Topsy Turvy is the name given to misleading beliefs prevalent especially on the Internet. It plays a huge role in Pilot League. Followers of Topsy Turvy hate animals, furries and fancy that they must destroy nature. They also think that in order to become gods of Awesomeness, they must behave badly and engage in oversexualized activity. Topsy Turvy was founded about a year before the series began. Topsy Turvy began its influence in the late 16-century and gained a full hold during the 19th and 20th centuries.

All the Hackers in 'Pilot League' follow this religion. Flamers practice a different version. Once a person chooses to follow Topsy Turvy, he will go through a period of brainwashing until his brains are full of garbage. Often, he will pick a new identity and refuse to admit that he used to be a member of whatever he was before being brainwashed.

Topsy Turvy condemns every single religion except for itself. It condemns those who like nature such as furries and Buddhists. Topsy Turvians believe that everyone is male, and there are no women at all. They are encouraged to be insulting towards everyone, especially those that the religion condemns. Their religion is inconsistent in its demands, 'facts' and enemies. There is actually no way to attain godhood in Topsy Turvy and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a lying fanatic of the religion.

Topsy Turvians will say that they are innocent but they are lying. No Topsy Turvian is innocent. If they are,why on earth would they keep on slandering perfectly innocent things? They are only capable of making everyone think such and such a thing is sex.

Gods of Awesomeness are full of harmful powers and nearly undefeatable except by destroying the Hubs, which are special computers storing the Hackers' lives and Hearts of Nature. The Hearts are taken out and imprisoned in the Hubs so that the new Hacker will immediately hate animals and Nature. There is another way to destroy the Gods of Awesomeness. You must fight them with the things that they are afraid of. Each individual Hacker and Awesome has his own phobia. Using something that resembles the phobia is good. For example, a Hacker is scared of snakes. So the person fighting him must turn into a snake or a Chinese dragon. A Chinese dragon looks very much like a snake with legs.

Sexuality and Topsy Turvy.

A controversial topic. One thing in common is that lesbians are always celebrated and honored, while gays are persecuted. Beastheads are persecuted regardless of their sexuality and are always branded as homosexual. This stems from Topsy Turvy's hate of nature and half animals.

Signs of Topsy Turvy. This is assuming that the person is a teenager/adult with normal intelligence.

1.The person swears a lot in everyday speech even when he/she is not angry.

2.Has a strong hatred of nature until the point he/she'll attack anyone who likes it. (Adeline's mother suffers from this, but isn't Topsy Turvian.)

3.Fanatical support of Uncyclopedia and Dramatica and insisting that both the evil bibles are always right.

4.One track view of things, such as insisting all furries are homosexual and sexually deviant.

5.Showing a strong liking for sex.

6.Disbelieving religions like Buddhism and Christianity.

7.Racist and sexist towards anyone, keeps old fashioned beliefs and refuses to give them up because 'It'll do good for the world.' Also likes to stereotype races such as Africans as being slaves and Asians as being skilled prostitutes.

8.Misunderstands simple things such as what animal Naruto carries or who's Hudzon's boss.(Unless said person doesn't know him at all!)

9.Hates children and forgets that he/she was once a child too!

The testaments.

There are 2 bibles used, Uncyclopedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica. Followers of each bible often argue about which bible is the most accurate to them.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is even more sexualized and slanders more people than Uncyclopedia. Many followers of ED dislike Uncyclopedia. One thing both bibles have in common is that they swear too much. ED swears less, but has more disgusting topics such as the sexualized side of furries, poop, and in general expresses the sexual side of fandom gone wrong.

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