Welcome to a new Wiki. This one is designed to allow us to collect the best and the worst of living abroad. My idea is that each person add two top-ten lists to this wiki and we use this to consolidate the mother of all top-ten lists. If we get enough editors and users, we can transform this Wikia scratchpad into a full Wiki.

1. Top Ten Things About Living Abroad 2. Top Ten Things You Miss About the States

Let's get make it easier, here's the first from me.

List 1: Top Ten Things About Living Abroad (Germany) 1. German breakfast, 2. Kaffee und Kuchen, 3. Sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe in a beautiful city, 4. Speaking German, 5. Very close to London, Paris, etc., 6. Driving at mad speeds down the autobahn, 7. The history of the place and the happenings over the centuries, amazing!, 8. Learning British English, 9. Church bells all over, 10. Pedestrian zones, where everyone strolls down long beautiful streets,

List 2: Top Ten Things You Miss About the States 1. My sister, 2. Stores open 24/7, 3. Salespeople in stores actually want to help you, 4. Vastness of America, 5. Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla coffee, 6. One kind of garbage, 7. New York!, 8. Borders Bookstore, 9. Boston, 10. In many ways, more laid-back people


Amy F.'s List (not in order of importance)

List 1: Top Ten Things About Living Abroad (Germany) 1. The friends I have made here 2. The job that brought me here 3. Location near Italy 4. No Fox TV 5. More vacation time (and ability to take it) 6. Cafés and restaurants where you can dine at your leisure 7. Away from "some" relatives 8. Not living in Bush country 9. Freedom to be who I am 10. Laugenbrötchen (pretzel rolls)

List 2: Top Ten Things You Miss About the States 1. Air conditioning in summer (at work and stores, especially) 2. The conveniences: stores open 24/7; knowing where to find things 3. Real sales (and stores with markdowns) 4. Target 5. Dunkin' Donuts coffee (not French vanilla - but regular, extra milk) 6. People not staring at you when you do or say something "different" 7. Broader selection of TV programs - and in English 8. Bookstores (Borders, Barnes & Noble, any and all others) 9. Some friends who moved back (or never left) 10.Sunday newspapers and really good crunchy bagels


Mark's List

List 1: Top Ten Things About Living Abroad (Germany) 1. Simply living abroad. 2. Speaking German. 3. Central to many European destinations. 4. The people I know here, of all nationalities. 5. German breakfast. 6. Christmas in Germany. 7. Plenty of (classical) music events. 8. German beer. 9. (2006 only) The atmosphere during the FIFA World Cup. 10. Germans' sense of their own identity

List 2: Top Ten Things You Miss About the UK 1. My niece and nephew. 2. Driving on the left. 3. Fish and chips, especially with mushy peas. 4. The BBC, especially Radio Four. 5. Virgin Megastore. 6. Yorkshire accent. 7. Shopping on Sundays. 8. Excellent quality and range of greetings cards (Christmas, birthday...) and gift wraps. 9. Confectionery (Cadbury's, McVities) and Walker's Crisps. 10. Custard.


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