Topsy and Tim (Little Lulu)

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tomarmstrong's movie spoof version of Little Lulu


  • Topsy and Tim from T,JyE Rooke, Topsy and Tim as Lulu Moppet from Little Lulu
  • T,JyE Rooke from T,JyE Rooke, Topsy and Tim as Mr. and Mrs. Moppet
  • Lightning as Tubby Topkins
  • Dagninio and Girlfriend as Mr. and Mrs. Topkins
  • Tiana as Annie Inch
  • Little Simba as Iggy Inch
  • Xiro as Mr. Inch
  • Bruma as Mrs. Inch
  • Tigger as Wilbur
  • Bagheera as Wilbur's Bulter
  • Benny the Beast's Daughter as Gloria Darling
  • Daniel as Willy Winkins
  • Sapphire and Ruby as Themself
  • Wolfgang and Aleu's Twin Son as Eddie
  • Wolfgang and Aleu's Twin Daughter as Herself
  • Alex and Leonette's Daughter as Herself
  • Peter Pan from Peter Pan (1988) as the Pirate from Little Lulu in Tattoos
  • and More

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