The V's crosover of Topsy and Tim


  • Topsy as Herself
  • Tim as Herself
  • Thomas Rooke as Himself
  • Jordan Rooke as Himself
  • Emily Rooke as Herself
  • Topsy and Tim's Brother


  • Sapphire and Ruby as Themselves
  • The Daughter of Benny the Beast as Herself
  • Tiana and Danella - The Daughter of Tigger and Bruma as Herselves
  • Alexie the Lioness as Herself
  • Danny Lionhaert as Himself
  • Little Simba as Himself
  • The Son of Dagnino and Dagnino's Girlfriend as Himself


  • Episode Director: Hiroshi Ikeda, Kazuhisa Takenouchi, Yoshikata Arata
  • Music: Asei Kobayashi
  • Animation Director: Reiko Okuyama, Yôichi Kotabe
  • Producer: Kenji Oota
  • Voices By: Kousei Tomita, Sachiko Chijimatsu, Taichirou Hirokawa and Youko Kuri
  • Background: Hachiro Tsukima
  • Layout: Shiro Fujimoto
  • Topsy and Tim: Sung by: Yoko MaekawaTheme Song Performance: Yoko Maekawa


  • A Nippon Animation Cartoon
  • A Bandai Cartoon

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