Tori The Ballerina is a Giselle's Greatest Adventures episode.


  • Giselle and her mom take Tori to ballet class. Giselle is wearing a tutu, while Tori has the same. When her mom is away, Tori starts having the biggest ballet dance she has ever wanted and Giselle does the same.


  • Giselle
  • Tori
  • Giselle's Mom


Part 1

  • (We see Giselle, Tori and her mom on the way to ballet class)
  • Giselle: This is gonna be so great, Tori. We've put on tutus and white tights and pink slippers. They look absolutely cute are they?
  • Tori: I know, i know. We love doing ballet, big sister.
  • Giselle's Mom: Here we are. The ballet school.
  • (Giselle and Tori enter the ballet class)
  • Giselle: Bye, mom.
  • Tori: Bye.
  • Giselle's Mom: See you, girls. I'll be back at 3:00pm. (leaves)
  • Giselle: This is so great, Tori. Ballet class.
  • Ballet Teacher: Well what do we have here. Two brunette haired girls.
  • Giselle and Tori: Good morning, teacher.
  • Ballet Teacher: I'm in charge of your ballet lessons here and every student will start doing some practice with your partner.
  • Giselle: I'll do some practice with Tori, teacher.
  • Ballet Teacher: Splendid, Giselle. Now class it's time for your practice.
  • Students: Okay.
  • (We see Giselle and Tori practicing)
  • Giselle: Okay, Tori. Now it's time to do some practice.
  • Tori: I'm ready, big sister.
  • (Giselle and Tori start dancing to the blue danube)
  • Giselle: Watch, Tori. I dance like this and spin around and finish up with this. Now you try.
  • Tori: Okay. I dance like this and spin around and finish up with this. I'm doing it, big sister.
  • (Tori starts dancing around like a top)
  • Giselle: You're doing it, Tori. Keep it up.
  • (Tori strikes a finish with a pose)
  • Tori: Ta-da!
  • Giselle: Excellent! Now it's time for your next practice.
  • Tori: Yipee!
  • Giselle: Your next practice is singing. Just give me your best shot, Tori.
  • Tori: Okay. (starts to sing)
  • Giselle: Wonderful, Tori. Keep it up.
  • Tori: (keeps singing)
  • Giselle: Just a little more, Tori.
  • Tori: (strikes a singing finish)
  • Giselle: Yay! You did it!
  • Tori: I really love singing.
  • Giselle: Now for our last practice.
  • Tori: Yeah?
  • Giselle: Your last practice is tip toe your feet. Watch.
  • (Giselle does a tip toe)
  • Giselle: Now you try.
  • Tori: Okay. (does a tip toe) See that.
  • Giselle: Excellent job, Tori. Aww, i love you. (gives her a big hug)
  • Tori: (laughs) I Love you, Giselle.
  • Ballet Teacher: Okay, students. Time for a break.
  • Students: Okay.
  • (We see the students at the lunchroom)
  • Giselle: I say, Tori. We've been very cute girls in tutus, did you?
  • Tori: Hee hee hee! I know.
  • Giselle: I got an idea. When we finish eating lunch we'll start doing some workouts.
  • Tori: That's just amazing!
  • Giselle: Well then we'll continue eating.
  • Tori: Oh boy.
  • Giselle: All right then.
  • (The Students continue to eat lunch)
  • Ballet Teacher: Students, i want you to switch to nude tights.
  • Students: Thank you teacher.
  • Ballet Teacher: Okay then, switch those tights.
  • (We See Giselle and Tori with their nude tights)
  • Giselle: White no more.
  • Tori: Nude is the best color for our tights.
  • Giselle:

Part 2

Part 3

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