do your homework regarding the physical and emotional realities regarding boy meets girl. What about your heart? You can get emotionally hurt in love relationships or hurt others. You both need to learn how to be ready/capable of love, and know the time tested do's and don'ts of dating. What about sex? There are serious consequenses by becoming sexually active when you do not have the experience, maturity and information you need before you make any desisons regarding sexual activity. Please try to respect our experience, and we will try our best and respect your needs and feelings.

Quizes we would like you to take when you begin to date:

We will use these questions and other material to start conversation when you show interest in dating. If there are any questions you do not agree with, let us know and talk with us about the topic. There is an open door to both of us, ask anything and if we don't know the answer we will find the truth together. Be careful, we love you! Know what you value, and guard your heart.

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